Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Dysfunctional Anthony Family Dynamic

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Casey Anthony's grandmother offers new insight into the Anthony family fights.
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The Anthony family might be the winners of the dysfunctional family award. Fighting, enabling and finger-pointing seem to be status quo for the Orlando, Florida clan.
According to transcripts from an August 21, 2008 interview with law enforcement, Casey's grandmother Shirley Plesea summed up the dynamic between Casey, her daughter and her mother. "I just wonder if she hated her mom more than she loved Caylee," she said. This triangulation has often been thought by armchair detectives to be the motive for Casey to murder Caylee. 
And Plesea's description of the relationship doesn't come out of nowhere. It's been well documented that Casey and Cindy don't see eye-to-eye. Most of the friction stemmed from Caylee. Casey, according to witnesses, never wanted Caylee, but Cindy refused to let her put her up for adoption. Creating more bad blood, according to various witness testimony, is that Cindy, not Casey, was the first to hold newborn Caylee at the hospital. Plesea also said that Cindy often spoke of trying to get custody of Caylee. 
Ordinarily in families, there's always a certain amount of "push and pull" when it comes to raising children. "It is natural in families for there to be competition as to who is the key parental figure," says psychiatrist Dr. Eva Ritvo, M.D. "It's a very powerful position to be a parent. A healthy family will work collaboratively." 
No one would ever call the Anthony family healthy. 
According to Plesea, Casey also stole thousands of dollars from various family members including herself. George and Cindy at one time almost lost their home because of the massive debt Casey had accrued. Remarkably, the family never pressed charges against Casey. 
Do you think the dysfunction of the Anthony family played a part in the tragic death of little Caylee?

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