Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gerardo Bloise OCSO , Crime Scene Investigator

855A> Casey Anthony just arrived to court She busies herself with papers on the desk. She is smiling and greets attorneys as they arrive.
BREAKING NEWS!!! The defense's private investigator took video inside the Anthony home of Casey and Caylee's room.  In the notice from the defense they also handed over pictures they say Cindy Anthony sold to 48 Hours. Also, they are presenting a witness, a convicted kidnapper they said George talked to on his cell phone 4 times on July 15, 2011. The day before Cayless' remains were discovered.
Judge Perry (JP) is on the bench. The Jury is returned. 
Gerardo Bloise is called to the stand.  July 30, 2011, Gerardo Bloise investigated Tony Lazarros' vehicle. He checked the car for stains. He testifies the car was negative for blood. He did not put the car of a "lift."   He did not collect any items from Tonys' car.
August 6th, 2008 > He executed a search warrant at the Anthony Home. He searched Caseys' room . He used alternative light sources to check for body fluids in room and clothes.  He checked livingroom, garage and car area. He did a visual inspection. George and Cindys room. Baez  shows pics of Caseys' rooms . The pic is entered into evidence .He identifies the objects in Caseys' room. He identifies pic of Caseys' closet .He checked the pants from Caseys' car, found the day the car was retreived for the car tow lot, July 16, 2008.. The were negative for blood. However, I  recall Cindy had washed them. 
Bloise is being questioned as to the methodology of search. What he wore for the search, protective cover and hat. Baez asks if he wore a mask. Boise>NO Baez>Did you talk during the search. Bloise> No Baez> Why not? Bloise> I was by myself. Baez and the whole courtroom laugh. 
Prosecution asks ab out Cindy washing the pants prior to inspection .Bloise said he knew that she did but they did the liht search anyway.Bloise is asked if Tonys car smelled like a dead body had been in the car. Bloise.>NO

Redirect Baez> Did you find a bag of garbage in Tonys car. Bloise> NO

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