Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Catherine Theisene FBI for 20-some years

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Theisen is the Chief of Quality and Assurance Unit at FBI in Quantico. Theisen is an expert in mitochondrial DNA analysis. Theisen says her area of expertise can help exclude people from the evidence they have. Likely she'll talk about hair found in trunk. Jeff Ashton just asked about hair and buccal swabs. heisen is identifying evidence. Theisen: Explains mitochondrial DNA test used on evidence like shed hair, skeletal remains. Theisen says a mitochondrial DNA profile shows neither CA or Caylee can be excluded.This was very technical. No juror took notes. Basically she testified the hair (trunk) and buccal swab are the same- therefore CA or Caylee could be sourcheisen also says Cindy should be added to list. So the hair - neither CA or  CAylee or Cindy can't be excluded as source.
The hair from trunk also matches the hair mass found with remain. So because hair mass and trunk hair are matches- they match CA or CAylee or Cindy or Cindy - or even Lee.
Cross by Baez. Theisen says she knew about the case (generalities). Baez asks if she knew Lee Anthony once owned the Pontiac -objection/ sustained.Ashton is objecting to just about every question Baez asks. Most are sustained. 

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