Thursday, June 30, 2011


A video is entered into evidence. It is a video of command post and interview with Geroge Anthony. He is at command center. There is duct tape with the Hankel logo.
George Anthony is called to the stand. GA states that he saw the video and the duct tape. GA states that it could be someone elses or his duct tape. He does not who brought it or he brought it.GA asks Baez to state which command center. GA states they had numerous command centers.
Baez: "Sir you didn't recognize that location as being close to your home?"
Winnie the Pooh Blanket
 GA said command center at Publix not at John Young Parkway

The video was at Publix grocery but he does not which one.   GA testifies that he lived in OHio. Henkel duct tape is made there. GA testifies he does not know. He is asked about a dog named Mandy when he lived in Ohio. Sidebar.
Mandy had to be euthanized. The dog was buried in yard. GA picked the dog up at vets office. The dog was wrapped in a blanket.  GA does not recall if the dog was placed in bag  and wrapped with duct tape.  George states it was 30 years  ago.
Baez> Did you hae a dog named Bo. GA> Yes. He does not recall  when he died. GA ? does not know if he was wrapped in a blanket , placed in a plastic bag and duct tape and buried in back yard
Baez > did you have a cat name Penny.
Did you have a dog name Ginger . Was Ginger wrapped in a bag with duct tape? GA ? I don't know.
Baez >And cinnamon?  GA does not recall.
Baez > Did you tell law enforcement that that is the way you use to bury your pets?
AShton>Did you ever take a dead pet and throw him in a swamp. GA> NOGeorge again takes a deep breath while walking out. He heads out of the courtroom

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