Saturday, July 2, 2011

Motion For Mistrial, (Again)

Judge Perry is handing a stack of papers to attorneys. Judge Perry just asked Cheney Mason if they were going to call Miss Anthony up. Mason said no we're not. I think Judge Perry was speaking of Cindy Anthony.  Jury is sent back to hotel. Mason wants to renew motion for mistrial. Judge Perry denies it. Mason says state has "mythically theory" Caylee Anthony  died from duct tape or poisoning. Mason says all state has proven is Casey Anthony told many falsehoods about Caylee Anthony. Mason says in all 360+ pieces of evidence elements of murder, aggravated child abuse or aggravated manslaughter not proven.   Mason says no evidence of chloroform poisoning. Mason again asks for acquittal of counts 1,2, and 3. State says jury should make this decision.  State says there is sufficient evidence for all 3 counts. Judge denies motion for acquittal. 
casey anthony

Judge denies motion for acquittal. So on Sunday it'll go state, defense, state. Judge Perry also said multiple attorneys will give closing arguments. 

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