Friday, July 1, 2011

Kevin Stenger, Sgt, Computer Orange Co Sheriff's office

State says they have 3 witnesses left and will take an hour to question. State says 3 witnesses left -in hallway right now are Det Yuri Melich, Sgt Ken Stenger.and Sharon Osborne
Cindy Anthony just told deputies in hallway 2 girls took a picture of her w/ their phonesr .Deputies are surrounding the ladies in hallway who allegedly took pics of Anthony's in hallway. Deputies are looking through their phones right now. Deputy says 1 woman is free to go.No one is allowed to take pictures in courtroom or in hallway except 1 still photographer 1 video photographer. That's it!

Stenger asked about computer searches at Anthony home.
Kevin Stenger of the OCSO called to stand. Stenger asked about computer searches at Anthony home. 
Stenger searched Anthony computer files for keywords: chlorophyll, neck, hand sanitizer, bamboo and Gentiva. 
Stenger shows how they searched for keyword. Stenger searched files from Anthony home computer between Mar. 4, 2008 to Mar. 21, 2008. Stenger: Any word which contain "chlor-" would appear in this type of search
Many jurors taking notes as Stenger testifies. Stenger said 'chlorophyll', 'sanitizer' did not show up in computer search.  THERE WERE NO SEARCHES FOR CHOROPHYLL OR BAMBOO.  Stenger is actually doing a search for words in front of jury.Stenger: Google search specific to search 'neck breaking.' Typed in to Google NOT a pop-up as CINDY ANTHONY testified. Stenger: To ensure that these words did not appear anywhere, used tool that creates text file. No references found. He used Microsoft Word and did word search. Still no findings of chlorophyll or bammboo searches.
Stenger says someone searched "fleas".
Cross by Baez.

Baez asks if Stenger is aware no one's neck was broken in this case. He says that's correct


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