Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ronald Murdock ,Forensic Supervisor, OCSO

Ronald Murdock testifies

Sidebar before next witness.
The jury re enters. He is explaining his duties.He explains the "total station program" Murdock responded to the crime scene, removed vegetation & was in charge of diagramming the scene.   It is a tool to develop diagram of crime scene and area of found evidence. Murdock made a diagram of the area here Caylee's remains were found. He circled areas where bones were found, not individual bones.
He is being shown diagrams that were made. His lap top is connected for viewing.
He is explaining a pic of overview of area on Suburban Drive. He points out grouping of bones. There are reported to be 8 red circles he has drawn.
Area A  had a "D" is where Duct tape was found. Hinkel Consumer Adhesives on tape. There is a second area with duct tape. No imprintation.
Murdoch being shown lots of photos. Witness is being shown pics of sheds at the Anthony home.Photo: State shows Murdock picture of heart stickers found in Anthony home.Murdock said the picture of the heart stickers was taken on Dec. 20, 2008.  Sidebar to discuss picture of heart stickers found in the Anthony home. Murdock is about to discuss his recovery of stickers from the Anthony home, but  Baez calls for a sidebar.  They skipped the sticker pictures! Now moving on to a photo of bedroom.
Picture of Casey's bedroom entered into evidence Picture: Jury sees picture of Casey's room from Dec. 11, 2008. Baez questioned relevancy bc it'd been 7 months since Casey lived there. 
Picture of Caylee's room entered into evidence. 5 Elmo dolls sitting on her shelf. Murdock holding Caylee Anthony winnie the pooh bedding in brown bag.
 Evidence bag. Murdock is now identifying evidence taken from Anthony garage Dec 11 2008. In Pic: washer/dryer, storage coolers typical garage stuff. Close up pic of items/ clothing in trash bags on shelf.  Another picture shown of a canvas laundry bag, it was inside trash bag. A lot of talk about what was found inside the black garbage bags in the Anthony garage. White laundry bag was inside trash bag.
Murdock explains how black garbage bags were collected from the Anthony home.
State keeps entering items into evidence w/ a total of 298  pieces of evidence.

Baez cross examines Murdock. No duct tape found in garage- says Murdock. State flew through pictures of evidence just basically asking for confirmation and then moving on. Baez digging in to it now.The only item where the same duct tape was found is on gas can. 
No where in the house was the same brand duct tape used. Witness excused! I'm so surprised the stickers weren't talked about more.
The witness is excused.

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