Monday, June 13, 2011

Elizabeth Fontaine, FBI Examiner

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Fontaine trained with FBI. Fontaine works in FBI latent print unit. She speaks very clearly and slowly to the jury.     Fontaine said she received one piece of duct tape separately, but the other two pieces where stuck together. Fontaine looked at duct tape from remains. Fontaine examined tape, found on the remains, for latent fingerprints.  Evidence subjected to environmental factors” normally would not have latent prints, she said.   Fontaine explains the details to the jury. Very loud and clear. Fontaine knew tape was found on remains she examined fingerprints on tape.  Fontaine could not find fingerprints on tape. She did see something else though. She saw the outline of a heart on  the tape. All jurors listening to this. Sticker was the size of a dime. Glue looked like leftovers from a bandaid but in the shape of a heart. Noted it. This is all new to jury. They did NOT see the picture of heart stickers in Anthony's home on Saturday. Fontaine didn't take picture of heart sticker. Says not her job. She examines for fingerprints.

Fontaine: Explains how she collects latent prints from evidence..Fontaine: Said percentage of certain of population  has naturally fluorescing fingerprints due to oils, lotions. Fontaine: Explains the use of Super Glue in lifting fingerprints like in CSI series. Fontaine: Explains dye stains Super Glue residue, makes it glow orange.  Fontaine: Final step is black powder brushed over evidence. Powder is attracted to oils in latent prints.Baez cross starts now. Fontaine is 2nd person to look at duct tape. 3 pieces examined. She looks for visible prints first. Two pieces of tape were stuck together. Fontaine explains to jury like a science teacher. It's helpful to understand.  Fontaine referred to the show CSI to help explain. Using simple steps too. This is complicated work. Fontaine is very likable. Laughs when explaining and refers to show CSI it's very relatable. Sidebar.
No picture of heart sticker it will depend on if jury believes Fontaine and that she saw the residue.
Casey leans towards attorneys at sidebar with judge. Almost like she's trying to hear something.aez just came back to defense table to ask a question. CA shook her head "no" hmmm?.
Prosecution has no more witnesses until tomorrow . May wrap up tomorrow afternoon--- earlier than expected. Defense may start Wednesday. Jury Deliberations may start June 25th.

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