Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bobby Williams Tattoo artist.

Tattoo artist Bobby Williams testifies during day 18 of the Casey Anthony murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse, in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday, June 14, 2011.  Anthony, 25,  is charged with killing her 2-year old daughter in 2008 . (AP Photo/Red Huber, Pool)

 Mr.Williams is the tattoo artist who gave CA the Bell Vitae tattoo.Bobby Williams stated that he has known the defendant, Casey Anthony for approximately seven years. 

Bella Vita translates from Italian to “Beautiful life” in English.Williams testified that he gave Casey the tattoo on July 2 2008. He stated that she had asked him for a tattoo with the words “Bella Vita” in a feminine style font. The tattoo was going to be put on the back of her left shoulder.  This was approximately 2 weeks after the defense claims that Caylee Anthony drowned in the Anthony family home pool.According to the prosecution, July 2 was 2 weeks after Casey Anthony murdered her daughter using chloroform and duct tape.

He says CA seemed "normal" she was on her phone through most of the time. She paid in cash.the tattoo was 65 dollars.They had pizza afterwards., urchased by CA, and shared with the workers in the shop. She came in on 15th to make another appt for 19th.July 2, 2008 was date of Bella Vita tattoo. When making appt for tattoo #2 was going to be a matching tat w/ friend but not concrete decision.CA said Caylee was w/ nanny. Told him Caylee would come in for the 19th appt. Williams says it's common in his line of work for ppl to get tattoo's in honor or memory of someone.
Baez cross    Baez asks if Williams did George or Cindy's tattoo's. He said no but state objected. Perry sustained .(FYI, >Cindy's says "Caylee Marie" with a butterfly. George's says "My Sunshine.)

Prosector  Frank George asked if CA seemed mournful. Objection/ side bar/ witness excused. 

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