Thursday, June 30, 2011

Matt Bartlett, Gave Finger to Ashton in Court.


                                                         Matt Bartlett , You Tube Video                                             

Matt barlett. He is 28. Perry has deputy show him pictures.
Judge Perry is talking to the gentleman in the gallery who gave someone the finger. He testifies he was giving the finger to Mr Ashton. JP> Court was in session. Can you read. JP shows him sign in court. MB testifies the deputy told the gallery no voice or hand gestures in court. JP> Can you tell me why I should not hold you in contempt of court. Bartlett said he read sign on door that said no gestures in court.Perry asks if there was anything about signs and instructions he didn't understand.
MB> I am sorry. I don't know why I did it. I do not think lowly of Mr Ashton. It was stupid.
Judge asks him if he wants to enter into evidence of excuse or mitigating circumstance before the court issues sentence.
MB works at TGIF, a restaurant. He states he has no criminal records and apologizes. 
JP> Do you know the taxpayers have spent a great deal of money (for the trial) Do you know what you could have done? This is why I had signs posted and have deputy instruct them everyday. Do you live alone?
MB lives alone. PErry scold Bartlett "your actions could have jeopardized all the work attnys done in this case. Perry says his actions could have jeopardized all the work attorneys have done.
JP> I judge you guilty of direct criminal contempt. I will sentance 6 days of jail. Fine of 400 dollars and court costs. 
Court costs 223.00 dollars. He can pay it immediately. JP will give him 6 months to pay. 
The deputies immediately handcuff him. You can hear the handcuffs metal in a silent courtroom.Perry: "Raise your..well you can't raise your hands." That's cuz he's cuffed.

JP> assigns him Public Defender. JP instructs deputy to hold him for 45 minutes while he completes paperwork.


Anonymous said...

he got off easy , contempt of court is a serious offence ...he showed disrespect for the judicial system.
Are youngsters these days able to show any maturity in public anymore ?

Anonymous said...

Dude's an idiot and for what purpose?

Anonymous said...

Immature punk! Go find something else to do with your time if you can't control your actions. Irritating!!

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