Friday, June 24, 2011

Linda Tonelli, Search Volunteer.

Linda Tonelli, Search Volunteer

Burdick said state will object if next witness cannot ID brand of duct tape. Judge Perry> But she can say it is duct tape.Judge Perry giving prosecutors some lip now.LDB says this woman can't say what type of duct tape was brought to the volunteer tent and shouldn't be admissible.
Mason>She testifies she knows George and Cindy Anthony. She met them during the Caylee search.She handed out t-shirts, etc.  She testifies there was duct tape at the table.
She says there was duct tape. They would tape tablecloths onto the table (windy) Also tape missing posters up with tape.  George Anthony would help. He would tape down the tablecloths so they would not blow in wind.
Burdick> No questions.

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