Saturday, June 4, 2011

Computer consultant., Request To Consult

Prosecutor Burdick  want to seek permission to consult with computer expert on not on list.  Consultant needs access to witness list as to prevent witness contact with list of witnesses. She wants a three way conversation to prevent having to having to  go back and forth. Judge permits request.

Mike Vincent , OCSO, Asst Supervisor of Crime Scene Unit


 Witness is stating his work background and training. He assisted
 with the processing of the Pontiac Sunfire.they collected stain samples.He did 3 tests to check for blood which were negative. 
 He collected air samples. Took air sample into a syringe. Talking about process of doing this. It was then sent to Oakridge lab in TN. Vincent assisted Gerlado Bloise in documenting, photographing and gathering evidence for this case. Vincent, like Lowe, turns and looks at the jury when he is answering questions. Witness identifies the envelopes that contain evidence and  time and collection on stamp. Vincent showing tin where air sample was held. Equipment from Oak Ridge was received along with direction on how to collect samples..Aug 29, air sample from vehicle. Aug 30, he took air samples from trash.  He is testifying to methodology of collection of air samples. 
Vincent assisted Bloise(yesterdays testimony) in taking samples from the Anthony Family. Vincent is testifying to the methodology of collection and chain of command of hair and Buccal swab collection from George, Cindy and Lee.Vincent said that the hairs collected are pulled. Vincent says he couldn't get fingerprints off the gas can.. Dr. Baez is trying to get witness to state he was unsure on how to collect samples.B
Baez cross examines Vincent.Baez is asking Vincent who called the media to the Anthony's home, the state objects. The air samples were taken July 17 and the 23. were taking by Dr Sigmund. There were different type of filters utilized. He is trying to make control settings(quality of air in bay on different days.( Does it make a difference in collection.)Witness disputes that he tried to get control samples.Baez is questioning Vincent about the air samples because this was his first time collecting them.
From a 2008 article: Air-sample tests from Casey Anthony's abandoned car show that the trunk once held a decomposing human body.Baez asks questions in "attack mode" then chuckles at witness. I wonder how questioning will go when the defense witnesses are called.Baez is approaching witness with picture jury can't see bc it's not in evidence.It is reportedby CFNews 13:Jury smirks when Judge Perry talks sternly to Baez. Baez cracking himself up over question about gas can" I'm sorry, it is SaturdayBaez is questioning Vincent about the trash collected, Vincent says that the trash was stored in a brown box w/ tape all around it.
Redirect Prosecuter Burdick. Vincent testifies that the car was secured at facility.A lot of talk about gas can. Vincent says he carried it by the handle because "that's how you normally carry a gas can"  The oder was the same from July 15 to the tie of testing. He does ot recall the odor diminishing. The trash was stored separately from the car.  
Redirect Baez:  Witness is excused. 
Adjourned for day.  Resume on Monday at 9am
Judge Perry reports to jury kinks in restaurant 1 are worked out. Restaurant 2 they are working on . Hamburgers are still being worked out. He will try to check on it today.

Karen Lowe, Hair Banding, Trace Evidence Investigator , Quantico

Friday, June 3, 2011

Gerardo Bloise from the OCSO as a crime scene investigaton

Items retrieved from Pontiac Sunfire
Bloise worked in Puerto Rico, trained with FBI, FDLE, ATF.B loise:  Anthony car given to him by Det. Beasley after Johnson Towing dropped it off.Jury shown pix of  Pontiac Sunfire at the forensic . Evidence included: Doll, backpack, child's toothbrush, black leather bag and plastic hanger
Caylees backpack

 Bloise: Talks of notes taken re: various pieces of evidence. Burdick asks if Bloise familiar with humn decomp. Bloise re: gas gauge: Put gas in car then turned on ignition to see gas gauge needle. Jury shown interior of  car . More pix of interior of  car showing heels and other shoes, including fabric softener sheet. Pix of underside of  car shown now. Bloise: Found dry leaves under  car.  (DID CASEY DRIVE INTO THE WOODS BY HER HOUSE?)