Monday, June 13, 2011

Stephen Shaw , FBI fiber examiner.

First witness called Stephen Shawl he is an FBI fiber examiner.  Shawl examines hair fibers. He is considered an expert witness. Shaw (spelled correctly) examined a hair found in a hairbrush. Shaw says he found signs of decomposition on the hair. We're back to talking about hair bands and the hair in Anthony's trunk. The hair matched the hair in the brush. But Shaw says it is not a means of positive identification.  Shaw's answers are long and scientific. A few jurors gaze off a bit when he explains the details of a hair.CA has moved over to sit in Baez seury asked to step out just 22 minutes next to Mason while attorneys talk to judge during sidebar.
Jury asked to step out just 22 minutes in.Defense says they haven't seen the PowerPoint Shaw did and is going to talk about.Defense will now get a chance to see the PowerPoint b4 it is discussed in front of the jury. Shaw explaining it.We are going through every page of the PowerPoint. Defense is asking questions about the pictures. We may have to go through this twice. This may take awhile defense needs to see the pics then jury will go through it again. These are microscopic images of hairs. The hairs look like long earth worms close up like this.  It's always called "apparent decomposition" it's the experts way of saying it shows the signs but they can't be sure. Again- jury not in courtroom. Baez wanted to see the PowerPoint b4 the witness was questioned about it. Now onto 2nd PowerPoint. is watching her monitor. Each hair picture in a little circle the "eye" of the microscope.
Prosecutors at times chuckle to themselves during Baez questioning of witness. At one point Ashton shakes his head "no" during a question.Baez wants this PowerPoint thrown out. Says it was designed for this case & it's not accurate to compare hairs found in diff. regions.Judge asks questions abt when state got this PowerPoint and when the pictures were given to them. Defense says only got black & white pics.Defense says they never got color copies of hair pictures. Simme speaking now abt it. CA  watches her speak. Simms explaining she never got pictures in color. 
Judge will NOT allow Powerpoint. Court finds it "troubling" it was not given to defense ahead of time. A win for the defense. 
No pictures but testimony stands. It's been a dry morning. Jury still outside of courtroom. The hair expert has pretty good hair himself. 
Jury is back ready to listen to hair study. Shaw says the study was a priority bc of this case. Shaw used hair samples from 15 ppl. The hairs were pulled from males & females ages 3-53. 
This hair picture will be used. No objections from defense--- yet*Simms explaining she never got pictures in color. Jury looking at picture of hair with apparent decomposition. It has a black band in the middle of the hair
.Baez cross examining. Shaw turns and answers to jury. Shaw says he cannot say for sure the hair came from a decomposing body.The state spends a lot of time on the hair but I wonder how much the jury takes in. It's a really new, scientific process. Sidebar.

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