Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lorie Gottesman, FBI, Laboratory Division.


She is a supervisor in the Question Document Unit..She is explaining he job and education. She examines, trash, bags, and papers. She inspects handwriting, tears etc. She compares surfaces such as writing on wall and the surface in which it is printed.  She has testified in over 20 cases. Gottesman is accepted as an expert.
On December 22, 2008, she received 3 pieces of duct tape. Items Q62-64. She understands they came from the victim herself.She received them from Medical examiner.
She was asked to check for a heart shape sticker . She utilized the tools of her tade  that are common to all investigations.It is called a VSC.

 The VSC  is an advanced workstation for use in the examination of documents where obliterations and alterations are suspected. The VSC-4c has a full range of filters and light sources to detect obliterations and alterations in many types of cases, such as medical record cases, business records, and restoration of fading writing. This is a state of art system that can easily be transported to a third party site

Gottesman explains that VSC box allows lights to show items invisible to naked eye. This tool can assist in putting shredded paper back together quickly. They can match edges.  She descibes matches from matchbook. She explains that matches have alot of debris. Using ultra violet, they can compare a match  to a matchbook . They used this tool to try to find heart sticker residue on the duct tape. After using all the lights , she was not able to find any residue. There was no evidence of a sticker on duct tape.
She was asked to give a profile for DNA sample. She complied. Her DNA was found on the duct tape during later testing for DNA, by  Ms Fointaine. Ms Fontaine testified on Saturday.. She said she used procedure to inspect duct tape. She denies sneezing on it. When scanning, they were in protective plastic. She exercised geat care when examining the duct tape. She received other items later. 
Report April 2, 2009> She was given a number of pieces of plastic. She was asked to assessed them. She was not able to match. She was to positively say that some definitely did not match. She states some were inconclusive.Plastic bags collected from Anthony home to bags found at crime scene.State asks maybe/maybe not a match?Gottesman says right No pieces of plastic matched  to ite
ms found in the Anthony home. 
Ashton cross>
She was given 5 bags from residence she compared to 2 black plastic bags from Medical Examiners. There were 2 plastic bags from crime scene, too. She did not do a comparison to the bags from crime scene.   She compared "fracture patterns." 
Baez redirect> Attempts to ask about DNA but objections from Ashton are sustained. 
Witness excused. 

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