Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cindy Anthony

Cindy was at the airport in LA coming back to Orlando when they found out the remains were found.  July, 3, 2008 she notice "Teddy" Caylees bear was missing. Her  Pooh blanket was missing.
Burdick asks Cindy if hair style in jail video is the same as she had six months to a year.  Cindy is testifying to the processing of her hair. She dyes and gets highlights.
She is shown a pic of Caylee in a blue dress, It was taken the first two months in 2008.Caylee has long brown hair. Cindy testifies to the care of Caylee's hair.
Cindy is testifiying to the care of her hair. She states after Caylee was born she wore it short. She would highlight her hair.
Cidny is being shown a pic of Caylee and Casey. Casey is lying on the kitchen floor and Caylee is on top of here. They are both laughing. Cindy testifies it was take in early 2007.
Lee did not process his hair . He wears it short.
Casey's grandmother had been in the Sunfire. Prior to June 2008. She wears hee hair shoulder length. She does not know the last time she was in the car.
Cindy's brother may have been in the car. He has blonde hair.
Cindy testifies to having blue, black and maybe silver duct tape in the home. She knows she  use the black tape to wrap the No Trespassing signs.  All tape is kept in the garage. At the command center, duct tape was used to put up Caylee's pic. Cindy testifies but it was not duct tape from the home. She previously stated the duct tape at the command center was from home. Burdick is reviewing testimoney with her.
She is being shown her testimony.  She is testifying her George told her the vent cover was missing on the old  gas can and he put duct tape on the vent hole. 

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