Friday, June 10, 2011

Robin Maynard, Crime Scene Investigator OCSO

Robin Maynard was involved in collection of evidence at the scene of Caylees' remains. Maynard says she was responsible for documenting bug evidence from where Caylee's remains were found. Evidence was collected over svl days. Robin Maynard is being shown evidence and she identifies it. It is pupa. It was collected on 89OO. Suburban Drive. She documented location of collection. Evidence was given later to Dr. Neil Haskall.
Prosecuter Burdick asks for a large amount of separate evidence.  She identifies the evidence as bugs collected in December, 2008. There are many envelopes given to Ms. Maynard. She is given a larger package. She identiffies the label with her handwriting. It is the a piece of cardboard with pink heart shape sticker.

Baez  crosses.Nothing significant. Questions her on collection process.Baez asking witness about crime scene being a common dumping ground and area where kids walk to nearby school. overruled.
Recess for today.
Baez calls for mistrial because of superimposed video with duct tape calls highly prejudicial and speculative Odd tense moment because had to pause because of jurors cackling in the hallway.
No reaction from CA on discussion of this video state says it was fair and necessary  Judge Perry denies motion for mistrial.

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