Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alina Borroughs, CSI w/OCSO

Crime scene investigator Alina Burroughs testified at the Casey Anthony trial on June 14, 2011, saying heart shaped stickers were found in Casey Anthony's bedroom.

Burroughs is a crime scene investigator and was out at crime scene in 2008 when Caylee's remains were discovered. 

She was also a part of search warrant executed at Anthony home. She is being shown evidence. It is an aerial view of the difference between the Anthony home and the site of Caylee's remains. She identifies it is then shown to the jury. Prosecutor Burdick is asking about the heart shape stickers that were found at the Anthony home during the execution of the search warrant.
Sidebar. Court shown a pix of a letter with a heart-shaped sticker on it.   The stickers were in a yellow box in a dresser in CA's bedroom.  The jury is shown  picture of the yellow box, looking into the  box, you see a purple envelope addrressed to Caylee with a red heart shape sticker.. (Is this a letter  that they would put in Caylee's mailbox located outside her playhouse?)  

  link to pics of stickers.
The witness is identifying other stickers found in Casey's bedroom.  Casey had alot of stickers!!!
She then identifies a sheet of metallic red heart shape sticker sheet with 3 stickers left on sheet.
Baez to cross. Baez is questioning the witness on the purple envelope that was mailed to Caylee.  It has a 37 seven cent stamp. Baez> do you know how long it has been since we had 37 cent stamps? Witness> I don't know. However, when you look at the envelope the heart sticker is over the mailing address. It would not have been able to be mailed with the heart shape sticker in place. You can not read address. It had to be placed after mailing. Baez asking if they found anything else in the house and if they found stickers in Cindys and Georges' room.  Burroughs explains the start-shaped stickers and Disney stickers, as well as scrapbook items. Burroughs does not remember child's artwork on the walls of CA bedroom.  BAez> shows witness an item and if she found it in the Anthony home. Witness> she is not comfortable commenting as she  is not sure.   Baez asks how far the school is from the Anthony home.   Baez wants her to guess how far the school is to the Anthony home. She states she is not comfortable making estimates. She refuses to give estimate but will only say it is "in the vincity." besides much prompting by Baez for her to give a number. 
She was at the Anthony home for 9 days. Baez wants her to comment on the traffic and flow  as it was policed during that time. He wants her to comment on a dead end on the road and no homes there. She states she did not go down that road so she cannot testify to homes being there or not. 
This witness is good. 
Burroughs is excused.
Baez calls last witness to the stand after she left the courtroom. Baez has found  the physical item he was trying to get her to testify whether or not it was found in the home.  It is entered into evidence.
Burroghs  puts gloves on and opens the evidence envelope carefully.  She testifies that this item was not at the Anthony home. It is a raised surface sticker. It is actually thicker than a sticker. 

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