Thursday, June 30, 2011


Burdick is speaking with defense team. Burdick enters items into evidence. Some of the evidence is the map Joe Jordan, Search volunteer entered into evidence. Ashton enters into evidence a l suicide etter by George Anthony.

The jury is looking at the first page 1 of George Anthony's suicide note. It's addressed to Cynthia Marie.George Anthony isn't in the courtroom. 
On second page his handwriting gets a little bigger. 
Cynthia Marie, As you get this letter, this should be no surprise that I have decided to leave the earth, because I need to be with Caylee Marie. I cannot keep on going because it should be me that is gone from this earth, not her. I have lived many years, I am satisfied with my decision because I have never been the man you, Lee, Casey or Caylee deserved. I have never been the man any of you could count on. I have always let each of you down in more ways than I can remember. I do not feel sorry for myself, I just feel sorry I have burden all of you the way I have. My loss of life is meaningless. Cynthia Marie, you have always worked the hardest, given the most to me and I have never 'Thanked You.' 28+ years ago, you corrected me, a man who has never found his identity in life. What I mean is, you always challenged me the right way, and always could never live up to your expectations. You have always been smarter, more knowledgeable and thought things through and I love you for that."

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Jurors are reading George Anthony's handwritten letter from the night he planned to kill himself. He underlines "I admire Lee" and "I love you" in the letter. 
The letter reads "Cynthia Marie you have been the strength for Casey. "I cannot be strong anymore." he says he misses Caylee Marie so much. He writes "I want my family back."

George (in the letter) writes he got a gun to scare people. "Sure that will not bring Caylee Marie back, but was Casey threatened?"
"I miss her. I miss her so much. I am worried for her. Her personal safety is always on my mind."
"I sit here empty inside for her," George Anthony wrote. "I do not feel sorry for myself, but yes I am stupid."
"I love you, I love you. I hope you get to see Casey soon."
"Lee, I am sorry."

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He writes "Cynthia Marie you have always deserved more....
"I sit here empty inside for her, for you, for us." He writes he has taken . From suicide letter: "my loss of life is meaningless."                                                   "I love you- Cynthia Marie here I come Caylee..." the letter said

Perry: "It is my hope on Saturday morning you will hear final summations from the State of Florida and defense. The jury is dismissed for the day. The court has matters to :take up."

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