Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Evidence submitted, pic and can with smell of decomposition

Defense is arguing about the can with the smell of decomposition.  and allowing the jury to smell it.
Jury has arrived.
Stipulation> On july 2nd, 2008, Casey Anthony received a tattoo, Bella Vitae. The  defense and prosecution has accepted it as fact and it should be considered true. Casey said.  "yes sir" to Perry re: stipulation of July 2 'Bella Vita" tattoo meaning 'Beautiful Life."
Ashton enters into evident the pic of the tattoo and the can with the smell of decomp. They may use it later or the jury may smell it during deliberation.. . THE PROSECUTION RESTS ITS CASE
And attorneys move to sidebar
The jury is released for the day.
Perry: Legal matter to take up outside jury presence

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