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New Defense Witness Added., All Things Vasco Thomas, Convicted Felon.


This is a post on the history of the new defense witness added late last night.
 Vasco Thomas,  is the convicted felon the defense put on the witness list by the defense team. Vaso Thompson was convicted of kidnapping.
.  The convicted felon served time at the Marion Correction Institution after a 17-year sentence resulting from an Orlando area kidnapping committed in July, 1987. 
   According to the Florida Department of Corrections, Thompson, now 52 years old, was released from prison in November, 2004 and then lived in Jacksonville.

   In the amended witness list, Casey Anthony’s defense states, “Because of the recently discovered and unexplained relationship between George Anthony and Vasco Thompson, their finite contact which, based on cell records, existed only during the relevant time period (including four contacts on July 14, 2008), and Mr. Thompson’s violent criminal history, good cause is shown for the late disclosure.”
   Criminologist Casey Jordan spoke to Jane Velez-Mitchell and expressed her concern with racial stereotyping by brining Vasco Thompson into the case.  She stated, “Fact of the matter is I think that there`s rumors out there, it`s a wrong number, that Vasco`s telephone number is very similar to that of George`s new job that he had just taken with, I think, a Lexus dealership around that time. Very possibly          George Anthony just miss dialed a number, thinking he was dialing something else.“But the idea of putting an African-American man, a felon with a history of kidnapping, out there to distract away from the attention that is being paid on this case on the anniversary, the third anniversary of Caylee Anthony`s disappearance, I would agree is dirty pool.  I think it`s a red herring, and it`s really just meant to derail attention away from the prosecution`s case.”
On the June 15, 2011 episode of Dr. Drew, he echoed the sentiment by pointing out that first Casey Anthony tried to blame the disappearance of Caylee Anthony on Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, a fictitious Hispanic woman whom Casey pretended was Caylee Anthony’s nanny since 2006.
What do you think?  Is the defense reaching to racial stereotypes in an effort to sway the jury?

Continue reading on Criminologist points to racial stereotyping with Vasco Thompson, new witness - National US Headlines |

 The defense is charging that Mr Thompson called Georges cell phone 4 times on July 14th, 2011. However, news reports are stating that Georges cell phone number is close to his work number. They are reporting that this is a case of mis-dialing a number. Will he testify?


"They didn't get Vasco T's records IMO. They are looking at George's records. The number for not-Vasco (see my posts above) is 407-4*5-3082. The first contact was George calling this number on July 9, 2008 when he had to drive down to (IIRC) Celebration, FL for his brand-new job. Then George texted the number July 14 at 10:22 am, when IIRC he was supposed to be travelling again to Celebration and gave his employer some story about a traffic problem and instead stayed in Orlando--IMO to try to figure out WTF Casey was doing. George received a short (12-character) response text from this number at 1:32 pm, and responded again by text at 2:49 pm. The number then called George July 19 at 11:08 am--probably George's work trying to figure out when and if he would be returning to his job--and texted him on July 24 at 5:32 pm. "

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Interesting.But why is this relevant when Caylee drowned per Opening Statement from Defense 

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Press Conference. Vasco Thompson states he never had that cell phone until January, 2009. He is going to file civil suit. Much like Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalea did and won in court. FYI> Vasco was convicted of of kidnapping his child form the mother. 

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