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Baez  ,pointing  at AShton, Calling him "Laughing Guy
Casey is not yet in the court room.  We are waiting for the judge.
The judge is back in on the bench,.  Baez is asking Judge Perry to tell Mr. Ashton to stop making faces during his closing.
Judge Perry is saying that it took him so long because they had to finish the jury instructions.  Judge Perry tells those Baez, you do not use 38 minutes.  You have a long time ago, Mr. Baez.  The jury is returned.

All rise for the are this user, think Your Honor, that afternoon ladies and gentlemen.  I like to pick up where weall and we are talking about the actual physical evidence, whether it is or is not.  I would like to call.  It is next phase.  The state span of forensics, and I want to begin with trunk of the car.  And this phantom pain that a that the state has alleged is on or in the trunk of their car.  I am looking we have all seen the photograph, and I do not see anything that would remotely resemble a stain of human decomposition in the trunk of his car noggin this goes back to grab and your emotions early on, hoping to see something that is not fair.  We heard evidence that there is no blood in the trunk of their car.  We heard numerous tests.  We heard her wrong old Lloyd's talk about how thorough he was in the examination of the trunk of his car.  He said he has not had a card, his entire 30 years of experience where he has processed more than one and his car and you heard Heather C. Byrd from the FBI talk about.  When tissue decomposes.  They still have not churl could have gotten DNAs bear was DNA in the trunk of his car.  Did everything it could to generate something to let you know and prove to you that there was a body in the trunk of his car.  The state likes to have it both ways.  They want to save there is a stain, maggots, although I am maggots were an actual trashbag.  They want to give you all this evidence to try and say no and try and hope that if you stare hard enough to either see human decomposition or human decomposition stain or some other figment of your imagination.  Of course by this point are already angry.  Your motions are riled up and you just might see, if you stare hard enough, if you stare long enough, you must a State in the back of that car that is not true.  That is not evident evidence would have been a DNA report.  Evidence would have been something similar to what he showed, something as you may recall.  After Huntington saying, not even professional cleaning could get that stain out of the trunk.  This car was 10 years old at a previous owner.  1 to 3 owners in this family.  Had numerous stains that were there long before June 16, 2008.  Long before.  A new heard testimony about that.  Actual evidence about Dole's stains and all they want to give you is a stare little harder and you just might see that.  It is a phantom stain.  It is fair.  You just cannot see it.  And this is the stuff you must look at.  Her memo, I told you this investigation reached the level of desperation, and that is what this is.  This is clear sign of nothing but desperation.  Nothing but desperation.  I want to remind all of you that some of these boards have riding on them.  And and the law basically states that you may rely on your memory of what was actually said Seimei repeat certain things on this but I want to be clear.
What you heard in the courtroom.  Not about what I am reading to you okay?  Now, you may recall we had Dr. Neal Paschal come up and testify.  Dr. Haskell and.err Huntington are for and sick and they both talked about the bugs in the trunk of his car.  Why should I say the bugs, because that was what they basically testified.  They both testify that the magnificently is an insect, just like a gnat.  Kind of like a fruit fly.  What you see when you leave your doggie bag in your car for long time will form will find trash they.  They were zero early colonizers except that one fly like and maybe cannot even Dr. Huntington said just last week I found a blowfly in my house.  So does not mean anything and they are commonly found in garbage.  There is this testimony, and paper towels.  What you cannot clean this up with paper towels.  And you know, you did not hear any evidence of DNA or any other bond on those paper towels because I guarantee you that would have been the first thing the state led with it they would have had it but they did not give you any advantage that they gave you more speculation upon speculation gets upon guess.  They want you to fill in the gaps with your anger and your emotion.  That is what they want and are hoping that if you talk about.  Matt gets looking dead body.  Well, you heard Dr. Huntington and Dr. Haskell talk about insect activity.  It is amazing how much information you can get.  Right down to the time of death in some time in some cases.  While they had that opportunity on July 16 and would have answered all worsens if they had taken DNA from those maggots.  DNA is the mag is feeding on human tissue, a digestive.  It can be extracted.  And of course, none of that evidence occurred in this case, no answers, no answers.  Just more speculation and more speculation. Hardest thing of the world is to stand up here and talk about maggots in a case like this.  Hardest thing to do is to question about maggots in a case like this, but it is necessary if a necessary fact that we have to confront to be able to expose and tell you what the actual evidence is when the truth, lies and the truth lies that there is actually nothing in the truth of that trunk that with human decomposition fluid.  Why these allegations are made to make up for the lack of evidence to have you guessing.  To have you take that leap of faith into a place where you should not and cannot under law.  Now the next thing the state did it they talk to you about hair.  And they had even Shaw, you human member and care in love with the FBI think it is fair to look at it to make it across the case of the FBI laboratory is probably the most advanced crime lab in the country and that they are art.  Employees are trained extremely well.  That is why day and they are scientists as the polls choose advocates.  That is why you saw more FBI people testifying for the defense and you did for the state of Florida.  Why is that?  Why did we have to call to an FBI lab personnel for you to hear evidence questioner.  Why?  If this is the search for the truth.  Why are why it is important information being withheld from you in a cause they are not winning and nothing else.  Winning a high profile case, and nothing else.  It is not about aces for the truth.  And that is what you should consider when you look at how some of this evidence was presented to you.  Most even Sean Karen Lowe would only go so far.  They told you that the band being that is found in a hair that looks similar to this cannot, they could not say came from a dead body.  The reason for this is quite simple.  The reason is there is just the science is just not far enough for them to know.  Something very interesting and unique And in this case.  They conducted a study right after we took their deposition went to Washington to take her deposition Steven Shaw did a study on of our mental effects on here now and you may remember this is only the second study that was ever done on environmental effects that person was done by a grades.  A grad student.  I have done Jay College.  The second one was done by him as a Shaw after I took his deposition.  Trying to validate their signs is not the same as science.  This is not DNA.  That is what they would not understand say came from a dead body.  No other reason.  Because they know they could know the science is still in its ongoing phase.  The postmortem group banding and what was interesting about this is even the FBI analyst at the lab got these two wrong.  So I guess it all depends on whose testifying your case into whether it is postmortem Mandy or not.  Well that is not science. That is not something you can rely on.  And what is more important is new to want to ever testify as to how want to hear was in the trunk of their car.  Could have been there for years could have been there for months.  We do not know and you do not know the conditions.  The he would not do is tell you how much chloroform in the trunk of their car.  Dr. Michael Sigmund and other individual another chemist from the national Center, a forensic scientist testified that the main compound was gasoline.  And they want to say all well and let liner was removed.  Well, the air as the air, especially if they are going to test something six weeks later, the person who conducted the test and collected sample in this case is Michael Sigmund.  Who is a state expert.  you do know is that you are only talking about one year.  One year.  And how may times do we have to take care and low back?  We had to bring her back to show you all examinations that she did.  They took hear from from the trunk in a trash bag.  He took care from Casey's close home they backing the trunk of the car.  They went crazy trying to find more hairs.  So they could say this came from a dead body.  And they did find more hairs.  You her say she tested hundreds of years.  And only one year showed something bear.  That could have been from environmental affects.  Easily.  Now here is the finger several things neither one of them.  Individuals could actually stand on its own merit, you should not consider it their hoping they throwing up against the wall and something would stick that is what they are doing here that stored all against the wall and see what sticks right onto the cause of death.  One week it was chloroform today is duct tape with make up our minds.  And say we prove to you that the case was proven beyond and exclusion of every reasonable doubt.  How can you do to how it makes no sense.  I have to tell you you when I first heard from chloroform be mentioned in this case at documents so that has to be a joke sustained.  Chloroform began in this case, by.  That is how it all started that is how this issue came up and what happened was he testify that the reason they progressed was that the chloroform levels were shockingly high.  Unusually high.  You all remember that.  That was quite a moment and courtroom.  Where this forensic anthropologist.  He is not a chemist.  I like to be a racecar driver sometimes I let it dry fast.  But that does not make me a racecar driver.  Dr. boss is not a chemist.  We had to call the actual person who did the test.  The state did not call Marcus Weiss because he would have come up here and told you that all they did was qualitative analysis.  Not a quantitative analysis that you that you are what they want to do is have not testify about the levels when there are no levels.  You cannot determine how much their is because they did not do that kind of test.  So let us just guess.  Let us rely on this guy was selling the sniffer machine.  Let us rely on hand.  But the very next witness from the FBI, a chemist.  Someone who is educated and experienced -- specific kind of test came back and said no.  There were low levels.  Very low levels.  Consistent with cleaning products and you have to remember, these instruments are so sensitive they can take a drop of water until you all the chemicals that are in their fluoride chloroform and other type of chemicals that would in the in a drop of water.  They can certainly do it for many of these air tests, and that is exactly what they did.  A few people are pot, you have to believe with Dr. Rick is not telling the truth but completely different.  The testimony was completely opposite.  They were polar opposites, both underway practice the science.  One is a crime lamp, a forensic crime lab that strict research lab.  They push the boundaries of science.  And that is what our pod by his dueling Marcus Weiss would not go so far, although he wanted to talk about how great his buddy was a nine you he was not going to be a friend of the defense.  He saw his testimony.  He want to be based if he did not want to be straightforward he did not want to answer my question so you can get the answers you need it.  Know all he wanted to do was talk about how great his buddy was.and you would not want to be afraid to defense.  You saw his testimony.  He wanted to be based if he did not want to be straightforward.  He did not answer my question so you can get the answers you need no hear it all you want to do was talk about how great his buddy was.  The one thing he would not do is tell you how much chloroform in the trunk of that car.  Dr. Michael Sigman another individual another chemist from the national Center forensic science testify to the main compound with gasoline.  And they want to say all well the liner was removed.  While the air as the air.  Especially if they are going to testing six weeks later.  The person who conducted the test and collected a sample in this case is Michael Sigman.  Who was a state expert.  He was hired by the state of Florida.  Not by the defense.  He was hired by the state.  He was hired by the state.  The only defense expert, you heard from what Dr. Furtan.  We had to bring into you because the state did not do so.  They would not.  Why is that?  Is this a straightforward prosecution are they giving you everything you need when someone else is the life hangs in the balance was marked objection to the first order.  Overrules it at this point, either the things you have to consider.  A lack of evidence.  Consider these things and take a look at it and wonder why some of the things want answered.  And why were these people hiding from you.  Why?  Is that justice?  Is that a search for the truth?  Is that what is citizen deserves?  In our country?  In our state of Florida?  Is that when someone deserving facing trial for the life?  I suggest to you that it is in and I suggest to you that this lack of straightforwardness unacceptable.  And when the truth surfaces hurt a lot more than does the sting of a lie.  Now dealing with our pod box.  You heard he had a financial motive.  He heard about his patent for his sniffer machine.  The device that he is trying to create to sell to law-enforcement.  Agencies across the country and even across the world.  He has done some research, but he is not the only one.  He had a guy in Greece that believes him.  We did not see anybody from Greece testify appear.  The only other individual who had done all research in this area was Dr. Furtan. He testified, there is no signature.  No chemical aspects of decomposition yet.  It is at its infancy.  Stage and this man will be much more willing to take a leap of faith, because it is his wallet.  And his due.  Some of his designs are great, in his groundbreaking.  Excellent, but that does not mean it is science that does not make it true.  You also heard him talk about at being called I do not know if you were -- but he said he you can actually take a coat hanger and find a hidden grave with its.  He said he find a clandestine grave by going around with a coat hanger.  And that is its actual science.  If that were the case, why does he need a sniffer machine?  Are the kind of nonsense.  The kinda stretching the imagination that our pod box in cages in.  Maybe one day he will be able to patent angers.  But this is the level of desperation that this case is prosecution will take it too.  As you see things that are not there and ask you to imagine Digital science.  You would have the most advanced fighting tools available to us anywhere in world and they could not find a single link from KC Caylee's death.  Not a single link.  But yet they want to create things for what?  The camera was a mark because of the high profile case?  Or because it is about winning?  When it all cost, no matter how much it cost no matter what cost.  Paragraph 5 of the court order objections sustained less MoveOn.  Now, I want to take you what I think the evidence shows and is case.  Where it reached its most outrageous level and at his computer searches.  The state of Florida to this approach.  This gentleman, a police officer did in August of 2008 using a software called Matt analysis.  He did a report in his report came out, and this was on the main issue in this case.  The chloroform.  They were looking for chloroform searches, and they got it okay.  He got it.  In this report comes out showing that spot.  One time.  One visit.  When something really either happened at trial.  He testified in his report, in fact, he goes to a seminary a year later and tries out this new software called cashback to what happens he can wait cashback to work.  And he tells the owner of the company the guy from Canada.  Hey, I cannot get this thing to work.  I have got this high profile case, and I need this thing to work.  So as you heard Mr. Bradley testified he sat out three nights trying to get it to work.  We nights.  And finally got it to work.  And they came back with a for searches for chloroform.  Now what was odd.  When I saw that it was a jaw-dropping moment for me.  And it was a jaw dropping moment in this courtroom, because I know I could not have missed that.  What?  And it took and I went back and we look tacky and we finally realized that in that analysis report.  This man not only testify falsely about what was there.  He testified about somebody else's report.  Kevin finger and you remember when I asked him about this report, he said this is not my report.  And I asked him, can you testify, intelligently about anything to start his fingers and 40 said no.  He said no, this report that in evidence and you will take it back with you state Exhibit 166 was done Friday, June 3, 2001.  You have already been jurors in this case.  And he does this report.  And the state of Florida causes man to testify after this report have been done in August of 2008 with an est. piece of software saying something completely different business fraud.  It is trying to pull a fast one.  Objection again to statue five objections sustained.  When you instructed.  When you inserted to disregard last comment is as natural evidence.  This is not true evidence.  This is not the truth.  A human life lies in the balance.  You are at being asked to make the biggest decision of your life.  You are being asked to take someone's life if you feel the evidence deserves to be.  And this is the type of evidence you are getting.  I suspect that when the prosecution gets back up the last few.  Or they will tell you should rely on the low number is a virtual number.  And you know, this is a true number because of the profession that we showed you.  This was Facebook.  84 times was Facebook.  I am sorry, MySpace.  MySpace was just two levels up.  MySpace is not even on this report.  How did they get missed?  And I showed you and I call the man who wrote the report.  We called him to expose it to you to expose the truth. Why would a defense has no burden under the law does the defense have to call witnesses.  Police officers to testify to tell you the truth?  To bring the truth to light?  So you can see it in you to render a just verdict.  This is outrageous.  And you see, you will see in defense Exhibit 45.  The laws of when someone hit MySpace 84x8382 and you see the progression.  You see no such thing on this report.  This is their premeditation.  This is their murder case.  And Mr. Ashton gets up here and says he can only hope that she issued the chloroform before hand.  Hello?  Not hang on a conviction now they are hoping you will buy the chloroform.  They are hoping?  You are not supposed to will.  As opposed to prove case be on and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt.  Where did they get this hope, from how can they ask you to do this, how can they come forward with this evidence?  As junk that does not even work?  And why would not they have him do a report?  He is the creator of the software.  Why did not he issue a report?  Why?  He think, and now.  Nobody's going to prosecute her for perjury.  This is a police officer who works here.  And he did not say a word.  About this report.  Until we called him and had to show you that there are no such Dern also searches on being 84 times for chloroform.  Extent of the computers this three minutes worth of time three minutes earlier that have nothing to do with this case.  And everything to do with the MySpace posting the MySpace posting about Ricardo Morales.  You heard evidence ladies and gentlemen that Ricardo Morales posted this on his MySpace at the same exact time that he will was dating Casey Anthony.  He also testified that it was he was dating her in March.  March is the same exact month, he searches.  If you do not know what chloroform is and your boyfriend is posting things like this on his MySpace page at reasons.  It beckons.  The curiosity of what exactly that is.  Especially to someone who is young.  What is that?  Is that true?  Can that actually happen?  It is not reasonable for young women to decide to research something like this based on what her boyfriend is posting.  It would mean no, what is the first search before the very first chloroform searches.  MySpace.  Exactly where he posted it.  My space.  Now, then there comes the issue of Cindy Anthony.  While we on you Cindy Anthony 2009 testify to doing the searches.  We all knew that the book the state of Florida and the defense that was something he needed to hear.  And what the state of Florida decided to do than go out and spend their entire case to prove she is a liar.
I told you she was a liar and the first day I told you how this family life.  That would have been clear throughout this case.  Throughout this case.  But there is one thing, you cannot deny.  That is MySpace goals before right before the next school search, how to make chloroform.  This is not true.  This is misleading, and when she questions Cindy Anthony on the stand she said 84 times.  She Go St. Lucie search for Clore Phil.  Why?  How could she do that.  How could that evidence come before you question mark, how is that truth? That is why you have more questions than answers.  That is why situations, like fantasy searches, fantasy run six phantom stickers bantam stains all of this nonsense and no real hard evidence.  No DNA.  No fingerprints.  Nothing.  Bush is a liar and a slut.  Convict around that.  If she lied and she can act the way she needs to.  She made some stupid decisions.  Let us make her pay with your life.  That is what that Casey this case is about an accident that snowballed out of control and out of control.  It is out of control right now.  It has been out of control since the moment of his trial began this case began it is out of control.  And it is true Casey made some bad decisions and started this, but it does not have to be continued.  Again have to be presented this way.  This case is not have to think the out of control this way.  The true stuff here.  The true starts here.  Nonstops right now it should have stopped the moment you all raised her head and chose to be jurors in this case.  Took that oath every single of you should have stopped at, but it did not.  And this is what they want you to render a verdict.  This is sufficient reasonable doubt, ladies and gentlemen, for you to say, you know what?  I do not trust this evidence.  This is proof that I do not trust this evidence in on something so serious when the law says I can reject part of it or the whole thing.  Just like there is an old legal adage that says, if you go to a restaurant you buy a meal and find a bug in your mail.  You do not take the bug.send it back.  You send it back.  Something is so serious as your house you could never risk that what.  Those are types of situations.  That is the situation you are in right now the situation so serious that when you make that decision as the jury deliberation.  It is Rev. can never make take it back.  You can never say oh my god, I have made a mistake.  You can never say.  Can I change my mind?  Tagging my mind know it is not done it is done it is done.  These types of decisions, a reasonable doubt.  That is why he had that standard.  If this were financial she you had your entire life savings, and you are about to retire in.  You say to yourself I am going to invest with this man because he is giving me great numbers.  Objection sustained.  These types of decisions are life changing unchangeable decisions.  Add this type of evidence is reasonable doubt.  That is thing that never will was is reasonable doubt.  All of these aspects.  The way this was present to you as a reasonable doubt.  And here is the thing.  If you do not know what happened that set.  If it was not proven to you that it happened.  That is it.  It is over.  It is not guilty.  Or ever on every count.  Only the ones that were proven to you beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt.  That said that is what our law is and all that emotion and all that anger can never change that, because works the same as for gondolas first is day and it does Casey.  Not so how do we have our society -- the those are the laws.  We have chosen peer to make a lot equal for everyone.  We will justice under the law.  That is what we have.  You have got to follow, it appeared the law as your guide here.  I myself.  Not Mr. Ashton.  Not Mistry Burdick.  The law.  And the law will guide you, and it already has been and will in the deliberation room.  That was way with the most proven link and just will not accept anything less.  Their fantasies continue with the Phantom heart sticker.  Where in the world that come from?  This is outrageous.  A young Barry eager FBI analyst says something on the duct tape while she is examining it.  Something in the outline of a heart appeared on the corner of the tape.  Okay?  That certainly deserves a local at a red bit further.  While then recovered 30 feet away, you recall Murdoch, Mr. Murdoch or process the scene at his computer with a computer program and we called him to show you how far way this was found.  In this looks nothing like a stickers that were found at the house.  Nothing.  And this child had all kinds of stickers in her house.  You are not going to find a small child like that without heart-shaped stickers, in her home.  There were also Mickey Mouse stickers, goofy, stickers.  A scrapbook used by Casey to document her child's life and he tried to sell you that this thing on an area where trash is dumped.  Okay.  Trash was dumped in.  30 feet away, across the street from an elementary school, how unusual how crazy is going to be that you are going to find a sticker attached to a cardboard attached to a duct tape 30 feet away.  But that does not matter.  Because if you remember, the prosecutor when they got up.  They agreed that this area was a trash dump?  Playing on that anger again, playing on your emotions trying to say he had the hearts sticker was bare.  Well, why do they hide her from you?  Why did the defense have to call will read good.its men.  Remember she used to be CS machine to document examiner for the FBI to show does all of the different things that you used to find him covered things like documents and things like that and she saw no sticker or sticker fragments observed on any of the items.  None.  It did not exist.  It has nothing to do with this case.  This has nothing to do with this case.  But if you if you rely on your anger, if you rely on your frustration or desire for blood.  Then yeah, maybe you can make a square peg fit through the round hole.  If you squint your eyes hard enough, that sticker looks a little bit like one of these.  This is outrageous.  This is the quality of this case.  It is the quality of the evidence would be for you.  But that is all these are some of the things that we will only be able to uncover if this investigation was focused.  Open minded and not just arrest or.  Arrester within 24 hours.  We will get the evidence later.  That is what happened here.  She was arrested within several hours.  Arrested for child neglect in the went out and got evidence later.  Okay.  Bring the car of your now.  Forget the 78 cops that were there that night.  Today's Melich a dead body.  Forget everybody who saw what and smelled of today's Melich a dead body.  Is get rid of that trash because we do not want anybody thinking this was trash.  The smell.  It going to to be the sneaky way this type of evidence how much can you trust the rest of them?  Objection violation of paragraph I.  It is not a violation of paragraph 5.  Sustained.  But stretch the truth here a bit further.  How is is even presented to you?  How does this even what about all of the beer bottles found next to the ticker.  Why were not they presented?  What about well, maybe we could does those bottles for fingerprints and see who the killer was, why not is just as reasonable. that is the kind of evidence you have to render your verdict on and then we come to Dr. Jane care about Leo the medical examiner.  She told you that she did, and on top see on this on the remains.  This child had no broken bones no evidence of prior troppo evidence of shrub at all its she says.  Out all of the talks a lot illogical exam she could try to make his case that.  They all came back negative.  You heard the test for chloroform negative.  It just for Xanax all of those other drugs negative negative.  Negative negative cause of death unknown.  That is where the science and.  That said.  And that is where we are here today.  Hot a.k.a. die?  How would you think that you can get a medical examiner come and talk to you about medicine about science.  She has a little leeway with the manner of death they want to know you it is a homicide without telling you how.  How why is it a why?  Because I said so.  What that these are the three reasons.  The injury was not reported to the authorities immediately, you need to be a doctor to know that.  You do not need to be a doctor know that.  The body was hidden in the woods area when you do not need to be a medical examiner to do that either.  Duct tape appeared to be applied to the lower face.  Appeared.  You do not need to be a doctor to render that opinion either.  These are all opinions that had nothing to do with what this woman has trained was trained to do.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  A person on the street right up my school writing a bicycle could give you these.  This is not science.  The science, she used was was was straight up.  They can establish the cause of death and everything else kind came back negative.  Everything they suspected and Mr. Ashton said.  Everything everything they hoped for was not bear.  And you remember your he got up here and we did 33 search is in the house.  We found no paper to paper work have anything to do with chloroform.  Without receipts for purchases of Clore bowed Clore for your library can be configured by many container containing floor or form did it by any ingredients to make chloroform and they did not find anything whatsoever having to do with chloroform.  Nothing but they are hoping they are hoping.  Let us hope.  And Dr. Gary Bauer, you gives you this.  What that was enough.  Of course, you have Dr. Schulz, whose real purpose was to tell you a good you were a real about how her remains were treated.  Afterwards, but he did say no trauma to the bones.  Mr. fantasy man, Dr. Warren, who for some reason showed you a video of a smiling Casey and a smiling Caylee with some duct tape that he got off the Internet. He googled it.  That is a photo and stuck some duct tape on it on some on the some Photoshop and there you go.  There is your burden your new murder weapon of the week.  That is how she died.  Well, that is not evidence, and he himself said, the only reason I suggested is to show what could have happened.  Will she could have been shown that they do not have a video of her getting shot even though they could have done one.  She could have died any number of ways and they did not show you.  Videos of that.  He was up there being an advocate.  Not a scientist and showed you that video for one reason and one reason only.  So that you would know what it is.  Dr. Schulz test testify to the same being.  The Dr. Schulz did not have the same opinion as Dr. Geer about a.  I did hear about, you said it was out of sight.  He has no opinion on either on she dumped him because this was high profile case.  He was the first medical examiner or certified and fully capable of handling this that you this case, but yet she is the big shots and she comes back into town takes over because of her relationship with the media and law enforcement.  That is it.  The politics at the Medical Examiner's Office played out in this case and he got to see it with these two.  We present it to you, and we are unfortunate fortunate enough to have one of the most experienced medical examiners in the country.  Dr. worm or Spitz and Dr. Spitz did a full autopsy.  They can say all they want in a Dr. Spitz had not found anything that would have been a different story.  But he did.  He thought actually of actual physical evidence, physical proof that Caylee tunings or mains were not found and were not did not decompose in the manner in which the state or Mr. Cronk tried to tell you that they were.  These photographs are not indicative of how Caylee decomposed and where she was and what position she was in.  This is the physical proof.  The semantics of what it did.  It was brain matter?  I think Amanda has 60,000 odd tops under his belt.  Demand that our country turn for the commission for Pres. Kennedy and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior.  That man I would cannot to believe over and anthropologist.  I think his qualifications Council expressing his personal opinion.  Objection sustained, you can look at his qualifications and decide for yourself.  You can look at whether he is more qualified than Dr. Garibaldi, a and is quite obvious he is.  What Mr. Ashton tried to do was uncrossable examining him was not question him on his sign.  No.  You want to question him on the facts.  He wanted to question him on how much of the police reports you read.  The police did not do the out top seed.  In this case.  They might have for Dr. Der Bhatia.  They might have influenced that the Geer about you but this was a man of science, who did a complete archive see to check to see what exactly could happen.  Caylee and he did so with one thing he did one very important finding.  He told you that when you opened up a skull and if a person has died of suffocation.  There is a discoloration in the back of the ears that was not in this case.  He testify to that a told you that it does not always happen, but it certainly was not in this case.  It also eliminates one of the states Perry's.  Its actual physical evidence.  Not hoping.  It is not guessing and is certainly not something Dr. airball you did when she botched this out topsy.  Why not open up the school, if you are trying to get to the truth?  Why just go through a little hole in think that you could be able to determine what is there.  When obviously, there was something there that was relative.  Something that could have and you could explain to you that is in what saying it is.  You have to ignore this completely if you bite they are duct tape..  He tried Mr. Ashton tried to get him to talk about things outside of science.  Well, explain to me how someone could put the duct tape on there.  There is 1 million ways.  Does not necessarily mean a person did it.  You heard people referring the area saying it was a swamp.  Water is going to move around the duct tape.  You also have the issue with Mr. Cronk.  Skull's rolling out of peoples bags.  They are all kinds of bags what is going on here?  You got to see a lot of different things and you got to see the photographs of the duct tape lying flat on the ground.  And then the medical examiner, all of the way they are.  Initially you might say that is a leap.  I cannot believe that evidence would be mid-June manipulated that was likely to think the course of this evidence that that is not so far-fetched.  Is there evidence of it?  No I will not go that far, but it is certainly a possibility if you are going to entertain fantasy forensics at other points of the state of Florida.  You can certainly entertained that that, but we will not ask you to do so.  We think you need to remind on actual physical evidence.  Actual true evidence not nonsense.  Something you can see.  Something you can look at and know what exactly is true and what is not.  Not some fantasy.  Now I would like to talk about the defense's case a bit.
and the judge is going to strike you that this is the law.  I repeat it many times but he would tie you that the defendant is not required to present evidence or proof anything -- simple.  It is a constitutional guarantee afforded to every citizen, every single one of us.  No matter who we are.  No matter how much money we have.  No matter what position we hold only all share this in a livable right.  This is a right of ours, and despite any overtures that we must do so is completely untrue.  And you will have the opportunity of the law to guide you in that area -- what Judge Perry is going to tell you.  Now, I told you in the beginning of this case that Casey reacts the way she does and she lies because of the environment she was brought up in.  The dysfunctional family secrets and allies, and I told you about this photo.  I showed it to you in opening and you heard it testified to numerous times.  In this case.  George said she looked this way because she was working out a lot.  Cindy said, the complete opposite.  She was sedentary.  She even stood here and looked over at Casey.  Clearly she should look like this and asked her to turn to the site.  Turn to the side I can see.  I do not think you can believe that she did not know she was pregnant.  And I do not think you can deny them the Anthony's powerful testimony.  The only member of the family that did not get impeached.  In this case is Lee Anthony Lee Anthony said it straight.  I prefer to my mother about it she told me to let it go.  Forget about it. You saw how hurt he was.  The bizarreness of the entire situation.  You heard about it.  The lies that were testify to a place where they stand by both stored in Cindy Anthony are clear.  They took an old old.  And when the courtroom in this process has taken an old.  My colleagues and myself.  The judge, you guys and every witness who took a stand and any witness who gets a hair and tells a lie does not have the right to violate the old.  Does not have the right and you can reject her testimony.  You can reject it all.  It is like that played of food.  The state wants you in the top but during her closing argument about a 30 days at all the things that George's Cindy did well, mainly Cindy.  In fact, George did not do anything.  You heard about it, but you are all the stories about what Cindy said.  But by the end of this case, they are teaching her.  They want you to know she is a liar, but all but please believe what she said, for us.  That is what they are trying to, those are the goods that were being sold here in this case.  In this trial.  Leave her when it is convenient for us, but do not believe her in others.  That is unacceptable.  That is not true, then that is not what you render a just verdict on.  Casey has issues, and the issues were their hobby for Caylee was ever border lobby for June 16, 2008.  I want you to show you the world that Casey Anthony lived in.  That you heard testimony in this case.  Remember her image, near France.  We had Stanley the nanny from 2006.  She is a perfect 10.  She used to date, Jeffrey Hopkins.  Or, how am much amazement asked about how she could remember these things.  She has long black hair, but gotta cut several times over two years.  Has a beautiful smile, straight white teeth.  She drives a Ford focus and her family is wealthy, and they came from New York in the Carolinas and Miami.  Jeffrey Hopkins, the trust fund baby.  He also appeared in 2006.  He has a couple of years older than Casey.  He worked at Nickelodeon, and had a child named Zach.  You may recall the Anthony's invite him over for arctic used numerous times, and he never showed up.  You had Zachary Hopkins, his son who used to play with Caylee.  You have Samantha Fernandez and a sister, and Gloria Fernandez her mother.  You may recall, I asked how Cindy talked about her having heard her issues and then you have Julia.  Yet, Juliet Lewis and she and Casey's in the parking lot at universal studios for an hour and a half waiting for Juliet Lewis to appear.  Can you imagine an hour and a half sitting in a parking lot talking about this girl that is going to appear whenever shows up.  Not 10 minutes match when he minutes an hour and a half.  It is like going to movies and sitting there and waiting and she never appeared.  And this had has nothing to do with Caylees death.  This is something  does this update that just does not add up.  This is a deed that is just not right.  This is the world a Casey lived in.  And Juliet had a daughter named Annabel.  Cindy knew all about Annabel.  Caylees playmate.  You heard about Rachal for her at another roommate of Danny's.  She worked at universal to.  Eric Baker, who could have been Caylees father when he died in a car accident.  In a motorcycle accident in and Caylee has a stepbrother somewhere in Kentucky.  Her fictional bosses common man, you come as Frank, event coordinator at universal studios at extension 104, which does not exist.  Her office at universal studios that does not exist.  Her office that he took Lee's officers down the hallway to left across the street and gone bearish you could not go any further.  It is at that point at that moment that the police should have seen and realized there is something wrong with this girl.  This is to not just someone lying to cover up a crime.  We need to handle this investigation and a different manner.  If you found a drunk guy on the street who just lost his job and he staggered null over the place.  You know to read hip you would someone who is completely sober.  You realize as a police officer, you have to take a step back and you have to deal with individuals that have issues as well as individuals that do not.  This is what we do on a daily basis.  And all the signs were there.  Everything was there.  Everything she was saying just did not add up.  Esther Ashton says, well she did not get a chance to carry this on or take off.  Casey had plenty of opportunity to hop on a plane and go.  She could have told Georgia and Cindy anything.  You will never grant, you will never see her granddaughter again and end of story.  That is a lie, these are actions consistent with guilt.  These are, those are somebody's feelings, those are somebody's playing the jurisdiction.  Not someone would, that was an expiration on it.  That was not wanting going happen this world hear you wonder this case got so crazy.  You look at the situation here at the facts in the world that Casey lives in and you realize that if a person lives in this kind of world.  These facts make more sense.  This cover-up makes more sense.  These unhealthy coping skills make more sense.  That is what Dr. Kerry Atlas telling you.  If you are a healthy person and you have got a sound environment.  You will be able to grieve.  Although everybody does it differently, you will be able to grieve and get some semblance of life.  But if you have issues if you do not have a healthy environment that you live in a can go through all types of extremes, which would include going dancing to include lying, which would include this fantasy.  All that Casey was doing.  If you look at this situation is continuing, what she knew best, where she felt safe.  Remember what your e-mail Melich said and put in his police report?  She went somewhere where she felt safe.  That speaks volumes.  That speaks about humans in this case.  I am not proud of the way Casey behaved.  I do not think anybody here can justify her actions.  But they do not constitute murder, and you can take a look at that the world and understand a little bit better.  Understand where it all comes from.  You understand the why, as opposed to the states.  Where she has a loving, wonderful mother one day and then I am going to go party on a Monday afternoon even though they are.  There is matter or club to goal to even build Tony Lazarro said he likes her.  That is that this is her motive.  That is nonsense.  That is absolute nonsense.  -- At first glance you would take Caylees Casey's lies are nonsense, but when you look at this through the this perspective and you look at it through the whole picture and you understand that it is not nonsense.  It is not right.  It is certainly not right by any standards.  But it makes sense.  It makes a lot more sense.  She knows, she now wants her freedom?  Is that what you would get from this freedom?  You kill somebody?  That is outrageous.  That is nonsense.  No wisdom coming looking for little Caylee?  She is going to get to party every Day and every night?  That is nonsense.  That is complete, and total nonsense.  She had no motive.  Casey triticale well.  She loved that child and not a single person despite the thoroughness and despite using every law enforcement agency available to them they could not find a single person to come here and take a stand and say, you know what?  This was her warble mother.  I saw Casey strikingly.  I saw Caylee do that Casey do this Casey do that.  You are Tony.  The guy who enjoy her being around her and say something to the Pinal from the time when he said.  Caylee was running to the pool and how Casey have to run and stop her?  Everywhere you look at their signs of what actually happened to Caylee, and that was a perfect example bikini love the pool.  Casey was as protective as she could be and on that occasion.  Casey stopped her from drowning on that day and running into the pool.  I guess we she would have been there and could not save her.  But that is all you heard.  That is all the evidence that we are presented to you that Casey was nothing but a good mother despite their best efforts to parade his many of her friends and a shot girls and everyone said the same thing about Casey.  She was a considerate person.  She was a kind person.  She treated me with respect.  To care for others.  This is not a consistent with a person who is a murderer.  This is not consistent when a child with a person who engages in it child abuse, aggravated manslaughter. this is none of that makes sense, and Irina does not make sense is because it is not true.  The reason you do not have that evidence that they are desperately trying to find it because it is an unprovable case.  Because it is not true.  That is why.  Despite all of the efforts they try they could not give you the answers because they are not true.  Now I used an example during opening statements of what I told you was going to come out in this trial.  Dealing with Caylee in the swimming pool.  You heard as the evidence was present in in this case that Cindy and Caylee went swimming to 15 a day before the night before June 16, 2008, and I told you I do not know if Cindy is going to admit to leaving the latter.  She did not do that.  She said she took it down.  Banks to the state of Florida, they got to show us how truthful Cindy Anthony really is.  How much guilt, would she have knowing that it was her that left the ladder up.  That date.  The denial that she must be in the.  I will bet she displayed when she testified in this case six months earlier that she thought Caylee was still alive.  Remember that.  They had a memorial.  They televise it.  They held it in front of the world and then they cremated Caylee.  -- Comes in here two years later and says I ain't Caylee is still alive.  Well, I understand why she said she took the ladder down that day.  What is important to is you remembered that she adored remember this house had no safety locks.  Had no child safety locks and Caylee could easily open the door.  If she could do that, if they were that neglectful her in that sense, you can understand how that ladder would be brought down sometimes.  Sometimes not.  Now you hear, you heard Cindy say on the 17th on 17 June that she goes to work and actually tells people someone else's someone swimming in my pool.  Why would she do that?  I cannot think of telling your core workers, is not it?  Someone swimming in my pool.  I saw the ladder up.  Were always very sure.  One of the school incidents is that she would go in on the 17th and talk about the day Caylee dies and she says someone was in my pool yesterday?  And does happen long before the police were called.  This is not a fact that you can ignore.  You heard both George and Cindy talk about how she could get up out of the house very easily.  In fact, we ended up showing you proof of it, which is in evidence and you heard George testifying that Caylee would wake him him of in the morning and say JoJo swim dojo swim.  This is a child that love between pool.  That door had no safety locks on it.  She could get out quickly.  She could get out easily, and I for some reason she was not being watched bad a period that morning were both KC and George were home.  Something happened.  Caylees reported missing on July 15.  The very next day.  Actually within 24 hours Cindy tells Detective Yuri Melich about the swimming pool.  Your member my question him that he was getting calls during the Universal Inquisition.  When they were in the Universal Studios conference room with Casey.  You heard the tape when he left the room because Cindy was calling him an left and right.  Desperately in he spoke to Cindy Anthony told them about the ladder and the swimming pool.  And he did not do shocking thing that you may remember if he had the opportunity to go back and bear and ask Casey.  We know what happened.  Tell us about the swimming pool.  And he never did.  He never investigated this case as an accident.  Never.  He never pursued that and that is why this case turned out the way it did.  Partially because the law-enforcement and want to keep their eyes open and want to look at every possible alternative.  Did want to consider that there was something wrong with this girl.  Instead, they had a murder.  Casey, and that was it.  That was all they were interested in was evidence of murder.  There is nothing sexy about a drowning.  Is nothing interesting about a drowning and they did not care.  Now we were able to uncover something that was highly unusual.
And that was an actual photograph of Caylee opening-night sliding glass door.  Everyone has hundreds of most pairs have hundreds of pictures up there kids.  But how rare is it that you would have one of her actually opening the door?  We found one.  This trial was heavily photograph.  She was loved.  Casey took hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pictures of Caylee.  Even in mundane things like this.  This was her precious child.  There is a proof that she could easily get outside.  There is the probation was big enough and strong enough to open the door.  You cannot get anything better than that sort of a video of what happened.  And if that was not enough.  We were able to find photographs of a year earlier, but your earlier of how easily Caylee could get up the ladder and what is so odd about this.  You can see how often she was photograph.  Every little moment captured.  Look at how soft Cindy is holding her or touching her.  She is on her own.  Look at what Caylee is doing?  Caylees diving into that water.  This is what she loved to do.  This is what she wanted to do all the time and you can discount Cindy Anthony's testimony that this photograph.  These photographs tell the truth.  They buried they are documented moments kinda do not lie and clear leash told that there is a reasonable hypothesis of innocence.  It is a reasonable it is reasonable that if there are no, child safety locks and you had the incident with the ladder.  A day before, and Cindy with swimming.  The night before is extremely reasonable bit.  She could have drowned in a pool, and that is where the state ales.  They must be but each and every reasonable hypothesis of innocence.  They cannot rebut this.  They cannot do it.  It is impossible.  They can say all they want about chloroform and duct tape with where the duct tape was aware was in.  Whatever they want the issue here is, how did she die?  Again, that is why we are back to the one question.  How does she die?  Where did she die?  Did they present one single piece of evidence as to where Caylee was when she passed away quite?  Zero.  When did she die?  Why?  Because she wanted to goal party they want to give you the whole without the where the hollow or the wide.  It impossible.  This case, if you look at the law and look at the fact is relatively easy for you to decide.  It is a tough decision to make because of the seriousness of all but act actually it all makes sense and this is the only explanation that makes sense.  It makes sense because as I said, in the very beginning.  It is not the commonality of the tragedy here.  If the uniqueness of who it happened to.  And that is why we are here.  Because these people are different people.  This girl is different and this is why she behaves in this way in business.  Really the only rational explanation of all of this madness, of all of it.  And that is because this is what it is about what happened to Caylee in a moment that the state failed to rebut this and they did because they did not present any evidence to rebut it.  As you know, Dr. Guerra bought me a set because of death unknown.  That is it.  They have the right and ability to charge her with whatever inappropriate acts she may be guilty of what they do not have the right to overcharge her with murder or manslaughter or aggravated child abuse.  When there is no evidence of it in proper disposal of the body.  Whatever they want.  None of these crimes are before you.  None of them except the most serious, the ultimate penalty.  All of these things and I think you all know the reasons why.  We have lost our sense is here.
 And I want to talk to you about the duct tape now. a strange how you would have one piece of evidence that can tell you so much.  Actually two pieces of evidence.  That is so much about, it says so much about what may have happened here, and so many lies that surrounded.  Did you get a clear answer from George Anthony S. to the gas can, and the duct tape?  You can ask yourselves that.  You can ask why he made certain statements.  You recall in the other woman who worked at the con man's at a command centers that George is duct tape.  He brought duct tape to the command center.  And I would like to re-show you this video.  If I can before we go any further.
after playing this video George Anthony took the stand, and I asked him to show the command center, was his tape completely deny it even deny the location of where this video was taken.  You heard Judge enter as the glacier by this case by both the prosecution and defense.  We will, we all agreed it was at that location at that time.  To this person and he got up there and said he does not got there.  It was at another place.  He cannot lie at all.  He cannot tell the truth at all.  You prefer to write air and then with his duct tape.  When he wants to pass it off on somebody else.  And we have this issue, width.  This photograph.  I will bet you remember the first time I cross examined him on this I had some issues because it was the state's case and the photograph was not entered into evidence.  The state did not use George Anthony to introduce this photograph.  The one I cross examined him I would shut down.  Objection Your Honor sustained.  Strike that comment, disregard that last comment.

He was not from its cross examined on the topic, but he said something very interesting.  He said Sir, that photograph is showing me I was shown other photographs during my deposition.  That was not the gas can.  You remember?  We got into the whole debate about the is it in the round cylinder one is the old one.  The one you have had for 20 years, and then when it was our case and the photograph was now in evidence.  And I showed him his deposition transcripts.  He went in will get all his exhibits and said yeah that is the one. They showed me my deposition, under old that it that he was shown.  (weather transnission problems. )

why is reporting this tank gas can missing.  Gas cancel important to him?  The only connection.  The only direct link to Caylee and her remains is his duct tape.  Yes, you have other items.  But the only one that is alternately connects to is George.  If this is their murder weapon as they claim.  They can hide behind.K.  It only connects to him.  Casey is in jail.  She has been in jail for 2 to 3 weeks before the entire Hankel duct tape is photographed items need to.  Look at these facts.  Look at these events..the 24th he issues as a police report and report him.  Reports the cans missing.  the 14th is reported missing he does not say a word about thiseight in sale word about this alleged argument.  Remember the argument about gas cans in the trunk of the car?  Here is your flocking gas cans detective goals and expect the shed.  Hey, you know by the way her and I had this fight with my granddaughter and she did not let me near the trunk of the car that smells like death and here are the gas cans.  Why do not you take them and fingerprint them.  He does not say a word to them.  Not until near Lee on his first that he tells them about in the collective may take the photograph and then the first week of August.  He has photographed by the media inadvertently and all of the duct tapes are the same.  We are not talking about fantasy forensics anymore.  We are talking about cold hard evidence.  Evidence that points to one person and one person only.  And he can get up there and lie all you want to dance around the truth.  What the truth is, the truth and depending on who is asking the questions, whether it is this laughing guy right here on whether it is myself.  Objection sustained approach the bench..  While it is fireworks on July 3,
 oh my gosh.  José Baez honing in on George, who had a connection to the duct tape and then throwing a little insult at Jeff Ashton saying despite the smiles of this guy here -- Linda objection.  When a.  This is a battle over to gladiators.  A battle to gladiators, who were using their words as weapons in going after each other like I have almost never seen in court before.RECESS

Judge Perry is back on the stand.  During this recess, I took an opportunity to go and view video of the segment that Mr. Baez was talking a Mr. Ashton reaction and Mr. Baez's corresponding response.  Needless to say, that response of behalf of Mr. Ashton and Mr. Baez violates this court's order.  Both sides would like to take the time to go look at it.  I will ask them to pull it up and you can look at it and then I will proceed to do what I am going to do.  The state order defense was have the opportunity to view the video clip.  Unfortunately, the videos sometimes show or show what the way that it is.  It is brief enough.  I will ask Ms. Levy and I would ask see it and bring it up. . This court will be at ease to look at it.
OMG!  Judge Perry is mad!
only me and me alone will know that.  I have constantly told of you, both sides, from the outset was first took over this case.  I personally gave you the nine judicial circuit courtroom policy, which was an active by administrative order and has been in place if I can remember, I signed this order February of 2003.  I gave everybody a copy.  More specifically, item 12.  Consul shall admonish all importance at consul tables, facial expressions bondable comments or the like as manifestations of approval or disapproval or in the testimony of any witness or any other time are absolutely prohibited.  There have been accusations throughout the trial that has been going on back and forth.  I have been very little time watching the attorneys.  I assume that you are all professionals that I do not have to watch.  You are all charged with the responsibility of following the law.  So maybe I am misinformed.  When I think you would be able to follow the law.  But I am beginning to see that orders don't  mean a hill of beans to you.  If you want to  look at it . I will make it available to you and I am going to do what I need to do.  I trust your Mr. Mason judgment about whatever it is you saw and I do not need to see it per Ashton.
 Mr Mason, you still wants to see it?  Mr. Mason wants to see it Attorneys are reviewing video. (Mason says he needs to see it to "protect Ms Anthony's rights" Will he ask for a mistrial?!?)(. Ms. Burdick Want to see it?  I do, your honor, I am sorry.  I can hear Council.  I do want t o see it. Well, they will let you know as soon as it is available per Judge Perry. the attorneys go to the back to view the video.  Mr. Ashton stayed at the prosecution table.
 The court will come to order per Judge Perry. Ambleside had opportunity to view the video clip?  Yes.  Your Honor.  Your honor anything as they would like to say followed by the defense.  Your Honor, I appear to be smiling behind my hand.  That is what I saw the video.  I was not laughing.  I was at Nottingham.  I was doing what I could do to make sure that my expression was not seen by the jury.  If I see this court order, I apologize.  I was doing my best that nothing I said or did was seen by the jury.  That is my observation of the tape.  Judge Perry defense?

I had no other comment other than I would not request that Mr. Ashton be held in contempt because of his facial expressions.  I think this case has been highly emotional, or both sides and all I really request is that it is not because of the seriousness of the nature of what is going on.  I also apologize for getting caught at the moment as we are and making those arguments.  But I think after her three years of working with Mr. Ashton.  I do not wish about him in any way.  Whatsoever and I as well add my apologies to the court.

Anything anybody else want to say?  Per Judge Perry, no sir.  I was at that for now.  But as I told both sides, if it happens again.  The remedy will be exclusion of an attorney from Werther participation in these proceedings.  As I told you at the bench.  There are at least three attorneys on the stateside.  Mr. George was going to participate in closing arguments, but it would be Mr. George, and it would be Mr. Mason.  Ms. sins.  Ms. Medina, whoever else you have over there, along with some other beings that would be quite quite unpleasant.  Enough is enough.  Because of the delay, I will instruct the jury in the morning, because we still have these final charges to go over and I take responsibility for that since I should have brought you back over Saturday afternoon take you in a conference room.  I took your word that you all would agree and 30 minutes.  Work is not enough.  Anything else?  So when we finished closing arguments that we will stay here to get these charges.  I do not think it would take long.  They are just about done.  Let us return the jury.

Defense?  Mr. Baez, you may continue Sir.  Thank you, Your Honor.  As I laid out the routes.  The course of this trial.  His duct tape only points to one person.  There are doubts here.  Their issues here.  They are some things that just do not add up.  There is also something that you learn towards the end of the defense.  Casey, and that means the wait at the Anthony family had buried their pets.  It is odd, it is different.  There is a pattern there that each member of the family testified about except George.  He had a little amnesia.  George is a person who actually does the Bering P. or, who does all the work seem to forget what if Cindy and Lee clearly remembered.  Why instead of rebuttal and impeaching Cindy did we not dig up that back yard.  Why did George Anthony never tell police about the way they buried their pets?  Three years ago by three years go by, and there is mention of it.  There is a chance to save his daughter's life.  Mr. Ashton said why would some use three pieces of duck tape?  Well, you can recall Mr. Murdoch testifying that one was found 6 1/2 feet away.  You will recall seeing it attached to the hair of Caylee, which would be the top portion near the top of the bag.  There is another there is any number of sin ideals of what could have happened six months.  This significant movement of bones with a state clearly brought out one was found 4 inches in four under 4 inches of mock as he described it.  Dad anymore and moved but his duct tape can I commit to ladies and him and that that is not reasonable.  It is also not reasonable to except the constant lies and unique circumstances surrounding George Anthony.  And this.tape.  Now, I told you from the very beginning.  We are in no way suggesting that George Anthony killed Caylee.  There is no evidence of that.  There is no evidence of any murder in this case.  And that has been our position from the very beginning.  We would never point the finger at someone who does not support any evidence.  That was an accident that snowballed out of control.  Whatever happen after work.  Nothing to do with the crimes charged.  Actually nothing to do with that.  Mr. Anthony has on numerous occasions had the opportunity to come up here and tell the truth about this.  These items, but given every single opportunity he lied.  He was impeached by the prosecution during the deposition.  He was impeached here.  He played games with the photograph.  He danced around true that just refuse to be upfront and honest.  There is only one thing you can see in George Anthony, and that is that this man does not have an ounce up return all instinct in him.  Not an ounce weight, he got up here on numerous occasions and almost with a bit of joy testified against his very own daughter.  I do not know about in the world who would not fall on the sword for his child.  Who would not attempt to try and protect her.  From the jaws of death, but no George, not George Anthony.  Even Cindy Anthony tried and saw that.  Lee Anthony at times was resisted, what you did not see a ounce of that from George.  George cares about George and one, and no one else.  Those were not the action of a father.  Throughout the course of this trial as he testified he did not act like a father was too.  There were times when he asked a smile.  There were times when he we broke down and did display affection.  I submit to you his displays of affection are not exactly genuine.  We had this young lady come and tell you about his displays of affection.  He told you that she had a brain tumor and he was going.  They are, to console her.  It was not a tumor.  There is nothing involved.  She did not have an tumor.  That is three years later is.  Yes, and we brought that out from the very beginning, but there is one thing that is certain.  Is that she kept their relationship private until the police came knocking on her door.  It into was already made public.  That is what she ended up selling her story.  Not before.  She did not expose George Anthony and say I had a relationship with him and by his own admission he knew there was a guard at the gate that saw his comings and goings.  He was a high profile person and could not get around and could could not deny ever being at her apartment because she would have been the next person on that span.  He was going to her apartment to console her, for some fantasy brain tumor.  That did not exist.  He came up here and he liked to you.  I am just being a nice guy.  George cares about George.  Not about his wife.  Not about his daughter.  Not about his family.  About himself.  And that is what this is all about.  When you read it.  It is all about himself.  It is a self-serving, self preservation document.  Remember this is January.  His relationship with his mistress is now over.  Cops are coming around a little too often with search warrants and they collect that gas can again after her returning it.  The gas can with duct tape, which she cannot seem to tell the truth about and they are coming around and are asking questions in there getting his fingerprints.  The walls are getting closer and closer to George Anthony so what does he do?  T. get a sixpack of beer with blood pressure medication and claims to commit suicide.  This does whole thing is about all I am sorry.  I am just here in debt.  You were the best.  That is all George is about, himself.  The only reason he got a gun was to get a case back and Casey back in jail knowing full well that there could not be a far works by her arms in the house alive.  She came here and testify.  She does not have a tumor.  And he goes  to her apartment at night and during the day you and was claiming to be working?  To console her?   He has got a woman at home that needed consoling.  Cindy Anthony needed consoling.  He was not home consoling her.  He was consoling her . (Points to a pic of Krystal Holloway.) if they try to impeach her about all you sold the story.  Yes, and we brought that out from the very beginning.  There is one thing that is certain is that she kept their relationship private until please came knocking on her door and was made public.  That is when she ended up selling her story.  Not before.  She did not expose George Anthony and say I had a relationship with him him by his own admission he knew there was a guard at the gate that saw his comings and goings.  He was a high-profile person and could not get around and could could not deny ever being at her apartment because she would have been the next person on that stance.  He was going to her apartment to console her, for some fantasy brain tumor that did not exist.  He came up here and he lied to you.  I am just being a good guy.  George cares about George.  Not about his wife.  Not about his daughter.  Not about his family.  About himself.  And that is what this is all about.  When you read it.  It is all about himself.  It is a self-serving self-preservation Dr. document.  Member is as January, his relationship with his mistress is now over.  Cops are coming around a little too often the search warrant and they collect data that gas can again after returning it.  The gas can with duct tape, which he cannot think to tell the truth about.and they are coming around and they are asking questions, and they are getting his fingerprints.  The walls are getting closer and closer to George Anthony.  So what does he do?  He gets a sixpack of beer with blood pressure medication and claims to commit suicide.  This this whole thing is about all.  I am sorry.  And this spirit on that.  You were the best beard that is all George Anthony is about, himself.  He had a gun and the only reason he got a gun was to get KC back in jail knowing full well that there could not be any firearms in the house.  This is a and X. police officer.  This is someone who knows better.  Who in home confinement says there are the rules and the second they are broke and she goes back to jail.  He did not care.  George cares about George.  He really wanted to kill himself easily could have and would have taken a lot more than a sixpack of beer and some blood pressure medication.  This is a self-serving, document.  It is more about George Anthony's lies in its more of George Anthony's protecting George Anthony.  On the police on on this.  On these gas cans on June 24 is George protecting George and George that only KC under the bus.  You saw the text message that George said.  He sent Ms. Holloway, I need you in my life.  He did not write Cindy and I need you in my life, text message.  Cindy never went to her apartment.  The new was not consoling her for her brain tumor.  But he was.  And before any of this that he goes up there any at and denied everything and says it is in action, and it snowballed out of control.  He is telling her she is dead and still showing another face to the media and the public, and he has border around doing all kinds of media appearances.  Within 48 hours on his so-called suicide attempt he is in front of the cameras again.  If there is one thing you have learned about this family and is dysfunction is that they do not mind putting on another face.  Lies are what Palms and what lives within this family and I told you that in the very beginning.  She was raised that way.  Race July.  Is not it a surprise that she has this fantasy world?  Is it a surprise that she has imaginary friend and is that a surprise if she turns out way knowing the lies and actions seen them firsthand and mind you, you know personally.  They kept coming on the stand again and again and again so you got to see them on different days and you got to hear them change their stories and do different things.  But in fact of the matter is, he raised their hand, swore to you.  I would tell the truth of all truth and nothing but the truth and a lie.  So now, as her own daughter stands trial for her life.  You are supposed to rely on that.  We are supposed to believe in that and these are the only the lies that were uncovered.  What about all the other things that could have been investigated never were.  How is it that they did not get his cell phone activity during that time?  How is it that they cannot tell us that the comings and goings of that?  The most advanced technology available.  We do not use it and you do not go digging up things you do not want to find.  You are not going to find them and are not going to have the information you need to render.  Just adjust Burdick.  That is not justice.  That is not justice, especially when you are pouring everything you can directed at only one person in your not looking at the entire situation.  No it should not have turned out this way.  But they could have done more than her gone elsewhere, they should have OpenNet net.  They should have been walked around with blinders and they should not have been trying to put square pegs in round holes.  They would have kept an open mind, he would have seen the rest about was born on here.  They would have seen that it was exactly the truth and that there was more to the lie.

Heather Suber the DNA analysis to justify the trunk of car and her other items throughout the case.  Mark is wise, David Shaw Maureen Petro who got every single pair of her shoes and did not find any soil.  Producing in her closet.  It also goes collected the men who did the air samples.  10 different people.  10 different state experts.  We have to call sleep and get all of the evidence.  So you could see that evidence either implicates someone or you exculpate someone.  And the reason they could not prove this case is because it was not true.  Look at all, these look at all of these tests that they ran.  No free to print and the duct tape.  Either seen or on the gas can.  No fingerprints on the duct tape at the scene.  No fingerprints on the laundry bag.  No DNA on the duct tape.  If it was wrapped around her face.  Suffocated and as the state claims wife and their DNA.  Degradation?  That is not enough.  Your testimony about what you heard Heather Suber.  Also testify.  He would have tested if it was not there.  The FBI search for this and came back negative.  But that is the partial profile on it.  One that they contaminated and on another one of the sticky side to remember was 17 March and that excludes Casey.  And more importantly, excluded Caylee.  If Caylee had decompose all over that duct tape, there would have been cell material on there.  There would have been some DNA.  We saw cold cases every day 2030 years later with DNA evidence.  But six months.  We cannot find solve this case?  We can find a duct tape question mark is one of the best type of evidence dramatically G. enabled fingerprints.  Any and you did not have that.  No DNA on the paper towels.  No DNA in the trunk.  No blood in the trunk.  No sticker on the duct tape at the scene.  No chloroform on the car seat.  No chloroform on the steering wheel.  No chloroform and the bones.  He did all kinds of logical examinations from the saline wash from the hair.  Old mero also from the hair.  Nothing to match this case.  Nothing that adds to the theories.  To their holes.  To remember what he called it?  The only hole.  Their ad to air Kesse their chloroform no quantitative analysis.  The toxicology exam's, all of these drugs.  Negative negative negative negative negative negative.

Millionaires out of the other hundreds of pairs that a check.  Everything came up negative.  Greatest crime labs in our country.  All of this came back negative.  As I told you in the opening statements.  She is dumb enough to leave her child off the road.  Just 19 feet away, but she is smart enough to outwit the greatest crime lab in the country.  That does not sound right.  That does not make sense.  It goes on and on.  No tissue and the duct tape, nothing nomadic and the trunk outside of the very few that fell out of the bag.  No blow flies in the trunk.  Except the one leg.  Remember there were 75 in the back.  How did they get in there?  75 early colonizers in the back, but not one of them made it into the trunk or at least only a late.into the trunk.  And it was in the trash bag.  And remember that paper towel had marijuana remember was to mark the fanny assets that they try to say was at a post but had marijuana also.  That does not make any sense that nonsense.  How ridiculous can you get?  No discoloration inside this goal.  We will be very fortunate to have someone as qualified as her was to come here and testify before you to be able to tell you about this issue and how someone died of suffocation.  You would have that no drama and no factors.  The list just goes on a non-non-.  No prior injuries.  That she died of an accident.  This was an accident that snowballed out of control.  Now give the defense has no burden here.

This person this person and this person, put the pictures of her friends.  This person this person this person and this person.  I would bet that most of you probably do not even remember any of them.  But they have failed to call this person.  Recurrent.  Do you remember what the people talked about?  The man who finds the body is never called by the prosecution.  Your honor, I object to consoles violation as to sustained. editors into the order 94, sustained continue.  94 in the concourse pretrial order.the defense called work wrong to show you that there were very suspicious circumstances surrounding his discovery.  We never suggested to you that he had anything to do with Caylees debt.  We never said he packed her remained and took them home.  But there is one thing we did say.  And one thing that is out of control on controverted.  That is that he knew what she was and have control of that for at least four months.  If you look at this this is what I shall do at the beginning of this trial.  And this is what exactly came out.  He tells his friend hey, I think I see a school here.  Skull.  But they get distracted by the snake.  Or get the snake, they force the skull and concentrate on the snake and he never says another thing about it to his coworkers again he goes home that night that afternoon called 911.  He called in the afternoon, and then I see something around round and white.  He described the skull.  They do not find anything.  Nothing happens, nothing happens.  They do not call.  And he gives even a more comprehensive description.  He starts giving more of a description.  And he said something very interesting.  He says there was a trained bear that had a fallen tree that looked like somebody had cut its.  Now how would you get that detail?  Someone try to cut the street, and he says this was a whiteboard hanging over it.  There was no whiteboard recovered.  As such is just you was a marker where he may have hit remains.  Under the tree.  A tree that took two people from CSI to move away.  You may recall them testifying to that.  Well, how heavy is history?  Is it too heavy for someone who weighs 105 pounds soaking wet?  Not so heavy for a man who weighs about 200-5300 pounds well to 50.  He has about 6162.  These remains were hidden.  We all saw how close the 19 feet from where to the witness stand.  Maybe a little further from that side of the road.  For six months.  But there is this whiteboard there that no one finds.  No one for grass on December 11, 2008.  Who move it? she had 10 media trucks parked outside her house.  Somebody moved it the board.  Somebody moved it..  At the very least, you must reject whatever was found t the crime never get a second chance at a crime scene.  If you want to get reliable information from the scene.  It cannot be contaminated.  It cannot be stage.  It states it is useless.  It is pointless to review it .  On June 13 at police officer needs and they are Deputy Kane comes out in each Roy Kronk.  Show him so you can show him with a bag of bones are.  All record can say is well.  He was a very thorough.  90 feet away from the street.  And they are 6 1/2 feet of grass.  If you are that close.  How come he cannot say if they are?  It is right there.  Noting officer was rude to me.  Okay, let him be rude.  Just as the prosecution points out, why not grab the bag and down the block in the media here it is.  I found her.  In every war.  I have got a story for you.  Why let the rude officer treat you that way?  Something is wrong here.  Something very shady.  And 25,000 is a motivation for someone.  And he admitted it.  I asked about the reward.  I said I won the lottery.  And he also called his son in November.  You heard his son say my dad told meme he found Caylee.  Brandon Sparks had no reason to come here and lie to you testify against his father.  He wanted to have a relationship with his father.  They were strange, and they were just trying to build that.  He completely and pieces about his testimony.  Not only did he impeaches.  Esther Crunk impeached himself.  He admitted to you when he happens to be her native for second Time for months.  Later, he finds her.  He finds it remains.  He tells the police into different statements.  I lifted the back of about 4 feet off the ground and the skull dropped out.  Well, that is not consistent with what the police from.  You heard them say I change my story.  Which player and what is missing here is on the 11th.  When they asked him, so do you have anything else that is important that you want to add.  He did not say yes, I call you four times for months ago.  He does not say anything.  He keeps that quiet.  It is not until they go back and he knows they have got the 911 calls.  They have got the previous crime line tips.  My story is different.  I better play ball in, the skull did not drop out.  It did not drop out of the bag.  It was there.  Changes his complete story. how can you trust any of it at that stage?  Any of it.  We know that Dr. Spitz has proven it is not at her skull was not as they founded.  We have Kronk lying about the skull rolling out. remember in on just he is doing all these 911 calls are talking about skull Erie this goal is outside of the bag.  But yet on December 11, a dropped out of the bag.  Well, we put Jupiter skull back in the back?  Somebody had to.  It is in his own sworn statements.  It is not until he changes it that he admits to that.  We know now, he changed his story and you also know how know those remains were hidden.  How can you rely on that evidence in here are the liberation?  You cannot trust the evidence, you cannot trust a scene with all of this going on.  You just cannot.  There is something not right here.  And again reasonable doubt is living and breathing in this case.  It is living right now down to the very end as to when they find her.  Is and if it were not for the defense finding Brandon Sparks is on Sunday would have that information.  It was not that we call Mr. Kronk yeah to testify, you would have had that information. when making a decision to take someone's life or convict someone of murder, aggravated manslaughter, aggravated child abuse.  You would have had any of his information.  None of it.

Information is critical.  Clearly critical.  We keep getting back to that central question and that is how she died.  And right now as you sit here, you must certainly have more questions than answers.  And the judge was drunk to know what the law is and how it must be proven.  There is no way you can say this case is proved beyond a reasonable doubt.  That is just no way.  And there is buried in there is various reasons why this is such.  It began with part of cover-up it began with.  It also concluded with the information and investigation as to where it was carried out.  To find her guilty of any single one of them anything to one of them.  You have to have an inviting conviction of guilt.  That is what you have to have inside of you.  You have to know that this case is proven.  He have to know these facts are proven.  And you do not have that.  And however tragic this case is you cannot continue with.  You are the ultimate deciders, what the facts are.  Mr. Mason is going to come up and show you the different charges and explain to you how the law will be applied in this case and how we suggest you use it and how the judge will strike you wanted.  I think you all for collectively and individually for all of the attention that you have given and the prosecution and how you have been able to keep an open mind despite every reason not to.  The prosecution knows as well and I know there are times when emotions have gotten high.  But you are here to fulfill an old new flavor tremendously disturbing.  And were going to ask you to render a verdict of not guilty on these charges because the Bears simply are not they simply are not proven.  And they are simply not true.  Just look at what they have and what they do not have.  All the fantasy forensics in the world do not make it so.  All the lies you have to swim through do not get you any closer to the truth.  You cannot get any more serious than this.  The state cannot get any higher.  And we ask that you use this as your guide.  Thank you.

Judge Perry.  Recess

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