Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pre Court Fireworks!

Baez and Jeff Ashton are discussing discovery violations. Both seem very annoyed.   Jeff Ashton says he was just handed material from defense. Apparently Dr. Furton is going to testify about something else not in his report. lDr. Furton is to tesify to other reasons why chloroform could be in car. He has PowerPoint display.
Baez says "State is incorrect." Judge asks if 1. Has his opinion changed 2.did you supply supplemental report? Baez says no new opinions. Baez throws his papers down ... He and Ashton are arguing. Baez says Ashton is making allegations. Judge Perry has Furton's depo but wants his report. Baez says "We're not going to do this." They will tailor his testimony. Baez says this is totally and completely unnecessary. Baez says if Ashton fights about PowerPoint - it'll get taken out. Judge says, "You would think this would have grown old by now, but I guess some things never change."
CA  and her defense team just left the courtroom.n1kam.jpg
All the attorneys have presumedly, left to judges chambers.
The returns and CA return. And now prosecutors move up toward the front of the courtroom with Baez and Mason.  Then the attorneys leave again to chambers. This time they leave with court reporter. CA  just left courtroom with attorney Michelle Medina. 
The jury hasn't yet been brought into courtroom this morning. Judge Perry just popped out and went right back in @9:27AM
Casey Anthony back in courtroom.
Court is in session. JP>  A legal issue has occurred. We all agree? Attoneys> Yes.
Jeff Ashton says they are taking a deposition today but it's not related to todays ending

JP>A legal matter outside of what they were discussing this morning has come up and court will be in recess until 8:30 a.m. Monday. WE ARE IN RECESS UNTIL MONDAY AT 9AM. 
WOW!!  Judge Perry is going to tell the jury. The court reporter goes as well.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Discussion to Strike Body Farm Expert/ Court Matters

JP: When is best guestimate to wrap up? Baez: Weds or Thur JP: Will state have rebuttal? LDB: Yes. 1-2 days.

JP: Will issue order giving basic parameters, can email it to laywers. "It's very long. It has just about every case known to man-kind."

Baez> states he does not have all the phone records from Roy Krunk. He only has two weeks. He was never given Roy Krunks complete record or George Anthony's record.  Burdick states they are on a disk of information they provided to Baez. As far as George Anthony's recorde, it was Baez who requested them and Baez gave them to the prosecutions. Baez had a court order for records.  
LDB and JB will meet and follow-up on records. 
Judge>The rules of discovery are that the records to be used be made available. The rules also state you have the right to subpeona records on your own. The judge states the prosecution  has not entered into the case any cell phone records. Bottomline> If you need records , request them. If they ared exculpatory records you know what happens to them.

There is a witness named Rodriquez that is withdrawn due to the Defense Department will not allow him to testify.  Apparently, he did provide a testimony and deposition.His supervisor, stated he will be fired.  Mason points out he could have been held in jail as a material witness. Judge> That is true. , However, he did not get permission to testify. Baez> we do not know that is true.All we know that Ashton talked to his boss on SAturday and Mr.Rodriquez was "skaking in his boots , that he was going to get fired." Mr Ashton is angry and states he did not call his employe. A mr. Malick called him after seeing his worker on TV. He told Mr Ashton that it was in violoation of Dept of Defense rules. AShton notified the court. 
Baez> Baez says Ashton requested more time to review his deposition knowing Rodriguez' was "in the hot seat" Mr Ashton also requested 24 hours to review testimony that he knew he was not going to be able to use.
 Ashton> If the defense wants to file a motion in court "Bring it On!!"
Baez> I will.

 Judge says he will find out if Rodriguez sought permission from Dept of Defense.   Perry says it's too late in the day to go after red herrings. Ashton wants to talk about instruction about Rodriguez.  JP states if he had offered to hold him in jail but it was decided to allow him to leave so he did not lose his jobs. Judge states the defense said they had others who could testify to the same thing. "If you want to tell the story, tell the whole story" End of story. 
Bottom line> The prosecution  wants to strike Mr Rodriquez's testimony since it was only a partial testimony and there is no cross available.

The defense states they will finish by Tuesday. There will be appx 2 days to close.
Instructions will probably take 45 minutes. He would rather talk w them Saturday morning rather than Friday night.
Adjourned until 830am Saturday. Full day of testimony

Yuri Mellich, OCSO, Lead Detective.

Yuri Mellich was lead investigatior. He was called out to the home on July 16, 2008. He does not remember how long during his first visit to the home, when George Anthony told him about the care. After a short period,he left the home and then left. He was at the home a little over an hour . After that, he was there a few minutes, just long enough to drop Casey off.
\George wanted to speak to him. He told him about the car. Melich said at some point George Anthony mentioned foul smell in car. But he did check it out later
He went to the Anthony home again., later that day. He took Casey to Universal. There were other officers there. Baez states there were 7-8 officers there He does not recall. He confiscated the car after Casey was arrested. He had made arrangements with George Anthony.  He confiscated the car after Casey was under arrest. He decided to look for evidence in the car. He arrested Casey because she hd the elements of the crime in which she was arrested. He was concerned she might hurt herself. One aspect of the investigation was to look at the car but not solely the car, as Baez attempts to get him to testify. Initially, he thought Caylee disappeared on June 9th but later discerned it was July 15, 2008.  He had information from the Anthony family abut Zanni the Nanny. After awhile they determined the nanny was a falsehood. Casey hung on to that story.
Before July 16, 2008 he did not know the Anthony family.  He subpeoned Casey's cell phone record. You can obtain call records and duration of calls and with some companies it can tell you which towers involved. It can assist in tracking a persons movements.   . He did not investigate the other Anthony family members. Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation helped triangulate cell records her Anthony family members . He did investigate other cell phone records of other people. He did investigate Roy Krunks cell phone records.
Roy Krunk discovered the remains on December 11, 2008  

Melich interviewed Roy Kronk after the discovery of the remains.  Baez begins questioning about Roy Kronk & tries to talk about Kronks efforts to alert deputies months earlier Kronk called in tip about Suburban Dr. Melich told another deputy to move on because it was "vague" and area had already been checked out.
 Sidebar ensues.  Baez continues questioning Yuri Melich about calls/tips about the area.  He subpeonaed his records for June-December 2008.The records included the triangulation of towers.
YM discovered that George Anthony had duct tape with a logo that appeared to be the same. YM testifies that he never asked George where he got the duct tape.  The only place the duct tape was found in the Anthony home was on the gas can. Melich said he'd never seen duct tape with logo on non-adhesive side, it was unusual.
Henkel brand duct tape.

YM was aware there was a report of a gas can stolen from the Anthony home. He was aware the red can was from the Anthony home.  YM is looking at his file to see the events surrounding the collection of the gas can. The gas cans were collecteed on August 1, 2008. He does not have the reports but Baez has them.

Baez: You collected Kronks several months of cell records, did you take his computer? Melich: No computer.Melilch says they took statements from Kronk's friends, co workers. June's Phone records in Dec but never looked at his computer.
Burdick> YM was provided tip bu Gerald White, It was general  in nature. The tip described a swampy area near a 6 foot fence on Suburban Drive. The site where Caylee was located was between the school and the Anthony home.  They had search that area with dogs. L
LDB is done questioning. No re-direct. Yuri Melich is allowed to leave the stand


Linda Tonelli, Search Volunteer.

Linda Tonelli, Search Volunteer

Burdick said state will object if next witness cannot ID brand of duct tape. Judge Perry> But she can say it is duct tape.Judge Perry giving prosecutors some lip now.LDB says this woman can't say what type of duct tape was brought to the volunteer tent and shouldn't be admissible.
Mason>She testifies she knows George and Cindy Anthony. She met them during the Caylee search.She handed out t-shirts, etc.  She testifies there was duct tape at the table.
She says there was duct tape. They would tape tablecloths onto the table (windy) Also tape missing posters up with tape.  George Anthony would help. He would tape down the tablecloths so they would not blow in wind.
Burdick> No questions.

Eric Edwards, OSCO

 Cheney Mason is questioning. In 2005, he was  employed in the Homicide division and was involved in the Caylee Anthony investigation.  Sidebar.The jury is removed again for a proffer,(questioning outside of the jury presence)

Linda Tonelli, Search Volunteer.

Link to :Testimony , Lori Cree, Texas Equisearch
Cheney Mason> Do you know Linda Tonelli. She was brought to her attention by Laurie Kree,with Texas Equiisearch. Linda Tonelli was a volunteer at teh KidFinders tent. She was a coordinator.He showed her a pic of duct tape. Laurie Kree told him that George brought duct tape to the tent.He talked to her after the remains were found. He asked to plant recording equipment in the house while she talked to George and Cindy Anthony. She had told the Anthony's that he had been questioning her ad the Anthonys had follow-up conversations with them.
She was uncomfortable with the idea of recording equipment. It was never done.
He talked to her again while she was at Lowe's . He was with Sgt. Allen. He asked her to wear a concealed wire to record the Anthony conversations. She did not do that . The opportunity was never available.

Judge Perry> What relevance does it have to defense theory
Cheney Mason> How much time do I have? He goes on to explain. It goes on to dysfunction and drowning and who did what to cover-up. It suggests the detectives were concerned and even asked someone to wear wire to get incriminating statements.Mason says it shows investigation only focused on Casey and getting incriminating info from parents
JP>Were they able to get statements.
Mason> NO.
Burdick> It only serves to try to get the jury to speculate without directly asking them.
Mason accuses the Prosecution of wanting the jury to speculate that duct tape was the murder weapon. Perry tells attorneys there's no jury and he can make this decision (says he has done this before. Objection by Burdick
JP> Judge Perry the purpose of evidence is relevance. It is evident by the proffer that this evidence does not go to proving material fact. Second, it does not go to the theory of the defense. The theory of the defense is that the child died of an accidental drowning and the events and bizarre behavior afterward.
The objection by the prosecution is sustained.
PErry: Edwards testimony re: Equusearch is not admissible.Jury will not hear about LE asking woman to wear wire.
The witness is excused. 

Ryan Eberlin, OCSO, Deputy

Cheney Mason questions the witness.He was dispatched to home on Hopespring Drive. It was the Anthony home. He had never been there before. He was controlling the scense. He saw the Sunfire. He did not smell anything.  He handcuffed  Casey at the home and was instructed to remove them by supervisor.
Burdick>She was handcuffed for 2-3 minutes. She was free to "go about her business." Casey was handcuffed because ....There is objection by Cheney, hearsay. Burdick states he opened the door.  Sidebar.
The juror is removed for a proffer.RE testifies that Cindy came out with receipts and stated Casey stole her credit card and wanted to press charges. He put Casey in car and was going to continue the investigtion into the use of the credit cards.Sgt Hosey told him they were not going to pursue that at this time and told him to release her. This was after Casey gave her written statement and before Yuri Mellich, investigator arrived.
Mason>Mason asks the judge to notify the jury that she is not on trial for  those credit card misuse.allegations
Judge Perry> The defense opened the door to questioning when it asked the witness about the handcuffs. The court will fashion a jury instruction to deal with this.  The judge will allow the line of questioning. He wil read them a stipulation prior to testimony.The jury is returned.
The judge is reading the stipulation to the jury.The deputy testifies that she was handcuffed for a brief time. It was after she gave her written statement. It was after Cindy came to him and said she wanted to press charges for fraudulent use of a credit card. Sgt. Hosey told him to remove the handcuffs. After that Casey was free to go in the house.Detective Mellich arrived later. When Cpt Mellich arrived he was no longer involved in taking any statements.