Friday, July 1, 2011


Starting early. Defense has some issues it wants to discuss. Baez says there are new opinions from the county computer experts -he says discovery violation.Baez says it's a court order for any and all experts to issue a report. He says that's the issue he got in trouble with.   Ashton says these opinion were in a report. He says "nothing new." State wants computer people to rebut Cindy's computer search testimony. Forensic anthropologist rebut Dr. Spitz testimony about opening skull. Baez says the rules aren't different for state and defense. Wants state's testimony excluded and sanctions, Judge says he will give defense today to take deposition. But says we will be here tomorrow and Sunday. Baez says he will stay here and do the work- for as long as it takes. Ashton says the depo should be relatively short. Baez says that's the state admitting there's new stuff. Ashton says "No I am not."  Judge warned attorneys this better be a real problem and not an imaginary one. Judge tells deputy to tell jurors "recess indefinitely" He also reminds them they have to tell jury about Dr. Rodriguez. Dr Rodriguez is the US Armed Forces medical examiner who testified for 10 minutes and then never returned. 

Judge Perry told attorneys to be prepared to work late. Early morning procedural squabbles bet. Ashton and Baez once again delaying start of trial.Perry just said court is in recess INDEFINITELY

The jury wil remain at the courthouse until                        depostions are competed. 

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