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Caylee Anthony /SKULL ANIMATION (GRAPHIC) - Video - WESH Orlando

Shirley Plesea Police Interview - Casey Anthony's Grandmother / Cindy's Mother‬‏

The Dysfunctional Anthony Family Dynamic

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Casey Anthony's grandmother offers new insight into the Anthony family fights.
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The Anthony family might be the winners of the dysfunctional family award. Fighting, enabling and finger-pointing seem to be status quo for the Orlando, Florida clan.
According to transcripts from an August 21, 2008 interview with law enforcement, Casey's grandmother Shirley Plesea summed up the dynamic between Casey, her daughter and her mother. "I just wonder if she hated her mom more than she loved Caylee," she said. This triangulation has often been thought by armchair detectives to be the motive for Casey to murder Caylee. 
And Plesea's description of the relationship doesn't come out of nowhere. It's been well documented that Casey and Cindy don't see eye-to-eye. Most of the friction stemmed from Caylee. Casey, according to witnesses, never wanted Caylee, but Cindy refused to let her put her up for adoption. Creating more bad blood, according to various witness testimony, is that Cindy, not Casey, was the first to hold newborn Caylee at the hospital. Plesea also said that Cindy often spoke of trying to get custody of Caylee. 
Ordinarily in families, there's always a certain amount of "push and pull" when it comes to raising children. "It is natural in families for there to be competition as to who is the key parental figure," says psychiatrist Dr. Eva Ritvo, M.D. "It's a very powerful position to be a parent. A healthy family will work collaboratively." 
No one would ever call the Anthony family healthy. 
According to Plesea, Casey also stole thousands of dollars from various family members including herself. George and Cindy at one time almost lost their home because of the massive debt Casey had accrued. Remarkably, the family never pressed charges against Casey. 
Do you think the dysfunction of the Anthony family played a part in the tragic death of little Caylee?

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Cindy Anthony's Brother Speaks.... (TRANSCRIPT) WARNING:HARSH READ Part 2

I know this is old (from August) but thought it was worth posting as an FYI.

Rick>United States Reply »|Report Abuse |#731 Monday Aug 18
If I had five minutes with Casey I would beat the information out of her. Her stupid parents need to kick the crap out of her and find out the real truth. Enough is enough. Where the heck is the stupid FBI with the forensics? They should have that info by now. She is so guilty it is ridiculous. 5 minutes is all I ask.
Rick United States Reply »|Report Abuse |#741 Monday Aug 18
Cindy Anthony is not in on anything. She is the STUPIDEST person that I have ever seen though. Her and husband George are enablers. They enabled Casey and believed her lies for years and years. They are in denial that their lying theiving tramp of a daughter could possible harm their grandchild. But I believe that Casey did harm Caylee and her stupid parents still don't get it. They are in fact, morons. Possibly the dumbest parents in history.
Rick United States Reply »|Report Abuse |#762 Monday Aug 18
Kiss My Tiara wrote:>I've asked this before but never got a response. Does anyone know why George is no longer in law enforcement? Why did George leave Ohio? Why did George not apply for a job with the police in Florida? It would pay much more than a security officer.Was George fired in Ohio or did he retire?

Rick's response> Cindy wanted George to go into the car business with his dad. His dad had a nice used car lot that did pretty well. The only thing was George couldn't get along with his dad. Within the first year they got into a fight at the lot and George put his father through a plate glass window. George was asked to leave. George then started his own used car lot as he bought up a small one a few miles from his dad's. He second mortgaged his and Cindy's home and when the lot went under they lost their home in Niles, Ohio. They then moved to Florida and assumed a mortgage at their present location. This is 100 percent true.I know them personally. Believe me they are really stupid.
Rick United States Reply »Report Abuse |#785 Monday Aug 18
mom21 wrote:<quoted text>seriously? what was the name of George's dealership?
Ricks response - His father's was Antony's Auto Sales in downtown Niles. George's was on Youngstown-Warren road in Niles near McKinley Plaza.It only lasted a year at best. I believe he named it George Anthony's car lot. Cindy thought having a car dealership would make them a lot of money. She had a nursing degree at that time but didn't use it until they lost their home in Niles. She had worked for Dr. Sterle in Howland as his lead nurse. She got a good job in Orlando working for a doctors clinic that had the Orlando Magic as clients.
Rick United States Reply »|Report Abuse |#795 Monday Aug 18
Countrygirl wrote:<quoted text> George was a homicide detective with the Trumbull County Sheriff's office until leaving Niles to move to Florida. There IS a reason he didn't persue LE in Florida, it will come out at Casey's trial.

Ricks response- You are wrong. George quit to work for his dad as Cindy talked him into it. His dad was going to retire in a few years but George and him could not get along and they fought at the dealership. George hurt his dad by pushing him through a plate glass window. I know this for a fact.
Rick United States Reply »|Report Abuse |#817 Monday Aug 18
Cindy was going to file for custody of Caylee. Casey and Cindy were fighting before all this happened. Casey had stolen money from Cindy's mom and dad and Cindy was fed up with Casey's behavior. Cindy went to a counselor and the counselor told Cindy to kick Casey out. Cindy was worried that Casey would take Caylee with her. The counselor told Cindy to file for custody. Casey took Caylee to punish Cindy. That is what Cindy thought for a few weeks anyway. Casey would not produce Caylee or let her talk with Cindy. Cindy only tracked Casey down when they found that the car had been towed and they retrieved the car. Cindy called all of the phone numbers of Casey's friends to locate her. Her friend Amy said she knew where Casey was as Casey had just picked her up at the airport the night before. Cindy wondered how Casey could do that without a car. Amy said she let Casey use her car when she was gone for a whole week. Casey stole $700 from Amy too. Casey has stolen over $25,000 from her mom and dad through credit cards. Cindy had to go into her 401K from work to pay off all the bills. That is why the Anthony's were behind on some payments. I know all of this because I know the Anthonys and Cindy's mother. I talk to Cindy's mother once a week.
cgab wrote:<quoted text> Do you know if either of them have family or extended family...I've never heard any mention of this.

Ricks response -They aren't real close to their family members. They talk only once in a great while. Cindy's mom keeps in touch with all of the family on her side. I know George's parents live in Ft. Myers somewhere. The rest are still in Ohio for George.
Rick United States Reply »|Report Abuse |#827 Monday Aug 18
janielane Winter Park FL wrote:<quoted text> Where is this info coming from?
Ricks response -
That is Cindy's father. He had a stroke in early January of 2007.
Reply With Quote09-09-2008 12:36 AM#2   One2Snoop Criime Library Supreme MemberJoin DateNov 2005 Posts13,504
 Rick     United States Reply &#187;|Report Abuse |#832 Monday Aug 18
just a mother wrote:<quoted text>Have you filed this with the police? Shouldn't they know or do they already.
Ricks response -I know the police went to see Cindy's mom and they should have gotten all of this from her. The police know a lot more than they are letting out. They don't want the defense to know what they know yet.
Rick United States Reply &#187;|Report Abuse |#838 Monday Aug 18 
just a mother wrote:<quoted text>How do you know all this information? Could you let us know please
Ricks response -If you didn't already see it in my previous posts, I grew up living near them and know Cindy'smom very well.
 Rick  United States Reply &#187;Report Abuse |#844 Monday Aug 18
curious wrote:<quoted text>Then there is some truth to Casey having a drug problem?

Ricks response -Casey's behavior got worse in recent months. I don't know if her new found friends were into coke or extasy. I would bet itprobably was one of them. It only make sense. I don't have any proof except the amount of money stolen.
Rick United States Reply &#187;|Report Abuse |#858 Monday Aug 18
cgab wrote:<quoted text> What is the Great grandmother's take on all of this? Has she indicated that Casey would be  capable of harming Caylee? She thinks it probably was an accident and the way Casey lies it balloned into this big mess.
Rick United States Reply &#187;|Report Abuse |#873 Monday Aug 18
sad about caylee wrote:
check out how sad caylee is at the nursing home, clinging to g. grandpa....She looks terrified! Also, for the past 2 years when Casey would leave home to "go to work" where the heck did she go with Caylee in tow? Did she just drive around untilparents were either at work or asleep. If she got fired 2 years agol where does she goe when she pretends to "go to work" Have you ever been in a nursing home/ I visited Cindy's dad in that nursing home. The peopleare very nice but to a little child they look scary. My grandmother used to work at a county home for old people and I was terrified when I had to go with my mom and dad to visit her. I liked seeing my grandmother but not in that place.She worked a lot and that was the onlytime it seemed we could see her. It is scary for a little child.
Rick   |Report Abuse |#890 Monday Aug 18
Countrygirl wrote: Rick, if you're in Niles (or close) then you should know that while Officer Anthony was employed by the sheriff's department, Dr. Sudimack was coroner. Do you remember his legacy? I was born in Warren and raised in Vienna, I remember the years well. My grandparents knew the elder Anthony's and the car lot.was just a smokescreen. I have two uncles, both from Niles who were on WPD, one 'retired' early, one worked for several years. You and I both know that this family and their roots stink.
Ricks response>I grew up in Warren and knew of Dr. Sudimack. I also know that Cindy talked George into going in with his dad so George could inherit the business. It never happened as George lost his temper with his dad and put him though a plate glass window on the lot. End of George and the thought of inheriting a good car business. By the way,one of George's sisters married a car dealer in Austintown. They are doing very well.Cindy was a bit envious of the way his sister lived and wanted the good life for herself.
Reply With Quote 09-09-2008 12:44 AM#3 One2Snoop Criime Library Supreme Member Join DateNov 2005 Posts13,504
Rick United States Reply »|Report Abuse |#911 Monday Aug 18
diana in mpls wrote: I keep wondering what the fight was about after Fathers Day,...Casey's mom and dad took off to where? And then Casey tried repeatedly calling them but they never answered her calls on their phones.....WHY? Maybe if they would've picked up the phone there wouldn't be the mystery as to where this precious child is buried,..having been killed in a jealous rage by her angry mother who thought her parents loved Caylee more than her?
Ricks response> The fight was about Casey stealing money from her grandparents. She stole a check for $354 from her granddad's nursing home account that even Cindy's mom couldn't cash.The bank had to reimburse Cindy's dad's account. Cindy's mom wanted the bank to press charges but Cindy somehow got Casey out of it. That is what the fight was about. They had just visited Cindy's dad on fathers day. Cindy's mom was very unhappy with Cindy for not doing something about Casey. Cindy and Casey got into it. Big blowup that the neighbors overheard.Cindy and George were at work when Casey tried to call them.They weren't on vacation.

Rick United States Reply »|Report Abuse |#926 Monday Aug 18
mom_and_grandmom wrote:<quoted text> So, Rick. tell us why we haven't seen you post on any of the blogs since all this started. Most of us have been on one or the other ever since we realized what a load of crap these people are trying to sell.Just curious.

Ricks response> I have been following this since the day it happened. I have waited patiently for it to come to a head. I washoping the FBI would finally get the forensic info back before this stupid bounty hunted got her out of jail. I just couldn't take it anymore. I have given you all I know and what I have given you is 100% correct. Don't believe anything that George and Cindy say as they are in total denial. Cindy's mom is very sick over this. Her health wasn't very good to start with and this will probably kill her when they find Caylee if she isn't alive. The Anthony's are not living in reality. They believe they crap that Casey is saying even though she has never told them the truth. Casey was seven months pregnant and she lied and said she had just gained a few pounds. Her belly was extended and her belly button was sticking out over a half an inch. She finally was forced to the doctors after I told Cindy that she is either pregnant or is going to die from a tumor the size of  a baby. They believed her because she said she never ever had sex. What a liar.
Rick United States Reply »|Report Abuse |#958 Monday Aug 18
Here is one more thing for you guys if you already haven't guesed it yet. The guy that Casey says is the father that died in the car crash is all baloney too. He is Hispanic and his mother says that he never ever spoke of even knowing Casey. Calee has no Hispanic traits. Casey told Cindy this story to get Cindy off of her back about who the father might be. Cindy bought it hook, line and sinker.
Rick United States Reply »|Report Abuse |#978 Monday Aug 18
mom_and_grandmom wrote:<quoted text>So, in your opinion, why do they act as though they are afraid of her? That's the only explanation I can come up with for grandparents who care so little for their grandchild that they ALLOW the mother to keep her silence.
Ricks response>That is the part that gets me. I would have put her though a wall. She would have already been in jail for stealing. They enabled her all these years. It is sickening.
Rick|Report Abuse |#993 Monday Aug 18
sandy wrote:<quoted text> Rick what was the problem with Cindy's health before all this started?
Ricks response>There was nothing wrong with Cindy, she is using her 5 weeks vacation. then she will use personal leave. Cindy's mom is 82 and in poor health.
Rick United States Reply » |Report Abuse |#1019 Monday Aug 18
Alex wrote:>Rick, you've provided some great insights into this family's dynamic, and therefore the case. I'm curious, what are your/Cindy's mom's thoughts of Lee? And, also, do you suspect Casey is unsure of Caylee's paternity? Is that why she lied to, as you say, get Cindy off her back?Thanks, Rick - very interesting information. God bless Caylee.
Ricks response >From everything that I and Cindy's mom knows of Lee, he is a really good kid. Never been in any trouble and is a hard worker. He is the only person that was close enough to Casey to try and get her to talk. Lee is the only one in that family that is not totally gone yet. He may be key in getting to the bottom of this as he may get Casey to talk.
Rick United States Reply »|Report Abuse |#1026 Monday Aug 18
mom_and_grandmom wrote:<quoted text> I agree, but as a close family friend, you would be privvy to facts. WHY ARE THEY AFRAID
Ricks response>This was Cindy's princess. She could do no wrong in Cindy's eyes. Cindy did not think Casey was a problem. She believed everything Casey ever said. She hid the fact of how bad a liar Casey was to everyone.
Rick United States Reply »|Report Abuse |#1037 Monday Aug 18
Pat wrote: Rick, If you don't mind another question--where does Lee stand in this awful mess?
Ricks response -I feel sorry for Lee. His "little sister" always got what ever she wanted. Lee loves his mom and dad and knows what a liar Casey is. It is probably difficult living through this. No one thinks Casey would harm Caylee on purpose. But her lying about everything all the time has gotten her in this mess. I personally think it probably was an accident and she is trying to cover it up.
Rick United States Reply » |Report Abuse |#1047 Monday Aug 18
KMoffett wrote:<quoted text> He was the "so called" father of Caylee and he supposedly died in a car accident. it's just the Zenaida Fernandez "Rosado" (not Gonzalez) lived with him in 2007. Just another coincedence. Casey is known to make up lies from bits of truth. This is a good point. I couldn't remember the Hispanic kid,s name.

Ricks response-Thanks. That is very interesting. That could be where Casey made up the name from only adding Gonzalez as the last name.
RickUnited States Reply »|Report Abuse |#1051 Monday Aug 18
Shannon wrote:<quoted text> Jesus Ortiz is the guy that Casey claimed was the father of Caylee. When searching public records for Ortiz, he had an eviction with the Gonzales's nany name. Is that a coincidence?Or was this one of Jesus's girlfriends and Casey just remembered the name?
Ricks response
I think you are correct. I think Casey must have read this name and added Gonzalez to it.She uses bits and pieces of things to string her lies.
Reply With Quote
09-09-2008 12:51 AM#4
One2Snoop Criime Library Supreme Member join Date Nov 2005 Posts 13,504
Rick United States Reply &#187;Report Abuse |#1059 Monday Aug 18
Hmmm wrote:<quoted text> Lee had a DUI. Most people consider that trouble.
Ricks response >That was covered up too. Not suprised.
United States Reply &#187;|Report Abuse |#1070 Monday Aug 18
fabman wrote:<quoted text> According to other sources close to the family, it was well know casey was a liar
Ricks response -  All of Casey's friends knew this but I am not a friend of Casey. Certainly her grandmother didn't know she was such a liar. Remember, I most get my info from Cindy's Grandmother.I don't know any of Casey's  friends.I only saw how she lied about her pregnancy first hand.(7 months pregnant and still lying about (it)
United States Reply &#187;|Report Abuse |#1089 Monday Aug 18
Luna wrote:<quoted text>Rick, thanks for your posts I have been reading them. Many thought Mr Ortiz may not be the father, that Casey used his say look here Caylee's father is dead end of story. Either she didn't know who the father was liked him.
Ricks response
I feel so very bad for the Ortiz family and all the other innocent people she has dragged into this living nightmare she has created.I know, she has dragged all kinds of people through the dirt and has no remorse. I think she got knocked up at a party around Christmas, got drunk and maybe banged a bunch of guys that night and don't know who the dad is. That is my theory.
Rick United States Reply &#187; |Report Abuse |#1099 Monday Aug 18
Poor baby wrote: And some of you so believe in this Rick fella.Ok Rick, Ill bit give me something to think you are on the up an up.
Ricks response Ask away Poorbaby. I will tell you if I know what you are asking about. If I don't know I will tell you I don't know. I live in SC and talk to cindy's mom weekly. We email each other. Ask away.
Rick United States Reply &#187; Report Abuse |#1108 Monday Aug 18
Shannon wrote:<quoted text> It has? Who reported the nursing home theft? Who reported George threw his own Father through a plate glass window?
Ricks response>Cindy did tell Larry King she had asked Casey to move out...and she mentioned getting custody of Caylee on the 911 call. I posted it as fact. I know this to be fact. I know the Anthonys and Cindy's mother. I 100&#37; garantee that this is indeed true
Rick United States Reply &#187;1148   Monday Aug 18
dots wrote: Rick you input is greatly appreciated. So many rumors and bits of speculation are floating around that to have a few 'definites' has a stabilizing, albeit ditsurbing effect.So, Casey is just a spoiled Princess with no boundaries, who learned to lie at an early age and found out her lying would be rewarded with attention. That Cindy continues to believe the lies is startling and had she done what the therapist told her to do, Caylee would be safe at home and we would never have heard of the Anthonys. I have a few questions that you may be able to answer, if you are so inclined: It has been reported that Cindy and George filed for divorce in 2005 and then terminated the proceedings in 2007. Know anything about this? A couple of bankruptcies involving a Cindy and George Anthony have been uncovered. Same question.
Has Casey ever received mental health counseling? Was Casey EVER a 'good' mother, attentive, nurtuing, loving? Since Cindy already knew to toss her out and get custody, do you have any idea why Cindy d id not report Caylee's absence long before July 15th? If there are bits of truth to every lie of Casey's, is she 'giving clues' or just weaving tales? Was Cindy prone to lying or making exaggerated claims before Caylee disappeared? George? Thanks for any answers.
Ricks response
Cindy filed for divorce because George had an online gambling habit that nearly ended their marriage. He ran up thousands of dollars gambling. They lost their first home from the bankrupt car lot that George second mortgaged their home on. As far as I know, Casey never was mentally evaluated. Cindy thought Casey was punishing her for the fight and thought Casey was just holding Caylee away from see her. It took finding the car had been towed and impounded to light a fire under her **** to find her. Cindy never told her family very much unless it was exagerated because it was something good. It turns out most of Casey's job assignments were exagerated or down right falsehoods.
Rick United States Reply &#187; |Report Abuse |#1204 Monday Aug 18
dsntslp wrote: Aunts, Uncles, cousins, friends of all of them. This wonderful world we live in is not nearly aslarge as most think. I can understand someone in the family trying to help us understand this crazy mess and at the same time, they are trying to make sense of it also. Most people have the need to make sense of the world they live in, don't we all? Sometimes it helps just to talk. Sometimes we answer our own questions and sometimes someone else answers them for us.I just do not want to be so closed minded as to think it is impossible that people are genuine.

Ricks response
Thank you. I wrote to Cindy and tried to let some light in. She is still in dreamland and in denial. She is so far gone I can't reach her. I am her brother that only talks to her about once a year. I get my info from her mom.(my mother) This has made me sick to see it happen to them. They don't want to talk to me so I am here tring to shed some light on what I know. I only know a little more than you guys. But it is more than what has been posted prior to me posting tonight.
Rick United States Reply &#187;
Observer wrote: <quoted text> My sentiments exactly. I suspect Rick is good at locating personal data (available to all of us)and developing a personal storyline to support the facts he extracted from Public Records databases. Shame on you--you are no friend to the Anthony's.
Ricks response>I am related by marriage. George married my sister. Cindy' mom is my mom. My dad is in the nursing home.

09-10-2008 04:34 PM#5 One2Snoop  Criime Library Supreme Member Join Date Nov 2005Posts13,504 
Ok, this is the best I can do for you - its really hard to know who is who on the internet - maybe I should've added a disclaimer to the above....
|Report Abuse |#783 Tuesday Aug 19 
Rick wrote:<quoted text> I can assure you that I am 100% legit. What I said last night is true to the best of my knowledge. Some idiot posted after I went to bed last night and pretended to be me. I sent proof about an hour ago to a person who e-mailed me from last night. I sent some pix of me and Cindy with my mom and dad. They will attest to this when they post today.



Motion For Mistrial, (Again)

Judge Perry is handing a stack of papers to attorneys. Judge Perry just asked Cheney Mason if they were going to call Miss Anthony up. Mason said no we're not. I think Judge Perry was speaking of Cindy Anthony.  Jury is sent back to hotel. Mason wants to renew motion for mistrial. Judge Perry denies it. Mason says state has "mythically theory" Caylee Anthony  died from duct tape or poisoning. Mason says all state has proven is Casey Anthony told many falsehoods about Caylee Anthony. Mason says in all 360+ pieces of evidence elements of murder, aggravated child abuse or aggravated manslaughter not proven.   Mason says no evidence of chloroform poisoning. Mason again asks for acquittal of counts 1,2, and 3. State says jury should make this decision.  State says there is sufficient evidence for all 3 counts. Judge denies motion for acquittal. 
casey anthony

Judge denies motion for acquittal. So on Sunday it'll go state, defense, state. Judge Perry also said multiple attorneys will give closing arguments. 

Sandra Osborne, an OCSO computer examiner.

Sandra Osborne is called to stand.      Osborne was asked to search for chlorophyll, hand sanitizer and bamboo.
Osborne says she only found 1 reference to "chlorophyll" and it was in a dictionary file.Osborne says she found no reference to bamboo as a possible poisonous substance. Found bamboo figurines, flooring, and tiki bars. There is talk of bamboo because Cindy Anthony testified she thought her dogs were eating bamboo leaves and getting sleepy. Hand sanitizer never appeared. but bamboo did -- bamboo flooring, bamboo furniture, figurines, but no bamboo as it relates to dogs...

Yuri Mellich, OCSO, Lead Detective.

Det. Yuri Melich should be the last witness in state's rebuttal case. This is Yuri Melich's 8th time on the stand in this trial. Melich is looking over home phone records for the Anthony home.   

Melich said there were no calls from Cindy Anthony to George Anthony during the week of June 16, 2008.  There were also no calls from the Anthony home to George's cell phone during that time period.  He also said there were no calls from Cindy's cell to George's cell during that time frame.
Jose Baez asked Melich if he was aware George had more than one cell phone, Melich said no.  He was never asked to look at cell phone records of George Anthony's work phone.

Friday, July 1, 2011



Order concerning closing arguments issued in Casey Anthony trial

Last Updated: Friday, July 01, 2011 3:59 PM
  • Baez jokes it could be Cheney Mason's hearing aides. #caseyanthony

Judge Belvin Perry has signed an order concerning closing arguments in the Casey Anthony trial.
The order consists of 16 different restrictions that all counsel is ordered to abide by. Among them:
  • Counsel shall refrain from expressing personal opinions as to the guilt or innocence of Defendant or the credibility of a witness
  • Counsel shall avoid making arguments that place the jury, or ask the jury to place itself in the position of either victim or Defendant
  • Counsel shall avoid making any argument for the sole purpose of eliciting sympathies, fears, biases or prejudices from the jury.
  • Defense counsel shall not concede Defendant's guilt in front of the jury, to either the charged offense or any lesser included offense, without first obtaining express approval for such strategy from the Defendant and placing that approval on the record (at sidebar if necessary) prior to the concession.
The court has not announced when closing arguments will happen.