Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jennifer Welch, CSI photographer, OCSO

Jennifer Welch back on the stand. George & Cindy did not return after the recess. It was dificult to work the site due to the large amt of vegetation. Welch said she arrived on the scene on Dec. 11 They had worked 10 days. 
She is being show pics of crime scene. 
PIC> Mechete and sheath. Standard issue
PIC>large thick vine roots
PIC> Palmetto trunk and evidence flag. They would have cleared west of the base camp. This pic was taken after clearing 0-4 inches of depth. 
PIC>pic of evidence flag(same flag as above) and bone found, Dr Schultz, notified at scene. 
PIC> of depth in which bone was found. Report> Bone is round and small

Casey is keeping her head down and deep breathing, much like she did when previous pics were shown. 
There were 390 pieces of evidence collected. Alot, was trash, pieces of black plastic bag that was scattered around scene and she collected the duct tape.  It was located near skull. Southwest to initial site.  
Welsh is being given an envelope with evidence. She identifies the duct tape found. Welsh is holding up small strip of dirty duct tape. Manufacture  Imprint. Hinkell  adhesive. Ohio.  It is appx 6 inches in length.
Welsh is being show evidence. It contains pink strip with letters. There is a a second evenvelope with letters. (from tshirt). Welsh holds up the t shirt. The letters are so small. 
Baez begins cross of Welch.   The skull was 19 feet from street. 
CSI: Skull 19 feet 8 inches from S. Suburban Drive.Baez used tape measure to show distance from road to skull. Jury standing so they can see distance.
PIC> stone pavers found at scene. 

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