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Joseph S. Jordan, Search Volunteer


The begins with a sidebar. Cheney Mason calls his firtst witness.He was a volunteer with Texas Equuisearch. He was a team leader.  He is shown a pic an dasked to identify it. It is an aerial view of Suburban Drive. He lead a team of more than 10 people who searched for Caylee Anthony.  He shows he search along Suburban Drive. He had been briefed how to search.  He went into the woods. He found a pink baby blanket and a cooler. He marked it on a Texas Equusearch form . He does not about follow-up.
On the second occassion he had a dog handler with him. The team searched along the Chickasaw Trail.  He does not know if it was a cadavar dog. The dog was handled by a police officer from Panama.  He brought the dog and officer to sniff the baby blanket and cooler he had found.
He did go back out with  Brad Churchill. Brad Churchill thought it was 45 feet. Objection sustained. He does not know how far the remains were from the road. He does not recall how many times they he went out to search.
He sent an email to Yuri Melllich after the remains were found. He is shown the email. In the email, he notified them that he had been out there in the area with 2 dogs. He believed the remains had been moved.
He testifies that he had 5 people on his team that walked abong Suburban Drive They searched along the side because the brush was clear. He testifies that they were the only ones who searched the pathway.
He is shown his deposition in which there were a hundred people or more searching the area.
He drove along HopeSpring Drive. There were alot of media and others. He does not know what response was taken in regard to his email to Yuri Mellich.
Burdick> He was a volunteer for Texas Equusearch. It was iin August. He had already started emailing Yuri Mellich and John Allen. He emailed them names of people they should talk to. He did so, in order to find Caylee. Texas Equusearch had them keep paperwork.  There is a space for comments and a Follow up space for areas they felt they needed to be debriefed by a Texas Equusearch employee after a search. He accepted the job as team leader.
He is shown and identifies his personal form from Texas Equusearch dated September 1st, 2008. He took detail notes when he searhed He is shown a diagram of Suburban Drive. He is going through the methodology of his search. He is going through his form . It has a map of area to be searched,  places searched and stated dogs were "not fresh." per dog handler.. He is not able to testify on hearsay. He states that the water was knee deep off the curb and should be searched after the water recedes, He found some bones that he desribed as humurous bones but they turned out to be animal bones.He stated on form that there were half buried  garbage bags that needed follow-up.
He is shown another map of Surburban drive . He highligted them, in yellow, the areas he searhed. It appears he searched all along Suburban drive and the woods.  He marked the  the areas where he found items and listed the items. It is very detailed.  He marked "mounds" that needed follow-up. He testifies that he could not get deep into the woods because of the deep water.  On Dec 13, 2008 he emailed YM et Detective John Allen, he did not now where exactly the remains of Caylee had been find.
 Cheney Mason> He testifies that  Churchill took him where the remains were found. He did not see the blue sherriff tent. At the time, he thought that wass the area he searched.
                                         LINK  JOSEPH JOHNSON STATEMENT

The water was clear and you could see to the bottom. Mason asks him if he has a reason why he wants to testify.  Mason wants to ask him if he was threatened with felony prosecution .He begins to envoke his 5th Amendment rights and a SideBar is called.  The jury is removed.Perry asks Jordan to step outside
Burdick explains her objection. She states the defense was prompting him to envoke his 5th amendment rights in front of the jury. She states the defense knew he was going to envoke his rights , if questioned about his threathen prosecution.Burdick: Mason was not demonstrating change in testimony from Nov. 5, 2009 and any prior point in time   


Mason,> You can not hear his response. He then comes up to the microphone. He reads a deposition that he recorded a conversation with the lawyers., without permission. He stated he tried to give the recorded conversation to the police. Mason states his credibility is in questions. Mason: "I have a right to talk to him about his motivations...he doesnt get to sit here and alter his [testimony]"   Mason says Jordan taped interview w/ investigator (illegal). Mason says he was threatened w/ criminal charges and then offered immunity. Mason says Jordan changed his story so law enforcement wouldn't come after him.  Burdick: Still hasn't heard any response as to why that question was posed. Burdick: Jordan told Mason, jury he made a mistake in the email set.

Mason: "I did not expect him to take the 5th Amendment."
JP> cites law. Joseph Johnson was given immunity for his statement.  The proper way to handle this was to proffer outside of the presence of the jury,  to see if he envoked his Fifth Amendment rights. Then see what the state wanted to do. Mr Mason where do you plan to go with this.Mason asked if Jordan was threatened w/ prosecution? Perry says Jordan could have answered y/n but prob had knee-jerk reax and invoked 5th..Jury not here) Perry asks Jordan's attorney. He says Jordan was given immunity for recording not for today's testimony.  JP tells Joseph Johnsons attorney to go instruct him
 Judge says he is going to tell the jury to disregard the last statement. 

water patterns, Remains site

JP is on the bench. Mr Mcclellum, the attorney for Joseph Jordan states he had a chance to talk with him. Sidebar
Judge Perry just did a "psst" and called everyone back to sidebar. The jury is returned. JP reads a statement to jury to disregard his last two questons and answers in regard to 5th amendment envocation.

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