Tuesday, June 28, 2011

George Anthony,

Do you know Krystal Holloway. I know her by River Cruz and Krystal Holloway. She as a volunteer. She worked at he command center. She was just another volunteer. George> I did not have a romantic relationship with her. I did not borrow money for her. I did go to her house 2-3 times.
Baez> You know she has a guard gate , don't you.Objection overruled.
GA> He showed an ID to go to residence. The first time he went he had a conversation with her, she had a brain tumor and she needed someone to comfort her.  He was trying to be a nice guy. He wanted to repay her for her assistance. He never visited her at night. He denies going there for a romantic interlude.
RIVER CRUZ/Krystal Holloway
River Cruz had told Cindy she had a tumor. Cindy knew he went to the apartment. GA testifies that he never told her that "Caylees death was an accident that snoballed out of control." GA states he did not talk to volunteers about Caylee's death,. He considered this a private matter.
GA did send a text message stating he needed her in his life. He states he sent texts to many volunteers. He left a letter at her residence. It was a letter to comfort her.  GA he denies he told her not to tell abut their affair. Objection by Ashton, Overruled. GA testifies he never had a romantic affair. She has a questionable past.She has been arrested for fraud and breaking and entering. Objection.  
GA testifies he spoke with Krstal , October 2008-January 2009, 1 or 10 times, He does not know, He does not recall speaking to her at night.
Ashton> GA met her at command center in October 2008. After the remains were found, the friendship ended. GA testifies that  he did not tell her that he choked Casey and threw her up against the wall and said "I know you did something to Caylee."
No  more questions, Excused.
Judge Perry  Jury > There is a not so long legal matter.  I understand you have an engagement at 700p. I will let you go for the day.......

Baez begins the proffer. DM> She is in protective custody. She is required to be on observation and she is not put into general population.  DM testifies she is in her cell for 23 hours a day. During her one hour out, she can go to Rec yard, shower , library or get a book. She has been in Protective Custody for 2 1/2. She is a model inmate.  DM goes to unit everyday and speaks to each inmate and he records their response.  She is always pleasant and smiling. She is never a problem.  Baez> Is her demeanor unusual? DM>  My job is custody and control . "I pay little attention to inmates behaviour unless it is bad and uncontrollable."  DM> Her behavior is the same as other inmates in that area. He has spoken to her  when he is on his "tours." She is always pleasant and happy. Despite her situation.DM testifies that her behavior has never changed.  She is never up or down. She is always pleasant.
Burdick , No  questions. 
JP> Witness testimony not relevant. I will maintain my previous ruling. 

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