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James Hoover, Private Investigator


He first got  involved as private citizen. He eventually, became a private investigator for George and Cindy Anthony in August, 2009. He initially acted as a bodygard as there were alot of people outside of there home. He followed up on tips with Dominic Casey.Baez: Following up on tips? Were they always for a 'live' Caylee? Hoover says he only worked 1 tip
Hoover shot video of Dominic Casey in the woods. Hoover is speaking very quickly. Judge has had to tell him to slow down a number of times. he seems nervous but says he talks fast. He is shown evidence by Baez. They are DVD disc. 
B aez: What did you do? Not what Dominic Casey told you. (state will object to hearsay).  Hoover met with Dominic Casey, was supposed to be doing security for George and Cindy, but were rerouted.
Baez attempts to enter video into evidence,    Hoover identifies the videos as the ones that he took during a search for Caylee in a wooded area.   Hoover says the first 20 seconds of the video is a clear and accurate depiction of one he took of Dominic Casey in woods .          Sidebar.
Jury is removed for proffer. This video is apparently shot in a wooded area of Suburban Dr. one month prior to Caylees remains found Baez is going to review video. 
Part of the issue may be that Hoover recorded a portion of the video without Dominic Casey's knowledge.In Fla. its illegal to audio record someone without their permission.Both sides appear to be looking at where they are going to end the video.
 VIDEO: You see Dominic Casey (DC) cut through trash bags, move some dirt with a little shovel. 
The jury is returned.
Baez> Mr Hoover has had time to review tape and identifies it to to be true and accurate. It was taped on e month before Caylee was fun. George was aware DC  was taping.Dominic Video. Doinic Casey is showing the area he searched
the video has him looking through dark garbage bags at site.
Video tape shows a man, Dominic Casey, going into the wooded area on Suburban drive
VIDEO: you see Dominic Casey on phone walking on Suburban Drive. Hoover says Dominic Casey was looking for Caylee's remains. That's why he was cutting open black plastic bags.Video showing Dominic Casey looking into black plastic bags along the side of a home. Video showing an overgrown backyard, a crowded shed, and Dominic casey digging into a small plot of dirt.Video now showing the wooded area again. Hoover can be heard saying "there's a plastic bag right here. Hoover: Walked about 15 feet into the woods off of Suburban Drive. Hoover says Dominic Casey found a small blanket but not sure what kind of blanket Sidebar.Video: Day 2, Nov. 16, 2008. The video was taken close to where her remains were eventually found.  
Baez is entering another exhibit.
Itis an aerial view of Hopespring Drive and Suburban Drve. Baez asks hi to circle where he . searched and parked.  He is having trouble placing circles on cites.He is shown more video.There is alot of ground cover on the ground. He states they searched in that area.  You can hear Dominic Casey and Mr Hoover chatting while they search. Video playing. Hoover says in video "here it is right here" indicating he has found a paver Baez pauses it as camera focuses on concrete pavers. Hoover says that's one of the areas they were trying to find.Video: Dominic Casey is digging around in the leaves in the wooded lot.VIDEO:: You can hear Hoover say "Okay I will follow you." and "There's 3 more over there."VIDEO: Dominic Casey prodding with a rod/stick -he's pushing it into ground. Hoover says thought remains may have been buried.
He went out to search  days in a row.  They did not report to Cindy and Goerge their findings.. Baez enters more evidence.It is another aerial view of Hopespring Drive.After December 11, 2008, when they found Caylee they did not give video to law enforcement. He denies attempting to sell it. He states Leo Padilla said it might be valuable. The Anthony's trusted him.Dominc Casey was going  produce photos o sell. Mr Hoover did sell some photos to Fox News. He was going to give the money to the Anthonys. Everyone was broke.  Baez is stating Mr Hoover sold video. Mr Hoover states the videos were never sold. He gave them LE two videos.He denies lying to law enforcement and switching videos. Baez: Did you contact law enforcement after Caylee's remains were found? Hoover: No bc son was in Xmas pagant, thought it was taped over.Baez: Did you try to sell the tape? Hoover: Bounty hunter suggested it might be worth money.

He denies trying to sell the video for 50,000 to 200 000 dollars
Burdick> Mr Hoover denies trying to hold our for highest bidder.  He states he told law enforcement that he thought the videos shown were "taped over" he later found out they were not. He turned them over. The witness is getting miffed after being asked if he try to sold the tapes. LDB: You were trying to capitalize on your relationship with the Anthony's, correct? Hoover: N0. LDB asks if he secretly taped the Anthonys. Hoover: No.DB: you were taping Dominic Casey while you were in the car, did he know? Hoover: yes.
LDB, Hoover are going back and forth on where exactly he searched.  LDB asks about item found in search, though to be a blanket. She asks if it turned out to be a bathmat. He's not sure. Hoover says he doesn't know where exactly skull was found.LDB asks about various items found during Hooper's searches. Toilet seat, Disney bag, to name a couple. Hooper says he saw water in the woods on the second day.Hooper's "shoes got kind of soggy" the second day, clothes stayed dry. He only searched the wood those two days. Hooper's "shoes got kind of soggy" the second day, clothes stayed dry. He only searched the wood those two days
Baez: You didn't try to sell me this video, did you? Hooper: No.Hooper excused, subject to recall.

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