Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sandra Osborne, an OCSO computer examiner.

Ms. Osborne is a computer forensic examiner with OCSO. 
She was the first person to receive the Anthony computer. She did the forensic testing. She ran a search for chloroform. She found "a hit" on the computer.She found a deleted internet history file.She turned the file over to her superviso. He is he mentor. They worked together on the file. She used NETANALYSIS to do forensic scan. It is a program that allows her to view the internet history. She submitted finding to detectives. 
She is shown a disc. She cannont identify it. It is not her handwriting. Baez is showing her an Excel spreadsheet.
She indentifies the spreadsheet. Baez is showing a spreadsheet- Osborne says Sgt Stenger did it- not her.  She testifies the Excel report contains the internet history. The report has URL's , number of times visitied, time and dates. She identifies the spreadsheet and it is entered into evidence.
Burdick Objection.The witness states it is not the same one.
Judge >Sustained
Baez> shows her the original.
She identifies the original. Casey is looking at the document on the computer screen. SO states this is not the report she filed.
She does not identify the document as one she worked on .

Baez> No more questions.
Burdick> The uses had a protected password of Rico23.  SO>no
Baez> You would not have to enter a password if the computer was on.  SO> It depends on computer settings. You may have to.
EXcused.Subject to recall.

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