Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Karen Korsberg-Lowe FBI , Hair Fiber Analysis

 Ms Lowe has been previous certified as expert witness.
Baez> August 13, 2008 report she tested Caylees clothing for hair fibers.They found hairs.  NO fibers were found to have decomposition rings .
Per October 15, 2008 She was given trash from Pontiac Sunfire. Thery did not find hairs
Per October , 2008 report. She tested a hair recovered frrom trunk liner in lab. It was tested and no apparent decomposition found,
Per November 6th report. Items tested were  items from vehicles. It was debris from trash bag from car. No hairs found.
Per June 25,, 2009 report . There are twelve items. Eight are from trunk.  Of the hair found , none exhibited characteristics of decomposition.
The Medical Examiner gave her hairs from Caylee . She compared them to the previous fibers found in trunk and car. They did not match.
The  fibers from the Anthony she was asked to compare them to fibers of the  duct tape . She compared the characteristics of the fibers from the duct tape found at scene and the Anthony home. They were dissimilar.
She examined hairs obtained from hair mass to  clothing, debris, plastic, a bag and a blanket from crime scene. They were examined for hair fibers. There was one hair that was dissimilar to Caylee.
Ashton objects. He wants items of evidence introduced.
Recess then the attorneys are going to question the witness outside of the presence of the jury. (Proffer)
Jury is out of courtroom. Judge Perry was just on his desk phone .Baez and Ashton are reviewing papers while Lowe sits at witness stand and Judge Perry is back on phone. Judge Perry stepped out of courtroom for a minute. 
Judge Perry returns to the bench. The prosecution and defense have come to an agreement with the items in question. AShton states that the witness will be able to give names. (we don't know yet what he is referring to..) The jury is returned. 
The witness retestifies that she found an unidentified Caucasion hair. She then tested it to other indiviuals at scene. 
She tested hair form Robin Maynard, Christine Mankiewicz, Melissa Cardillo, Sarah Corbel. Kelly Wood, Gerardo Bloise, Jenny Welsh.  These are all investigators at the crime scene. Baez> This is not a complete list of people tested. It was not consistent form these indiviuals. To this date, it remains identifed as to origin of source.
She obtained additional items from home, scene and vehicle. The hair fibers from scene were not either suitable for comparison  or were proved to be from Caylee.
She did  9 reports. She only found one hair (item 107) from Caylee form all the items and areas tested.  No further questions.
Ashton cross> Witness> The item was collected from scene. The hair with the death banding was found in the trunk  She does not know where Casey was living during the time in question (time Casey was away from the Anthony home.  It now becomes apparent they did not attempt to retrieve hair from all the homes Casey in which Casey spent the night.
Baez> If you were asked to test samples from other homes you would have. Witness> Yes

Judge Perry adjourns for the day. He  has a prior comittment.  JP asks Baez to let him know on Friday when he thinks he will be done. The prosecution is going to present rebuttal testimony from a prior witness. Baez> Yes and I ask for the same professional courtesy. 

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