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Dominic Casey Private Investigator

Dominic Casey, Private Investigator

Ann Finnell Defense> What did you do for Anthony family? Casey: "Following up on tips that they received on the tip line" and security work. 
Ann Finnel , Defense
Casey says he helped deal with protesters outside Anthony home.Casey says he'd park in Suburban Drive area most evenings to see if protesters would return, thinking he'd left.Dominic now looking at image of suburban drive, drawing an "A" where he used to park and look for unruly protesters. Dominic now looking at image of suburban drive, drawing an "A" where he used to park and look for unruly protesters He says he left his car windows down typically, never smelled any bad smells. Defense now asking Dominic about package he received for Cindy Anthony. It had a teddy bear inside.DC says he asked Cindy  Anthony to send Lou Phillips something of Caylee's.

Dominic: Man who sent the teddy bear had contacted Anthonys, offered to help. Represented/works with psychics.

Dominic says he talked on his cell phone with a psychic while at Suburban Drive.DC says he was on the phone with Jeanette Lucas the day at Suburban Dr. He says she was a psychic. H etestifies he was looking for Caylee. Dominic is using telestrator to show where he searched with Hoover. He went into the woods about 25 feet. He tried to look for area was there was access to the inside of the woods. He said when he came out he saw James Hoover standing with a video camera.He did not give him permission. He said What are you doing with a video camera. He said Hoover told him he was shootng video for his file. He cam e out of the wood s and he saw another opening into the woods. He got into 20-25 feet into the woods. He said there was water flowing west to east.  He spentt about 10-minutes in the woods. He was looking for 3 white paver stones.DC says there was about 2-3 inches of water. He says he was looking for 3 concrete pavers . He testifies there was a tremoundous amount of garage bags in woods. He shows where he wet next. He states it is across from the retention pond. He saw there was a vacant house. He did not go back into woods.  He went to a hotel to pick up someone and went to a meet and greet by Cindy and George Anthony. 
He went back to the woods in November 16, 2008. He took Mr Hoover with hi. He is showing where he parked and it is on Suburban drive.Dominic says he went to a vacant house after leaving the woods. Implies psychic told him to go there. Dominic on why he searched the area a second time, Nov. 16: "To prove a psychic wrong.". He testifies he was in woods about 12 minutes.  Mr Hoover was with him again this time he was taping with his approval.  Dominic says he didn't see any remains either time. "That was the purpose of going out there."   He used a stick to proe the ground debris because the amount of debris and it was wet. H e saw snakes out there.Dominic Casey says on November 15 and 16 he did not find the remains of Caylee.

                                                                  Ginnette Lucas ,Psychic 
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He went back to Surburban Drive a third time. He thinks it was the 18th of November.. This time he was just looking around. He did not go into the woods. He is not sure if there were other openings in woods. He did not see any bags that appeared to contain human remains. No further questions
.  Mr George to cross.  Initially, he was working for the Baez law firm and then he went to work for the Anthonys. He was following up tips. Sidebar.
Frank George, Prosecution
Apparently, we are now on recess. 
Mr Casey testifies he worked for the Defense until he went to work for the Anthonys. DC>Yes.
He testifiies that Ginnete Lucas directed him to site. Cindy Anthonys was traumatized and destroyed per DC. Geroge Anthony was similarly traumatized and destroyed per DC. He went there under the direction of a psychic who called him. 
 It was Saturday, November 15, 2008.Cindy and George did not send him into words. Frank George shows him a picuture to identify. It is a pic of Suburban Drive. He is asked to show where he parked. DC states the pic is difficult to see where he parked.  He did not park his vehicle. It was Mr Hoovers vehicle. He approximates on map where the car was parked.  He marks where he enters woods. He entered and exited the woods via the same route.  He is shown a different pic of th same area. He  was having trouble with pic. He is asked to place an X where he entered the woods. This is when he saw the broken toilet and numerous trash bags.He cut a few of them open. He found a greenish bath mat. He did not see a red Disney bag. This was not an exhaustive search. He was on the phone most of time. He left there and went to the abandoned house across the street, by the retention pond. There was water "ankle deep." There is a drop-off about 6 feet after you enter the woods. You can see the current. The next day when he went in there was the same amount of water. After he  cut open the trash bags he did not get on his hands and knees and look through the "muck"a
November 16, 2008> He went into the woods.He is asked to mark where he parked the car in a red color pen. He was  on the phone with Ginnett Lucas. He went after he had told her what he had saw on November 15, 2008.  He put an x and a square where he entered the woods.  He still saw water on the ground. On this day, he took a probe and a trowel.  He does not recall using the trowel.
As some have pointed out, for those w/o video, D. Casey has seemed flustered, confused at times. He's having issues hearing. He is shown the pic of Suburban Drive with the markings of where he parked and entered the woods. Mr Hoover  was 10 feet behind him. On this day he was not aware of his taping initially , he approved him to tape without video. Today he found out he taped with audio.
He is shown the pic of Suburban Drive and asked to mark where he parked and entered the woods. He is asked to date and write notations of the markings he identified. 
He went a third time to the woods a couple of days later. He walked toward the school and the Hopespring and then to his car. He never left the street. No more questions.
Ann Finnell>  He is shown a pic by Ann Finnell. He is asked to identify it. It is marked on where he went into the woods initially. He is asked to mark it as the first day of entry to the woods and then the The pic is like this. He is asked to mark where he parked the car and where he entered the woods. on the first and second day. He testifies that he made a map like this for the prosecution in March 2011.Finnell asks for sidebar.
A similar pic to the one DCis asked to place a X where Dominic says law enforcement never approached him with questions about his searches before that.he parked and entered the woods on each day he searched the woods.
DC testifies that it was a deposition in March 2011 in which he marked a map. There was a court reporter present.

He testifies he can not testify to scale as he did not have a tape measurer with him. He testifies the video is a  true and accurate evidence of his search. He will not say they are absolutely accurate.
Witness Excused

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