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The atttorneys are present. George and Cindy are in the courtroom.The judge is on the bench. The first witness is Cindy Anthony. Jose Baez asks for time before witness in called , to mark exhibiits. Judge> That is why I told you to be here at 830A. Baez> We were. Judge>Ok.
Baez wants to talk to Cindy about the shorts that were found with the remains. The shorts no longer fit her, per Cindy.The pic with her in the shorts was in Spring 2007.
Baez asks her to identify the shorts.Apparently, the shorts were 2T and Cindy testifies the shorts were 3T.Sidebar. Dr Utz, Medical Examiner, testified the shorts had a label 3T and were from Target.


There is a video introduced, Cindy testifies she has had tie to view it.  It is the video of Casey playing with Caylee on the floor.
Casey smiles and cries. Cindy testifies she had grown "quite a bit" since that video." It was taken in April 2007. Cindy states she knows it was April 2007 because her skirt is out of date.
She is then shown pictures of the pool area.She identifies it.
She is then shown a picture. It is a pic of Cindy and Caylee. Caylee is walking up the pool ladder with Cindy behind her. Cindy is tearful.Casey is stoic.  Sidebar.  has a "light touch" to assist her. Caylee could climb the ladder herself.. Baez shows her another pic of Caylee climing the ladder.  Cindy is shown another pic of Caylee climbing the ladder.7bdhhg.jpg
 Cindy states the pic is taken the same day and Caylee is at the top of the ladder. She is shown another pic. Cindy testifies it is a pic of her "going around" Caylee at the top of the ladder. They would have her stand on the platform and go around into the water and assist Caylee into pool.Cindy is shown another pic of Caylee sitting on the first step  on the ladder ,in the pool. Cindy testifies 3-4 times a week. Cindy testifies Caylee always wore a life jacket. She does not answer Baez question about if Caylee ever was excited and entered the pool. She skirts around issue.
Next picture is Cindy getting into the pool. The water is up to her knees. Caylee looks like she was jumping in. Cindy has her left arm.
Cindy testifies to the precautions they utilized with Caylee. They would always uses a life vest.She was assisted up the ladder and into the pool. Cindy says they taught Caylee they had to be with her if she wanted to go into pool. Life vest stayed in back patio. The ladder was always removed after use to prevent Caylee from entering pool. am7ci.jpg
Cindy is show a pic of Caylee at the sliding glass door abutting the back yard. Caylee opening glass sliding door- she is alone. She is wearing a little summer dress and tennis shoes. 
dmoy.jpgCaylee could open doors failry easily at her age.Cindy says Caylee never left home without shoes. Cindy says she liked to wear shoes.
 Cindy testifies on June 16, 2008 the pool ladder was attached when she got home.  (June 16, 2008 is the day the defense claims Caylee drowned in the pool ) She was concerned and called George. The next day she went to work and told Debbie Bennet or co-worker George.  Baez attempts to ask Cindy why she told co-workers about pool ladder and if she was having marital problems at that time. Burdick objects and they are sustained. Sidebar. Recess. 

While leaving stand Cindy didn't appear to make contact with CA.  She is standing w/ George and attorney in back of room.

Judge Perry is back. He is citing case law. He states that Baez claims Caylee's death was accidental. Caseys' behavior was due to long term sexual abuse at the hands of her father and brother. Judge discusses the Mateo case and the retaliation by police.   Judge Perry states you laid out your theory of accidental drowning and he allowed the pool pictures in. Judge Perry is confused .
Perry to Baez: "If your theory of defense is ever changing, maybe you just need to tell me what your theory of defense is."  Sidebar (4) called after Perry asks defense to show their sex abuse theory.
.Lee Anthony is here in court sitting with his dad George. pwdcz.jpg
The jury is not in the courtroom.  
Judge Strickland is in the gallery. He is the former judge on the case. Judge Strickland recused himself in 2010 after defense alleged inappropriate relationship w/ blogger. 
Judge Perry is back on the bench.Cindy Anthony  is back on the stand. The jury is returned. 

Baez> On July 16, 2008, Cindy told Yuri Mellich that the ladder was left up on the pool. It was in within 24 hours of calling the police.  Baez asks Cindy how many times she told law enforcement about the pool. Ojbection, sustained Sidebar.\
Objection sustained. No more questions from defense.
Burdick to cross.    Burdick walks over to take to Baez at defense table.  She is showing him evidence photos. Cindy testifies since Caylee was missing she maintained her room and belongings. During that period, Caylee had a birthday. She would get rid of clothes that were too small. Cindy would have a garage sell and sell clothes or store those she wanted to keep.
Caylee was nearly potty trained. Caylee would wear pull ups when she left the home. She was out of diapers since early 2008 and then wearing pull up.  Cindy is shown pic of Caylee and is asked is she wearing diapers , pullups or underwear. Cindy testifies it is pull ups or diapers. Cindy testifies she was wearing those shorts in 2007. Prior testimony, Cindy stated she was wearing those shorts in 2007.
Burdick enters into evidence a series of pics. Casey and Caylee bought her clothes. Also she received clothes from gifts. Cindy testifies that she did shop at Target.
Cindy testifies she had 2T and 3T clothing. Cindy admits children are stocky and then thin out. Cindy testifies that some of her clothing lasted for a year. Caylee "thinned out" from 1-3  years Cindys IDs photos as Caylee's clothing from her room kept there in 2008 until seized by law enforcement.  The shorts are seen in the video shown in court earlier.  Before June 16 2008, Cindy does not recall the last time she saw the shorts. 
Cindy testifies that the ladder is heavy and Cindy needed two hands to move it. Caylee could not have moved it.  Cindy testifies that the glass door was heavy. Caylee was compliant. Caylee would listen to directions. Cindy and family members were careful to instruct Caylee. The pool was 4 feet deep. An adult could reach into pool and retrieve  an item. 
Caylee was never permitted to stay home alone.  There is no way Caylee could open the gate in the back yard. Cindy testified that the pool ladder (being in place) incident was a week before  the gas can incident with Caylee. Cindy recalls it was June 16, 2008.she knows it was within a "couple" of days last seeing Caylee. Cindy states she called George .She does not know which phone she  used, house or cell phone. 
Burdick asks Cindy that she has made "errors" in dates in June in the past, in her sworn statements. Cindy testifies that she went to work and told them about the pool and gas can incident. Gas can incident was June 2, 2008. Cindy testifies that she was on June 16, 2008. Burdick shows Cindy her her time card from work. Cindy states she worked June 17 and every day that week. Cindy testifies she had just gotten "off vacation." Burdick> Are you sure? Cindy> Yes. (Yesterday she testified that her time sheet was not accurate and manipulated to show only 40 hours, to prevent overtime.)
Cindy testifies that Casey did not tell her that there was an accident in the pool, after July 15th, 2008 . While she was at home during that time she continued to assert that babysitte rtook Caylee. Cindy> Yes. 
Baez> Shows Cindy the same photographs Burdick showed her.  Cindy testifies a ll the garments are knits, except one.  One of the pics of clothing is cotton per Cindy. The shorts Caylee was found in were cotton type per Cindy.  Cindy testifies  that the non knits materials Caylee would grow out of faster. Cindy testifies that most of Caylees clothing they have kepts. Caylees clothes were kept in an armoire, a changing table and Caseys clothing. Cindy testifies that the shorts Caylee was found in , she had not seen for several months. They only time she would see them in the laundry.  Cindy would go through drawers during Christmas  and birthdays and holidays. She would remove clothing that was smaller and replace clothing with new clothing she had received.  Caylee was a child. Cindy> Yes. She was a regular toddler. Cindy did not treat her like she was in the military. Cindy was not strict with her. Caylee smiles and states " I felt she was above average."
Burdick> The fabric you testified is pink fabric. The fabric in the shorts found is similar. 

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