Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cary Oien, Section Chief, FBI Lab

Cary Oien
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Mr Owen has worked with the FBI for 15 years. He has a Masters degree in Entomology. He is an expert in trace analysis. He is testifying to his background and certifications. He is admitted as an expert witness in hair and fiber analysis.
September 12,  2008 he worked as a Manager of Trace Evidence Personnel. In 2008 Oien says he was managing trace evidence unit that included Karen Lowe and Stephen Shaw. I The primary examiner of Ms Lowe was not present. He examined the shovel. He tested for minerals. There were stickers of shovels. He decided to do further testing because stickers are good at retaining fibers. He found a human hair. It appeared to be Caucasion.  He submitted to Mitochondrial DNA unit. He does not know results. He testifies that it is in his jobm description to maintain Quality Assurance. It is also the duty of supervisors below him.
Ashton> He found a quarte inch hair and does not know how, why, when or what it being there was about? Oien> Right.
Court adjourned for the day.

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