Monday, June 20, 2011

1020A> All The attorneys are in the judges chambers. 1045>Mason and Baez come out and head out of courtroom. Prosecutors come out- deep breaths by Ashton and George. 1049> Attorneys back in judges chambers.1050>JP is in doorway but not on bench. He is talking to deputy. 1053 > JP speaks to his law clerk. Attorneys are all back. Baez and Sims heads out of courtroom.Attorneys head to judges chambers .AGAIN!  Slabaugh (defense attorney) just abruptly and quickly walked out of courtroom.955A> All attorneys out of judges chambers.1058> JP on bench. COURT IS RECESSED FOR DAY. BACK AT 900AM TOMORROW.  Sidebar.  After sidebar Judge Perry let's out a big laugh.

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