Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Brendon Sparks, Kronks Son

 He is a  drug specialist in the Coast Guard. He was based in Virginia Beach at the Little Creek Naval Base. He is th biological son of Roy Kronk. He has been extranged since the age of  8 years old. In June 2008, he reached out to try to re-kindle relationship.  He talked to his dad daily from June 2008 through January 2009.
His dad told him he knew something about the case. Roy Kronk told him in November he knew where the remains were located.  When he heard the news in December 11, 2008 he asked his dad why he did not notify officers sooner. RK was evasive.
Baez introduces BS phone records. RK told BS he found Caylees' skull in November. It was close to Thanksgiving. BS holds no ill will toward his father
Cross By Burdick.  BS is asked to show Burdick his phone calls to his father, RK.  He identifies the calls . They are highlighted.  He can not recall which phone call is the one inwhich he was told by his father about Caylees remains. Sparks told Burdick he didn’t remember when he spoke with Kronk until he was reminded by his mother and wife on Dec. 11. Sparks saw Kronk on TV in Dec. 2008 shortly after conversation.Sparks said LEOs never spoke to him., Sparks did not know of CAs case before 2008

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