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Krystal Holloway, Transcript of Interview, Orange County Sheriff.

Article on Arrest Record


Krystal  Holloway is on the stand. She is known by River Cruz.Court records state that Krystal and her sister have prior arrest records for attempted burglary of a structure and thefts. Her dad used to call her River and her moms maiden name is Cruz. She met George Agst 2008. She went to the tent everyday. She developed an intimate relationship with George Anthony. George would visit her home. He was there approximately 12 times. She loaned him money. Sidebar.
There was an occasion when George and her had a heart to  heart talk George told her it was an accident that snoballed out of control. He was tearful. She did not question further with the statement. They had been talking about Casey. She had said he was not a person who could raise a child who murders there child.
He relationship ended with George on Caylee's 4th birthday. There was a balloon release.

On the date of the Memorial, George and her were still dating. She did not go to the media after the affair. The police came to her two years later. They asked her if she had an affair with George. They had a log of text messages she  had received from George.  She gave the police her phone and letters he wrote to her. Ashton objects. Baez did not offer it into evidence.
Tuesday December 16, no year
George> Just thinking about you. I need you in my life.
On the Memorial Day, she went and he was to go to her home. He did not call. He would text her. She had been sleeping with him She felt slighted.
There is a guard at her condominium She had to instruct him to not allow George Anthony into the property. She was harassed by the media. Sidebar.
She initially denied the affair. She did not want to get her in trouble. She was afraid the media would find out. She was in a relationship at that time during the affair and afterward. She eventually told the police the truth.
She told the trth after confronted with the text messages.
She did not sell her story to a tabloid. She did given an interview. She was offered a chance to tell the truth. She felt the media would make her look like trash.She was compensated for her interview.
She has a twin sister. She wanted to testify to day. Because....tearful. Objection sustained.
Ashton> The Anthonys were already celebrities. RK> They were not celebrities . They were looking for their daughter. She got 4, 000 dollars for her story with the National Enquirer. She felt the National Enquirer would represent her well. She does not feel this story is bettter if she is sleeping with George. Ashton shows her a letter from George Anthony. It is entered into evidence. Sidebar.
In January, 2008 KH received a letter from George. It stated he tried to contact her through her daughter , security and her husband. KH was in a relationship.  GA thought it was her husband.  KH> He knew he was in a relationship George stated in the letter that her relationship was important to him and Cindy. He signed the letter from  he and Cindy Anthony. It was sent 5 days after GA found out about the remains.
Per her statement, which was done under oath, she was asked if she was in affair. She denied the affair. She went back after her family went to the media.Ashton tells her she could have told the truth when she was first questioned, she was under oath. It was at the end of the week that she decided to tell the truth. It was also the same time she was offered the National Enquirer.
Ashton> Didn't George tell you "I really BELIEVE  it was an accident  and it just went wrong and she tried to cover it up"  This was when they were talking about Casey and her possible involvement . Objection,, Sidebar. JP wants to see the document.   KH denies this is what was said.  Ashton show her the statement.
KH>"I really believe it was an accident and she tried to cover it up" KH states this is what he said and he also said it was an accident that snowballed out of control. KH denies that GA told her he was present. GA never told her he knew it. oKH>  I never said he said anything else.
KH is testy. KH testifies that he never said he believed it.
Ashton>He did not say Casey said it ? KH> Yes, your right
Sidebar. NO more questions.
Redirect by Baez> The statement.... George believed.....KH testifies that statement was talken out of context.  He said it was an accident that snowballed out of control.
KH testifies that this was during a media tour when he was still looking for Caylee. Baez> While he was telling the world about a missing Caylee. He was telling you she was dead. KH> That is correct.
KH did not go to the media for 2 years.  She is angry, "I never went to the media! They came to me!."
She testifies that she went to the Enquirer because it would not e edited. The media was saying all kind of disparaging things. She states she does not have a criminal background.
She shakes her head.
Ashton approached the witness. She is crying. He shows her the deposition and tells her to read. It is her statement. It is page 15-17. February 17th,  She is crying when she reads her statement  about what George said. . George said, "I was  was an accident that snowballed out of control" Immediate Sidebar. She is crying.

Baez> KH  testifies she never said Casey told him. KH  testifies she told the police George knew it was an accident that snowballed out of control. Baez tries to ask if George then went home and made media. ....Objection sustained.
Ashton> Ms Hollaway I am confused. KH testifies that in her statement she said George did not say he knew.  Ashton: "In statement you said 'LIKE he knew?' " Holloway: "YES!"    She is angry and  belligerent.
She is excused and then Baez is looking in a laptop.
Baez> He is showing evidence to Ashton on the laptop. Sidebar
Recess . 20 minutes for jury
 As Holloway walks out she and George DO NOT look at one another  KH stands in the back at the courtroom door. She is standing there and the attorneys walk by her. JP calls them back to discuss whatever they need to discuss. He tells them they can' t have a break and clear up matter. The jury will be back in 20 minutes. BAez says something and JP says ok. JP states on the bench and reads.
JP and the attorneys are arguing whether KH statements can be admissable. JP asks if it was a statemetnn to police. They are arguing how much of the statement should be entered. KH read pages 15-17 of her February statement.
Ashton> this is the only evidence that has been entered that Caylee died in an accident.Baez refutes that statement and says this is more blah blah blah.
JP asks Baez if he read the case cited by Ashotn. NO answer.
Ashton wants more case law.
JP to jury> YOu may only consider the testimony of KH toward the impeachment of credibility of George Anthony. You may not use it to determine manner of death or the guilt or innocence of CA.
Baez objects to the statement.  He states her testimony is more important. Baez to Perry: Were not putting witness on for no reason. 
The jury is brought in. There are no more questions for her She is excused. JP reads instruction to jury.  Sidebar before next witness.

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