Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lee Anthony

Lee testifies he DID HAVE AN  argument with Cindy Anthony about the Dominic Casey search.  CINDY JUST TESTIFIED THAT SHE DID NOT SEND THEM. He went to the home and
Cindy told him that she sent Dominic Casey into the woods because she got a psychic tip.  He is not sure to the date. He had went back to work in October, 2008 and he knows it was before them. He was angry because it was the first time he heard any family members looking for a DEAD Caylee.
Frank George> Lee is not sure of the time frame. The conversation happened prior to going back to work. The argument fueled his decision to go back to work.
BAEZ> Lee testifies he was angry he "was not in the loop." He was angry that they had considered to look for a DEAD  Caylee. He did not want anything to do with that.
FG> Lee testifies he believed somewhat (Yes and NO) what Casey had told them.
No More Questions.

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