Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pre Court Fireworks!

Baez and Jeff Ashton are discussing discovery violations. Both seem very annoyed.   Jeff Ashton says he was just handed material from defense. Apparently Dr. Furton is going to testify about something else not in his report. lDr. Furton is to tesify to other reasons why chloroform could be in car. He has PowerPoint display.
Baez says "State is incorrect." Judge asks if 1. Has his opinion changed 2.did you supply supplemental report? Baez says no new opinions. Baez throws his papers down ... He and Ashton are arguing. Baez says Ashton is making allegations. Judge Perry has Furton's depo but wants his report. Baez says "We're not going to do this." They will tailor his testimony. Baez says this is totally and completely unnecessary. Baez says if Ashton fights about PowerPoint - it'll get taken out. Judge says, "You would think this would have grown old by now, but I guess some things never change."
CA  and her defense team just left the courtroom.n1kam.jpg
All the attorneys have presumedly, left to judges chambers.
The returns and CA return. And now prosecutors move up toward the front of the courtroom with Baez and Mason.  Then the attorneys leave again to chambers. This time they leave with court reporter. CA  just left courtroom with attorney Michelle Medina. 
The jury hasn't yet been brought into courtroom this morning. Judge Perry just popped out and went right back in @9:27AM
Casey Anthony back in courtroom.
Court is in session. JP>  A legal issue has occurred. We all agree? Attoneys> Yes.
Jeff Ashton says they are taking a deposition today but it's not related to todays ending

JP>A legal matter outside of what they were discussing this morning has come up and court will be in recess until 8:30 a.m. Monday. WE ARE IN RECESS UNTIL MONDAY AT 9AM. 
WOW!!  Judge Perry is going to tell the jury. The court reporter goes as well.

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