Thursday, June 30, 2011


The judge is on the bench. Clay  Sims addressees him with a scheduling  issue. Sidebar. 
Baez has issue with phone logs and 231 pages of printouts on Cindy Anthonys  work on the days of the chloroform searches at the Anthony home.. Baez states this is a discovery violation. Baez thinks may need to dispose indviuals..Judge Perry states they have 5p to Midnight to dispose indiviuals.  JP states they had time cards.  Cindy Anthony then testified she was not there. JP> Isn't it sort of logical...... Whatever witness you want to obtain a deposition have them ready at 5p or on call.We will do a Richardson inquiry.

Richardson Hearing Law & Legal Definition

A Richardson hearing is a hearing to conduct an inquiry into the surrounding facts and circumstances of an alleged discovery violation. For example, a Richardson hearing might be requested because the opposing party attempts to call a witness not included on their witness list. The court will attempt to determine whether discovery violations are inadvertent or willful, trivial or substantial, or affected the defendant's ability to properly prepare for his\her case. The question of prejudice does not depend on whether the undisclosed evidence might have affected the outcome of the trial, but whether the violation affected the defendant's ability to prepare.

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