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Dr Werner Spitz Autopsy Report

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March 10, 2011 
Jose Baez, Esq. 
The Baez Law Firm 
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Orlando, FL  32603 
Re: Caylee Anthony,  deceased 
People v  Casey Anthony 
Our  Fi le No; 5908 

Dear  Mr. Baez: 
As you are aware, I per formed a second autopsy on the remains of  Caylee Anthony. Said 
autopsy was per iormed at  the Rober t  Bryant Funeral and Cremation Chapel, in Orlando, on 
December  23/24, 2006. 
The salient points in thIS postmor tem examination were: 
The body was that  of  a previously autopsied, Skeletonized remains,  compat ible wi th the age of  3 
years. The remains were complete or  almost  complete, dry, brownish dIscolored. The skull was 
eggshell thickness Without evidence of  injury, pathological changes or  deformity_ 
The skull had not  been opened, at  the first autopsy, in accordance with normal  protocols as 
when dealing with skeletal remains. Since the skull had not  been previously opened, this 
indicates that  the inter ior  of  the skull had not  been previously examined.  A  cake of  dark brown 
residue was adherent  to the lef t  side of  the skull, behind the petrous portion of  the left temporal 
bone, spread over  an approximately two inch diameter  area.  The location of the residue 
indicates that  the lef t  side of  the sku"  was down during most  by far  of  the decomposition 
process, causing the sediment  to precipitate to that  area. 

I read with interest, in the report of  the first autopsy, that  saline int roduced into the interior of  the 
skull (blind washing) was conSidered an appropriate and comprehensive method of  examination. 
Review of  the repor t  of  autopsy per formed by the Chief  Medical  Examiner  of  District Nine, 
Orlando, Florida and photos all indicate that duct  tape was adherent  to the hai r  and not the 
mandible, therefore i f  the skull was once lying on its left side, as clearly eVidenced by the 
location of  the sediment. it is highly unlikely that  both the skull and the mandible, which would 
have been disarticulated during decomposi t ion,  would roll back to an almost  perfect anatomical 

Jose Baez, Esq.  
Re: Caylee Anthony,  deceased 
March 10,2011 
Page two 
Because of the above ment ioned findings, this calls into quest ion the statement  made by Dr. 
Garavaglia that  ItAlthough there Is no trauma evident on the skeleton, there is duct tape over the 
lower faoial region still attached to head hair.  This duct tape was clearly placed prior to 
decomposition,  keeping the mandible in place."  This statement  is flawed for  the following 

a The evidence found at  2nd au10psy as descr ibed above. 
b The DNA results of  the duct  tape yielded no DNA f rom the deceased.  
c The lack of entomological  eVidence found on the duct  tape is also inconsistent  with the 
duct  tape being placed over  any orifice that  would have at tached to the duct  tape during 
decomposi t ion (skin would be expected to adhere to duct  tape). 
The evidence discussed in a, b, and c seriously call into quest ion the statement  "clearly 
placed pr ior  to decomposi t ion,  keeping the mandible in place." 
The remainder  of  the skeleton showed no injuries, pathological changes or  deformities, with the 
exception of  evidence of  postmor tem mutilation, I.e., predation by animals. 
The bones revealed no odor  of  postmor tem decomposi t ion and were completely devoid of  soft 
tissues, adipocere or  any remnants of  any type of  tape or  glue residue. 
There is no evidence of  antemor tem t rauma to the remainS and toxicological  examinat ions were 
negative for  drugs.  Therefore the cause of  death is undetermined. 
The manner  of  death is also undetermined because there is no scientific information available 
that  the death was at  the hands of  another. 

My opinions are based on my education, training and exper ience and are rendered to a 
reasonable degree Of medical  certainty. 
I reserve the right to amend my repor t  should additional per t inent  informat ion become available. 
I trust this answers your  inquiry. 
Sincerely yo~, 
Werner  U.  Spitz, M.D. 
WUS:dl l  
Dk:ba~zOS1 011 cor5908

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