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Lee Anthony

 Lee Anthony is called to the stand.  Lee once owned the Pontiac Sunfire, He owned the car from 2000- 2005. Baez shows him pics. He is

shown this pic.

He identifies it as his car. Lee testifies to the stains on tin the trunk. They were by the tire covers. Lee is circling in trunk where stains were. He said he remembers 3 stains. 2 Circles left side trunk. 1 small on right side. He draws a circle on the top driversside of the trunk, the lower drivers  side of the trunk and the passenger side, near the rear light. . Lee testifies he does not know how long the stains were thee. They are in the same place that the evidence shows with evidence makers.
Lee is asked when he first tme he suspected Casey was pregnant. Objection and sidebar.
He testifies it was early 2008.  Lee was waiting for Casey to come out of bathroom. He could see he midsection when she came out and he noticed her "showing." Lee made a comment  "What the hell is that." he laughs. Casey waved him off. He told Cindy within the next couple of days.  Baez atttempts to ask him "what happened next?" and objection by Ashton is overrruled. Judge Perry tell Baez , question should elicit yes or no answer. Baez attempts to explain and  a Sidebar is called.
"It was brutally obvious that she was pregnant, in late 2005.."  Lee never talked to Cindy before he initially talked to Cindy. A month later, Casey picked up Lee from airport. It was obvious she was pregnant.  Lee did not talk to he about it. Ashton continually objects Judge Perry tells Ashton to sit down and wait for Baez to finish asking questions.  Lee testifies the family did not talk with him about the pregnancy until a few days before she was born. He did not visit Casey in the hospital because he was hurt. He states he "regrettably" did not visit. Casey is crying. There is an objection and sidebar after Lee is asked why he was  hurt. Lee is tearful on the stand during sidebar. He takes repeated deep breaths. As he does, Casey really begins to cry.

Baez> Why were you angry.He was mad at Cindy and Casey for not telling him even though he asked about it. I was very angry at my mom and CA that she did not find it important enough to tell me. I dont think I wanted to believe it.  He felt like they did not include him.  Lee is crying. He is offered a  moment and states he is Okay,  No further questions.Casey Anthony reacts while listening to her mother Cindy Anthony testify in Casey's murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Fla. on Friday, June 24, 2011.vrgl.jpg
Recess.Lunch. Judge Perry wants the defense to tell him today when the defense will be done presenting its' case.
Court is back in session.  Immediate sidebar is requested.  All the attorneys are present as well as a sheriff deputy.  Lee returns to the stand.The jury enters. Ashton will cross Lee.

Ashton shows Lee the pic of the car trunk(above).  He goes over stains that were present. Lee laughs and testifies the car did not have a stench when he owned it. Lee, in the past,  refused to go over testimony with defense but refused. However, this week he reached out to Baez to go over testimony. Lee testifies that during his last testimony, he met with his folks, and he thought there was information that Baez should be made aware of, so he talked to Baez.  Lee testifies that he asked Casey about "the bum." Lee asked but he did not really expect an answer. Lee in his deposition in 2009, testified that (page 31, line 6)  it was not his place to call her out on "the bump."  Ashton is asking him why today he testifies that he did ask her about it.
Lee is shown his testimony per his request. Ashton asks Lee if the family was excited about the pregnancy. Lee states he doesn't know because they did not talk to him. When he asked prior to the both they denied it and he was told to "let it go." and so he did.
Per his deposition on July 30, 2009, page 35.
Deposition excerpt

this time?
A I can't remember that I did; no.
Q So how far -- I guess I'm going to -- just as
an estimate, how far along do you think Casey was when 
it was -- it was known, it was common knowledge that a 
baby was coming?
A To, like, her friends and anybody else --
Q To the family.
A -- probably -- well, see, I think I was -- I
was confident three months in or it didn't really 
matter who else said it to me.
Q O k a y .
A I was -- it would have been a one percent if
I thought she was getting fat. So I was pretty sure 
three months in and I would think that my folks would 
have thought the same thing. I mean, I don't -- I 
don't know because it's not like -- I never had a 
conversation with dad to know, you know, did he know a
day or six months in. I don't know that.
Q Well, you said a couple minutes ago that 
arrangements were made for Caylee coming home. 
A Right.
Q What do you mean? Getting the room ready? A
Exactly. Moving a, like, Caylee's room now
was a -- like the computer room, like a shared family

Link to deposition >   Lee Anthony Deposition

 Lee is told to read the page. Lee testifies that they prepared the home with a crib for Caylee and did the computer room. Lee testifies that his parents are "over the top." There parents would do everything necessary. Lee testifies that there was Winnie the Pooh decorations. Lee testifies that he did not go into the room prior to Caylee arriving. Lee was aware they were having a baby shower. Lee was not invited.  He does not recall Mallory being invited.  Lee states he was not an inattentive uncle and he which he had  been more attentive.
Ashton asks why he was so emotional about the questioning about Caylee's birth. He was not emotional when asked in his deposition. Lee states 2 years ago he did not think Caylee was dead. Now he has regrets that he was there more.
Ashton begins to ask about Memorial service and then states "no more questions.
Baez asks Lee about the stains in the trunk. He had noted one being in the center of the trunk. It is not noticeable to us.  He testifies the stains were black in color. Lee did not see Cindy spray Febreeze nor did he see CSI spray Bluestar in the trunk.
Lee retestifies that he was told to let it go

{Page 33 line 13-18)
Not to my knowledge. I take that back. She
thought that she was because she said that -- this was 
something that she confided in me that I later informed 
my mother. This was when I was living at Eagle 
Feather, probably in my first year, so I didn't -

Baez asks Lee  about the above testimony in the deposition . Lee testifies that Cindy was not happy that Casey would have a baby out of wedlock. Lee testifies that sitting on the witness stand today is not somewhere he wants to be nor does he want his family to be going through this. Lee Anthony: "I don't want to be here. I don't want my sister to be here. I don't want my parents to be here.
He is emotionally in a different place. "This is all emotionally draining."  At the memorial , Lee testifies he did not want to believe Caylee was dead.  Lee testifies if he saw a child that looked like Caylee today he would turn and look. He does not know when exactly he accepted that fact that she was dead. Lee testifies he has a tough time today dealing with the death of Caylee.Lee Anthony: Difficult around his and Caylee's b-day.
Ashton is asking Lee during his previous testimony, how many times he had to be shown his deposition by Mr George.(prosecutor)  Today, he recalls everything.  AShton asks Lee about page 3e line 15-24.

So I'm pretty sure she had 
confided in my mom that, you know, she thought she was 
or that she was, but no one ever --
Q Why do you -- why do you think that she did?
Do you know that she did confide in your mom? Or are 
you guessing?
A I know she did at one point but I don't know
when in that, you know. I don't know if she did that a 
month in or a day in or if she waited six months. I -I 
don't know. But I know at, you know, they planned, you 
know -- you know, when Caylee would move home so, I mean, 
obviously my mom knew that she, you know, was pregnant 
at some point. I -- I don't know the when.

 In the deposition Lee testifies he probably asked Cindy about Casey being pregnant. Page 33> Lee is asked about the baby shower. Lee recalls after reading the testimony the baby shower was before Caylee was born, not after as Baez tried to get Lee to testify .

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