Tuesday, June 14, 2011

End of day

Jurors dismissed. Juror 11 hand notepad to deputy. States it is full. Juror number 11 is a teacher, in his 30's, WM He believes in the death penalty and believes it is a necessary option.Mason is asking for a mistrial AGAIN.  Issues regarding heart shaped sticker. He says it has nothing to w case. Draws speculation.
Also, Mason says state tries to introduce remorse. Also brings up skull superimposed video again.State says getting a tattoo of beautiful or good life is unusual behavior if daughter is missing or taken against will.Judge Perry denies motion for mistrial.
.Defense says they could not move up witnesses so they will begin their case Thursday
The prosecution will rest their case tomorrow.  Defense tells judge they will be filing a motion for a directed verdict of acquittal tomorrow. Directed verdict of acquittal- defense will say state didn't make it's case, not presented enough evidence to support conviction.
Judge asks about grief expert depo. State says it will happen Saturday afternoon.Judge Perry states the defense could end late next week.

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