Thursday, June 23, 2011


Cindy testifies that they have a computer in the house that everyone uses. In March 2008, she did searches for chloroform. She was searching for chlorophyll and the dangers to her dogs. Her dog was having problem with fatigue.They had bamboo in the back yard. She knows it was March because she had a scare with  reports of hand sanitizer being dangerous to childen. It prompted her to look up other home chemicals that might be dangerous to children.
She  had a friend who had head and truama injuries. She was looking up injuries. Cindy says she was the one who searched chest injuries and head injuries. Cindy Baez has her time schedule. She took off certain holidays off. Her work schedule shows she was working. She states it could be human error and her boss filled in he schedule. It has happened before. Her job was a salaried position. She could not show overtime on her time sheet so hours may vary.
Baez shows Cindy evidence and asks he to identify it. Cindy states it is a pic of the trunk of the Sunfire. The Pontiac Sunfie was purchased by George and Cindy in 2000. They purchased it to be used by Lee. . 
It was passed down to Casey after Lee purchased his Mustang.
Cindy identifies the stain in the trunk, It was there when the bought the car. She did not see any new stains in trunk when she sprayed Febreeze. She saw a dent in the carpet where the gas can was placed. 
No more questions.
Burdick>Is it your testimony that even though your work records show that you were working,  that on March 17th, 2008 you were home betwwen the hours of 143p-155p. Cindy> If the computer searches were done then, I was home.
Burdick questions her as to whether she was at work or home on arch 21st.  Cindy states her work hours are variable. Cindy had not gone back to her job to confirm her work hours.  Cindy states her password is expired and her emails ae unaccessible. She would use he emails to confirm her hours at work.  She does not know if the employer backs up the emails on a regular basis.  Cindy> does not know. Cindy testifies that she knew computer searches were in question  since 2008. Cindy testifeis that she told Burdick at the deposition. she made the searches. Burdick reminds her that she denied looking up HOW to make chloroform and she did not mention injuries.  Burdick > You stated you looked up CHLORPHYLL. Cindy> Correct. Cindy denies putting in the search box in google, "How to make Chloroform"  She recalls putting CHLOROFORM  in the search bar.She did not look up , weapons, neck breaking,  Burdick> Do you recall this now that you changed you  medication.? Cindy states she probably looked up inhalation. Cindy looked up, peroxide, hydrogen peroxide and acetone. Burdick asks if she is now remembering due to her medication change.
Burdick> What search engine do you use.Cindy> Google or Yahoo. Burdick:> browser? Cindy> I don;t know. Burdick> What profile  Cindy> The computer is usually on. Burdick reminds her there is a CAsey icon and anther.Cindy says she as on a webpage about chloroform effects a lot. LDB asks 84 times?
Burdick>Did you look at how to make weapons out of household products, chloroform habit , chloro2,
Cindy, NO.  Burdick goes on to mention  other sites. Cindy> I don't know.
She did not have a MySpace or Facebook account at the time in question Burdick entesr evidence. She shows her the pic of the trunk and asks her to point to where the stain was when she purchased the car. She points to Marker B.
Baez>The password protection was on her work computer. She often when on the computer after Casey. They computer was always on. Cindy testifies she told LE she was on the computer looking for chlorophyll

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