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Baez wants to talk about a prior statement from George.CA is writing while her father is on stand. J is asking aout his visit to the sheriff office when he said the car smelled like "human decomposition."Baez asks "How did you know your granddaughter would be found in the woods?" George says answer taken out of context. Sidebar . 
JBi s asking if he was in the woods in October 2008, George Yes. He was  looking for a new command center missing. Baez YOu were going to put a a kid finders tent in the woods? George Anthony>Across the street. 
GA testfies that he does not remember telling Yurni MEllich , when he got back with Casey, that 

something happened to Caylee and Casey was responsible. GA old goes on a loong rant. On July 24, 2011, he went to police station and told them about the smell.  HE told them CA "lived on edge. That she takes thiings.  as far as she can take." CA shook her head at GAs' testimony 
George says while in law enforcement in Ohio he smelled decomposition in woods, house and car before.George said he has walked along the fence line near where Caylee's remains were eventually found.  George says he walked every road in Orlando. He says he looked everywhere for his granddaughter.  George says in Oct. while looking for a new command center. George says it was off the road-but Baez says it was "in the woods."   George says he demanded answers from Det. Melich to help find granddaughter.
George says he may have said negative things about his daughter. He says he was cooperating w/ LE to find, Baez asks GA about throwing CA  "under the bus."  Baez asks if George was undercover (for law enforcement) George says he tried to keep CA upbeat. Baez asks if CA  couldn't get bail because they wouldn't put up house. Obj/ sustained. 

Baez asked about George's grand jury testimony. Obj --sidebar.GA is taking deep breaths while sitting on the stand. Baez is reading from a previous statement from George about smell of car. Ashton ojects and Baez states " I would ask the the State allow me to conduct my own ques tioning and he conduct his. JP tell J B to read the entire answer to the question he is asking . JP tells him to read the entire answer to the question. 
GA says he could smell the foul order from 3 feet away.  It was human decomposition. GA > The smell in the car at JohnsonsTowing was human decomposition. I can close my eyes and still smell it.
JB> That's why you called 911 GA> I did not call 911. Objection. JB>That is why you drove the car home. Objection GA> After I found out my daughter and grandchild were not in the care  Yes I went home.

GA testifies he went on multiple media appearances and advocated for CAs' innoccence. George appears upset- his voice is quivering, he is using a tissue to dab his eyes, and his taking deep breaths. 
'How dare you sir..." George Anthony to Jose Baez George says Baez is trying to take the joy of his life from him. Says "you can't do it anymore. George says how dare you (Baez) tell me I did something different than what I did.He says he's not ashamed of anything he did. 
JB asks about GAs: suicide attempt. GA was hospitalized after his release. 

GA tesifies he did do media appeareces after and was advocated for Caseys" appearance. JB> Did you get p.aid 20,000 dollars. GA> I have been nice to you..... If we retained monies, for Caylees search and other missing children...    "I did everything I could possibly do to bring everyone who fell in love with [Caylee]."       .Baez objects and is overrruled. GA> I did everything to bring notice to Caylee. Unfortunately, anytime we would talk the focus was always on Casey. Anytime we spoke to the media we spoke of Caylee and other missing children. JB>The media events stopped when the allegations of abuse become known. Sidebar.
Recess for 15 minute.
George appeared to be praying before stepping down from stand for 15 min recess. George and Cindy hug for an extended period of time in back of courtroom. 
GA was questioned by the prosecuter. J> You know molesting a child carries a life penalty. GA> I would never do anything like that to my daughter. JB> You would never admit to it. GA> I would never hurt my daughter. CA is sniffling and looking through papers.
GA  is asked about the gas can  On JUne 2, 2008, is was reported stolen. GA testifies it is the first time it was reported stolen. CA had taken them in the past.GA>August 8, 2008 when the state came and got the gas can it could have had duct tape on it. JB> That was after this alleged argument with CA about this gas can. JB reads his deposition which states the gas can did not have duct tape. GA tells Baez that he and CA were there, and God knows the truth.JB> Do you want to throw in a dog  too? Ashton > Objection sustained. JB hands GA a stack of pictures and tells him to show him how many gas cans are in the pile. George states"One" There is alot of disussion on whethter there was duct tape on it or not
GA> when CA  and him had an argument, ove the gas cans, they did not have duct tape, June 2, 2008.   GA says CAtold him: "Here's your FUCKING gas cans!!!!" GA testifed in the past that the air valve was missing and he put duct tape on it. He retestifies that the air valve on top was missing. GA is giving a log answer. JB tells JP that GA is not answering the questions, again. Sidebar.
George continues to look down during this lengthy sidebar. Casey does not  look at George.Once again, GA testifies that when CA gave him back the gas can it did not have duct tape. GA does not recall if and when he put duct tape on it. He testifies that the sheriff confiscated it and he does not remember. GA is forced to give a yes or NO answer. So he states "NO" (it did not have duct tape.)
On his deposition, GA stated it did have duct tape. JB reads his deposition out loud. George recalls his testimony. No further questions.
Ashton>On August 5, 2009, you believed your granddaughter was taken by someone while not in the custody of your daughter. GA> Yes.
Ashton> YOu sparred during your testimony. You were upset you were being asked questions that your daughter may have hurt her GA> Yes
On july 24, 2008 (sheriff duputy) GA did not tell the sheriff he thought CA had murdered her daughter. '
December 2008, GA learned CAylee's remains were found.  He had a deep hurt inside. Tears. A whole gamut of emotional breakdown with seeng what his wife and son were gooing through. Geroge cries. He always  thought Caylee was alive.  Casey smirks at her dad!!! She remains stoic while GA sobs.  January, 2009 GA went to get a gun.... Objection overruled, Ashton asks if  GA needs a minute. Sidebar.
George continues to sob uncontrollably on bench.  Doesn't need a break. "I need to get through this." Judge calls for a break.They are going over case law. The jury is removed for break.
Very , Very Sad what is happening to this family. Very Sad.
Everyone in the gallery watches as GA walks out of courtroom. Cindy follows him.
Baez says Ashton knows there was no gun involved in suicide attempt. Ashton says George will testify he was going to try to force people to tell him about what happened to Caylee. ..People (friends and boyfriends) to tell him what happened to Caylee and then take his own life. Ashton says he will show suicide note. Perry wants to see suicide note and case law.

Will we see suicide note? No decision yet? It was sealed long ago. Never released to the public. It is 5 pages .
Ashton: Gun is mentioned in suicide note. Ashton will ask question different. Ashton states there is no confession in suicide note of doing something untoward to Caylee or Casey.  She was so close to home. Excerpt read aloud by   Ashton "Who placed her there. ... I want this to go away for Casey.Why could n't she come to you or Lee. " Ashton states this goes toward state of mind. Ashton: Statement contains comments of guilt, regret but not particulars alleged by defense.
Judge Perry says he reviewed suicide note. Asks defense if they want to proffer (question w/o jury) Ashton says entire note is relevant.

JB> Ashton is creating his own rule to hearsay rule.  GA took blood pressure meds and a drank a six pack of beer.  GA  did not know what happened to Caylee, how she died or who killed her on date of suicide attempt.   JB questions whether this was a suicide attempt. Ashton is allowed to bring this up because JB broughtt it up in his questioning. Now JB does not want GA questioned.  JB is diminishing GAs attempt because he took blood pressure pills and drank a six pack.
Baez said Ashton has a self serving exception. Baez: GA  ills and 6-pack of beer cuz he felt sorry, wanted attention or wanted to kill himself. Baez > GA could have taken pills and 6-pack of beer cuz he felt sorry, wanted attention or wanted to kill himself. Baez says George wrote this letter to appear innocent. He dropped papers on defense table
Ashton says he'll introduce suicide note during rebuttal. Judge thinks defense opened door w/ suicide questioning  but wants to read more case law..
Perry: Defense has made GA  state of mind an issue. He will study some case law during lunch and render an opinion whether the suicide note can be brought into evidence.Ashton: Said suicide note should be admissible in its entirety. 

 Ashon asks why he bought a gun. George says he was going to force people at gunpoint to tell him what happened to Caylee. George said based on what his daughter told him, he thought he could get someone to talk.   Gun taken from car because possessing it in violation of CAs probation.   Ashton shows hi his suicide note. GA testifies it is a true and accurate depiction of his feelings that day. He had sent text messages and he called his sisters, brothers and father . He told them he didn;t  want them to worry. He wanted to go to be with Caylee. He felt he had let her down. If it wasn't for LE he would not be here today. 
George says he it took hours to write the note. Baez objects to all the questioning saying it's beyond the scope.
JP is going to allow the suicide note to come into evidence. He will allow questioning about gun and attempted suicide, but not contents of suicide note.
Jury is brought back into the court. In Aug 2008,  he purchased firearm. He was going to force CAs' friends, at gunpoint, to tell him what happened to Caylee. LE came to the house and they told him he was not permitted to have gun at home. Casey was out on bound. They confiscated gun. 
January , 2009 , six weeks after the remains were found, he went to Daytona Beach. GA does not know why that day. It is very hard to accept the death of Caylee. He wanted to be with Caylee. He called to say  good-bye to his parents, sisters, and son.  He had been on the way to a meeting bu went to Daytona. He wrote a suicide note. He took pills and drank alcohol. He wrote a letter to Cindy and told her how he felt. He questioned, in the note, what happened to Caylee.  He wanted Cindy to know why he was dead. 
Ashton shows him his suicide note. (It is a sealed document, eight pages long) George begins to cry again. GA testfies, if it was not for LE (taking the gun) he would not be here.

Baez redirect>   GA recalls Ashton had to remind him he was under oath, during his deposition.  Ashton was questionig him in regard to the gas cans. GA was sparring with Ashton to try to pin his answers down in regard to the gas cans,per Baez.  GA classifies his interaction with Baez , about the gas can, as sparring.  The day George bought the gun he had met with the Dept of Corrections. He was told he could not have firearms in the house.  He knew if he had a gun in the house, Casey would  go back to jail.  Casey almost went back to jail. . 
GA purchased beer for his suicide attempt. He took blood pressure pills with him. GA states he was on alot of medications. 
Baez>December 11, 2008, search warrant was issued.LE went through alot of YOUR things. His car was not listed on search warrent but they went through it . They collected gas can.  GA does not remember what 70 items were taken from home. 
GA testifies his house was in shambles when they got back from California.  He does not know what was taken. Baez is questioning him if the gas can was there or not. Baez states he had the item list of what was taken. 
Recess for lunch. Jury has appointment. 
 Baez>GA testifies  that he was confrontation with officers  , when the search warrant was executed.  GA was asked to go to back of house.  The sheriffs took articles from home.
 In December 2008,  the State then subpeonaed  his fingerprints.  He did not want to provide fingerprints voluntarily so they subpeonaed him.  This may be around time the video of Dominic Casey searchng in the woods. GA is not sure.  GA did not know about the video until it was released. It was released i January 2009. GA did not go and ask Dominic Casey what he was doing in the woods. He has never asked Dominic Casey what he was doing in the woods.
Baez> After all this did you feel the walls closing in on you. GA? I don't know what your asking. Baez> You knew you were being investigated. Objections by Ashoton. 
Baez> Were you being investigated. Baez asks if GA felt the walls were closing in on him saying pressure was being put on him by law enforcement George> I was always cooperative BAez> All this ended in December 20, 2008 when you instructed LE to leave your home.. George is long winded in his answers. "Yes."  
Baez > GA called Baez along with family members during alledged suicide attempt. It was January, 22, 2009. GA denies leaving hospital and immediately made media appearances. 
Ashton> He went to California to appear on TV show. Ashton asks about being on Larry King. The media appearance to explain disappearance of Caylee, how it affected their lives.    George says call about remains found came just as they were getting on plane. He had found out on the way home that remains had been found.At that time they were told remains of a small child were found. No identification yet  
 He broke down in car. He and Cindy tried to console each other.  The night the Anthony's arrived home they went to Ritz Carlton. Everyone got off plane and OPD escorted George and Cindy.  They had dinner with Baez. Objection and Sidebar.
July 16, 2008 to December 11, 2008 GA testifies he cooperated with anyone who could help him.  December 19th, 2011 was the day the remains were identified. December 20, 2011 was the day after he found out about the positive ID of remains. He  got  with LE.
Baez> GA does not know who provide car  from airport. He does not know who paid for the hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton. Baez states it was Good Morining America. GA denies providing an interview in exchange for hotel stay
No more questions. 

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