Thursday, June 16, 2011

Robin Maynard, Crime Scene Investigator , OSCO

     She used to be a CSI with OCSO in 2008.  She is shown a cardboard mat with a raised heart  on it.

pink cardboard with heart sticker.  (not to scale)
Baez questions her to the methodology of evidence securing She states she was the supervisor of Sifting at the remains site. They would bring buckets of items from site. The lane, feet from baseline was document. It was 45 feet from baseline and it was Lane 6.
She is asked to show the jury Lane 6 on a picture of an aerial view of grid markings at remain site. There was a bone found at same Lane 6. I think Baez thought she was going to state no other evidence was found in that lane.
No questions from prosecution.

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