Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kevin Stenger, Sgt, Computer Orange Co Sheriff's office

Mr Stenger is a computer forensic expert. He is the previous witnesses supervisor. He is shown and identifies spreadsheet. He used NetAnalysis and Cashback programs to retrieve internet history from the Anthony computer. He testifies Detective Osborne did the recovery. He recognizes the computer printout results that shown on the screen. It is entered into evidence.
Burdick> Is it his one page or is that the entire document?
Baez> It is on this disc.
Burdick> Objects to it being marked as an exhibit.Sidebar
Baez wants to question him on the March entries .
Baez does not have a copy of what he is entering into evidence for the prosecution. WE are waiting for them to figure something out.
The attorneys have reached an agreement to which document pages will be entered into evidence.  Stenger: Describes report of deleted Firefox Internet history. Apparently, Mr Stenger consulted a Mr Bradley  ( the creator of the program) to confirm time stamps in relation to daylight savings time. He does not know if the NetAnalysis and Cashback program received the same number of files.
March 16th 2008 history, the website www.sci-spot/chemisty/chloroform for 34 seconds. It was accessed one time. Baez shows Stenge some evidence at same websiste at a different time, as reported by Cashback. There is a difference in reporting from each program.
The website as reported. by NetAnalysis> www. was accessed 84 times.  Per the Cashback report the website and visit  is missing. Baez publishes it for the jury.
March 20, 2008, 13:39:20.  reports states MySpace was visited  83 times.
March 19, 2008 08:36 :24  report states  that  MySpace was typed into browser and visited 83 times.
March 13, 2008>   MySpace was visited 81 times.
Baez is questioning Stenger to the amount of times visited and  dissimilar in comparison between NetAnalysis and Cashback reports.  Stenger testifies the reports are different. Stenger created the CashBack report. He did not testify to the jury about the report.
Mr Bradley testified to the CashBack report. He attempts to ask Mr Stenger ,why Mr Bradley testified to the report but objections are sustained.
Burdick> Mr Stenger had the program to obtain information from compute. He put in dates in question and ran report. He asked Mr Bradley about the report because he was the creator of the program. Burdick displays some Google searches fro March 21, 2008.  The Google searches are on how to make chloroform.
Mr Stenger tells the jury on how the search for chloroform is displayed. Someone typed "How to make chlorofom" in the searchbar. Mr Stenger says that you can search into the computer and confirm dates and types. Mr Stenger is confident that the NetAnalysis  and CashBack report times and dates of seaches are correct. Mr Stenger is pointing out which column in the Excel report refers to date and time.
Stenger says the reports are accurate but programs (codes) may have interpreted it differently.

Baez redirect> Mr Stenger testifies as to the minutes on the chloroform site, 3 minutes
Burdick> Stenger testifies the time shown can be user opening tabs. The fact that it says 3 minutes does not mean someone did not print it or state how they use it.
Baez> Does the report state this tab stuff? Witness>No Baez> Have you been informed anyone printed pages Witness> No.

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